Oh what fun it is to see…

… the Forest win away! More later, battery dying.

They could’ve made it easier..

By just hosting it in Les-dar…

The referee’s a wanker..

It looks very much like it will finish Swansea City 3-1 Nottingham Forest.

That doesn’t really tell the story, as Forest have been much improved this half, and caught out by two suckerpunches from the home side (who, in fairness, had the better of the first half).

Couldn’t tell if the penalty should have been given, but since the referee has given anything and everything involving a Swansea player falling over, it might well have been one of many other dodgy decisions from the malleable official. Smith saved Bodde’s initial effort, but was helpless to prevent him banging in the rebound.

An unlucky day for Smith in goal so far. It didn’t get much better when Chambers was once again skinned and the cross was, in fairness, excellently directed past Paul Smith to give the home side a flattering margin to their victory.

Things that will linger in the memory is their cheating bastard of a number 8, the predictably brainless anti-English/Welsh nonsense and a gutless performance from the referee and his assistants, culminating in him changing a decision after ‘feedback’ from the Swansea bench.

Spineless bastard.

Swansea were probably marginally the better side over all, but it was marginal. Lee Martin looks good, and we did enough today to be disappointed with defeat. When we gave more attacking options available games like these will be wins.

We do really need a right back, though.

Half time at Swansea

It’s one all, and in all honesty that’s rather flattering to Forest. The Swans took the lead when Morgan stood off his man allowing a shot that beat Smith, but rebounded off the post and heartbreakingly struck the prone keeper and trickled over the line.

Forest responded shakily, allowing the home side far too much space in and around the box. Chambers in particular looked particularly exposed, and Smith made two excellent saves to keep us within touching distance.

The equaliser wasn’t clear from our end, but De Vries appeared to spill an effort which was bundled over the line by an as yet unidentified scorer, possibly McGugan. Forest now regained their composure and whilst not crafting too many clear cut chances, looked at least at the same level as their hosts.

The Swans had the final say before half time, a corner headed narrowly over, and an author biting hard on his tongue as a particularly retarded Forest fan started laying into Smith for not recklessly trying to claim the ball.

I’d say it’s been a satisfactory rather than pleasing half, at times we’ve looked horrendously incompetent and shapeless, but there have been flashes of excitement. Very much hoping for able improved second half.

Shortly after Forest scored

At the Liberty Stadium..

And so the Liberty Stadium. A miniature Pride Park-like flatpack affair, with exciting local amenities such as Rossi’s fish and chip emporium, as well as a sun tan centre which no doubt Smoulds will have been taking advantage of, given it is predictably raining!

It’s a quarter to two, and our Welsh hosts have yet to open the turnstiles, and the police are stopping too much wandering – not that the immediate surroundings exactly invite furthur exploration.

Maybe it’s a deliberate plot, spirits amongst the fans are quelled as they shelter beneath the stadium awaiting the turnstiles to open. I’m sure once we are inside (an announcement has been made that the turnstiles will be open in ten minutes) the atmosphere will start to build.

I’ve got Lewis McGugan in the sweepstake, so I’m hoping the mercurial midfielder can notch our first league goal!

Sinister hand prints with police in the background

A dubious welcome to the Liberty Stadium

I can't stand the rain...

Service stations..

Service stations, those bittersweet offerings of facilities and energising treats at ludicrous prices! Just leaving one on the M5 which has been over run by travelling Trickies.

This is always promising; a healthy following is always desirable, even if the queues for sandwiches and coffee are rather dramatically enhanced by red shirted hordes. The mood is very positive amongst the travelling faithful, which reassures me.

Given our departure time, I still can’t quite work out just what time we are expecting to arrive at The Liberty Stadium, but well, roll on the four hours ‘tip kick off!

Not the clearest image in the world of Forest fans swarming around a service station!

Sitting on a Supporters coach..

… leads you to ponder many things as you sit on the tarmac of the Brian Clough Stand car park.

Why does it take some people in excess of five minutes to get on that coach, then a further eternity to find and settle into a seat?

More importantly, why on Earth are we setting off at 8:45 in the AM?! We’re going to Swansea, not Inverness!

Still, despite my grumpiness I’m very excited about a first away trip, and a chance to use my ‘roving reporter’ capabilities (battery life permitting). And right on cue, the coach is starting to move…

You Reds!