How to write the introduction and conclusion of a written essay?

5 July 2022

A distinctive feature of the essay genre is the author’s individual considerations, impressions, and assessments. More attention is paid to impressions and reasoning rather than facts. How to write the introduction and conclusion of a written essay? In the introductory part, the information must be written as if it would be read by a person completely unfamiliar with the problem. Here you need to reveal the topic, problems, and relevance of the essay. Here it is necessary to highlight the thoughts that the work caused and emotions for the chosen character or his circumstances. Every part of your mind that is occupied with such things will let you know about it right now in an attempt to distract you. These annoying demons can be subdued with patience. If you don’t get distracted for 15 minutes (or 25 on a bad day), you’ll find that the murmuring in your head subsides, and your mind focuses on the writing. After all, teachers reduce the grade for an essay if it is not designed in accordance with the rules, even if, in general, it is written well.

Top Useful Introduction and Essay Tips for Writing an Essay

Among useful introduction and conclusion essay tips are:

  1. The text should be easy to read. This can be achieved by alternating short and long sentences and also by using punctuation marks (dash, colon) instead of conjunctions.
  2. Do not abuse complex words, slang, and narrow-profile vocabulary.
  3. Avoid cliches, hackneyed phrases, and empty expressions.
  4. Do not forget about humor and irony, but do not abuse them.
  5. Stick to the chosen topic, and be consistent in its disclosure. Do not deviate from the main idea.
  6. Dilute the story with memories, impressions, and stories from your life experience.

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