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    • Now it's rumoured Paul Faulkner has resigned due to his position being 'untenable' - worrying times #nffc 3 years ago
    • Odd move. Freedman one of few managers with a lower win % than Pearce at this level. Good luck, Dougie. #nffc 3 years ago
    • And so it comes to pass that impatience holds sway once again. A sad day. Will we get it right tomorrow? #nffc 3 years ago
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My desire, is always to be here…

Here’s a treat for you, hopefully.  A very kind person sent me a CD of pictures featuring our cherished home from the air – so if you’ve ever wanted to see the City Ground from every conceivable angle in the air, now’s your chance!  They make great desktop wallpaper too, particularly if – like me – your screen at work is in the view of a Derby fan (although that would mean removing Nathan Tyson with the flag!).

I seem to have managed to corrupt a few of the photos in transiting them around from CD to memory stick to my laptop, but will see if I can’t add them retrospectively once I’ve worked out how.  Thanks again to the folks responsible for getting the pictures to me, they were really keen that fellow Reds had the opportunity to enjoy them too!