How to write a 5-paragraph essay on a football topic

26 May 2022

Football is practically the most popular and massive sport in the world. The history of football dates back to ancient times. It is hard to exaggerate the social significance of football because millions of people watch it, play it, and cheer for their teams. Football is not only an effective means of physical development of a person, a sphere of communication and manifestation of social activity of people, and a reasonable form of organizing and spending their leisure time, but it also undoubtedly affect other aspects of human life: authority and position in society, work activity, and the structure of aesthetic ideals and value orientations. Therefore, sometimes students get a writing assignment like 5 paragraph essay on football. In the physical development of children and adults, football plays a big role because it is an active game where running, agility, and coordination of movements develop.

How to write an essay qualitatively and quickly?

The difference between essays and other written works is not only in the in-depth analysis, alternative views, and the importance of the author’s own opinion. Here are five things you should remember/try to do when writing an essay:

  • Always plan an essay before you start writing it. Review the approximate page and start writing down all your ideas and arguments. Then place them in the appropriate structure. Make sure you have enough examples to support your claims. Then start writing. It will save you a lot of time. 
  • The first line of your essay should be interesting. Start by telling a joke, statistics, or bold statements. Just anything that is not used excessively. It should be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention and make him know what you’re going to write next.
  • Do not write too long complex sentences. The essay’s purpose is to convey ideas and views, and simplicity is the key. It does not mean that your essay should be soft. It just needs to be clear, and you need to be able to pay tribute to what you want to say.
  • Refrain from using first-person pronouns – “I.” Try to focus on the third person, it’s more professional.
  • Avoid ambiguity. Your main argument must be perfectly clear. Don’t wander on and on without specifying what you mean. Your reader needs to know your position from the beginning.

Ordering 5 paragraph essay on football is easy

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