Strange chants: part one

This might not last for a long series, but it’s a random thought that could be better out of my head than in it, so here goes! The first subject of the ‘strange chant’ collection is on that I find puzzling, which I’ll explain below, but first, the chant:

Never felt more like singin’ the blues
When Forest win, and Derby lose,
You got me singin’ the blues!

Okay, on the face of it, sounds reasonable – in the event of us winning a game and the Sheep losing, that’s certainly ample cause for a song! However, ‘Singing the Blues’ would typically be a sad act, a melancholy type of music to be singing. Of course, you’d find Birmingham City or Ipswich fans singing the blues, but that’s more to do with their team colours.

Still, it’s still a fun chant to sing along with, and certainly no Forest fan should be in a bad mood when it goes up since the mighty Reds would be winning, and the sheep would be losing. Here’s to singing it at Yeovil Town tomorrow! 😀