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  1. Thanks for the constant stream of info which can only be garnered first hand and passedon to all of us exiles in foreign lands. We still keep the passion and are always up for news, Thanks for a great web site

  2. I’m not a big contributor of articles (in fact I don’t I’ve ever posted any), but for the record, your site is the only one I check daily for your own reports (great sports journalism) and the other Forest fans views. Please keep up this fantastic work for years to come. One last point; apart from Forest the England manager job is of interest to all of us -why don’t you do a special post with your views on this. I’m sure we’d all like to hear! All the best

    • Hi David,

      Sorry for the tardy reply! To be honesty, the England team don’t really interest me a great deal – I do support them in tournaments, but can’t quite muster the kind of passion I have for Forest.

      Even that has taken a severe battering this season so I’m recuperating this summer!

      Cheers, Ryan

  3. To Ryan Brice.

    I understand you not wanting to devote much time to this any more but what about this for an idea. Instead of doing your pre match summaries and match reports, that I imagine take up a lot of time, just put up a title that says:

    Blackburn vs Forest. Preview Thoughts.

    After the match just put up another title that says

    Blackburn vs Forest. Match viewpoint. (Or something like that)

    This way you are keeping alive the site and giving the many sensible readers and contributors who come on here a forum in which to air their views/thoughts. Hey, you could even join in! Like I said in a previous post and what so many have said on here already. We need this place to vent our frustrations or just express a viewpoint that will be read by sane Forest fans. Even we don’t agree with each other people on here are at least respectful and will put a valid argument forward rather than it be reduced to a pissing contest.

    Just a thought.

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