Forest-inspired music: part ten

It’s an almost-country style (almost – but not quite) dirge which is difficult to place in terms of era – it’s certainly not revealing in that it doesn’t mention any players or notable occasions.  Perhaps there is a clue that it mentions ‘the old Trent End’ and ‘the new Main Stand’ – which would place it either very late 60’s or early 70’s – unless, of course, it’s a misnomer and it’s referring to the then Executive Stand then we could be talking early 80’s.  Tricky.

The style of music is somewhat timeless, so that doesn’t really give it away – given the lyrics of the song seem so far removed from contemporary Forest-related language (eg. ‘Come on the Forest’ rather than the more ubiquitous ‘Come on you Reds’), I reckon this is either (a) an oldish recording from around the time after the Main Stand fire in 1968, or it does indeed refer to the Executive Stand and is just a bit, well, misinformed.  But anyway, perhaps I’m over-analysing it somewhat!

It’s called ‘Come on you Forest’ (clearly from a more innocent age!), by ‘Forest fans’, and whilst it certainly ain’t a work of genius, it’s not as bad as some we’ve heard before!

Forest-inspired music: part nine

It seems European football sparks a myriad of musical output – so perhaps we should be thankful that this trade has abated or we’d be flooded with nonsense records released by a bunch of scousers, prawn-sandwich eating cock-er-neys and, well, people from anywhere in the country other than Manchester! Today’s inclusion is called Magic in Madrid by a dubious collective who call themselves Tristam Shandy.

Tristam Shandy, I have discovered, is the subject of a series of eighteenth century novels written by Laurence Sterne. A set of comic novels, no less, repleat with bawdy humour that was immensely popular in it’s day apparently. Why this has inspired the name of this particular individual or individuals, I have no idea at all. There is also a person called Chris (the Mouth) Ashley who presumably provides the scathing spoken parts of the song – he is apparently a reasonably well known radio personality!

The song – given the title – unsurprisingly takes on a very Spanish sounding guitar-based ditty, with spoken words expressing doubt at Forest’s chances, with (almost) melodic verses and choruses exuding Forest’s greatness, some of it is actually quite infuriatingly catchy – and again, certainly gets you funny looks if you happen to be listening to it in the car with your windows open. There are the inevitable snippets of commentary and well, really, it’s probably on a par with many of the other songs I’ve included so far really. That isn’t really saying much.

Forest-inspired music: part eight

We’re back on the trail of cheesy music, and this one sounds like it’s loosely based on ‘Who wants to be a Millionnaire?’ to me, although I could be wrong – and features dubious voice-impersonator appearances from not only the predictable Brian Clough, but also Margaret Thatcher who, of course, would have been relatively new into her reign as Prime Minister at the time of release.

Entitled ‘Who’ll win the European Cup’, this jolly yet ultimately unfulfilling track is brought to you courtesy of the Medium Wave Band.  It follows a pattern and a style that for those of you who’ve been keeping track of this sequence of musical abonimations will be all too familiar with now – and is perhaps a very good indicator as to why we perhaps don’t see too many football-inspired chart releases these days!

Forest-inspired music: part seven

Njaal Helle provides the latest stop off on our tour of cheese, and it’s not the only time we’ll hear from him either. Upon attempting to research him a bit, it appears that Njaal has reinvented himself and a specialist in music and photos for weddings, but certainly back in the day he clearly considered himself very much a rock and roll star from Norway, and clearly felt very strongly about the Mighty Reds!

It’s one of the more emotional tracks on the album, and checking out his website, it did enable him to meet the great men Brian Clough and Peter Taylor when publicising his musical musics upon the mighty reds. From having a quick re-listen, it is quite a cheese-fest, with some spectacularly exciting brass playing, a piano and the inevitable crowd noises with surprisingly serious sounding lyrics.

It’s a song which we can look back upon and enjoy for the era it came from, but well, it certainly seems to take itself quite seriously – I wonder if any older fans might remember the visit of a Norweigan visitor at the City Ground to publicise his two Forest-related records? Here, for your listening pleasure, is Njaal Helle with Nottingham Forest is my Rock and Roll.

Forest-inspired music: part six

scouse-mum.jpgI can barely bring myself to include this travesty. Given the standard of much of the music I have inflicted upon you so far, and indeed intend to ongoing, that is saying something. The guilty parties on this recording are none other than Viv Anderson and Trevor Francis, believe it or not, singing ‘You’ll never walk alone‘ – a song which obviously you would associate with Liverpool FC rather than Forest.

The history of the song was the musical Carousel and was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein. It first charted when Frank Sinatra released it, and has been released numerous times since then. It hit the Liverpool radar when, predictably, a bunch of scallies from Liverpool pinched it and released it. So the song is synonymous with Gerry and the Pacemakers, who released it to reach number one in the UK charts in the early 60’s – which was seized upon by those lovable rogues (sic) at Anfield and adopted as their club anthem.

So what Viv and Trev were thinking is beyond conjecture – of course, as mentioned in earlier musical dispatches, our rivalry with Liverpool FC was quite tasty at this time, so I’m hoping that the release was in some way supposed to be ironic – but well, who can tell – perhaps older fans might be able to offer some form of defence for our wayward former-stars?

Should you wish to sully your airwaves with it, then it’s below:

And since the nice folks at Talk Forest seem to crave it, here is a cleansing live rendition of ‘Give him a ball and a yard of grass’ by the Sultans of Ping FC – a song dedicated to the original ‘nice young man, with a lovely smile’, the one and only Nigel Clough – who also, of course, has a Liverpool connection. I linked this in the comments of an earlier article, but it deserves it’s own prominence!

Forest-inspired music: part five

We remain in the era of European domination from the Reds for the next song on our roster of shame.  It is performed by Karl and the Heidelbergers, and certainly has the ambience of a bierkeller about it – with some almost-oompah type brass music and strangely sober sounding people talking about someone called “Ashleh!” with a reassuringly Nottingham accent – indeed, some of the lyrics feature Nottinghamisms such as ‘Midduck’ which is always reassuring.

The lead vocalist seems initially fixated on Brighton and Hove Albion – of all teams – who would have been lower-mid table in Division One around this time.  The whole track does have more than a hint of in-joke about it, and not really being old enough to remember a great deal about the late 70’s/early 80’s, I’m not privy to what those jokes might have been.  Certainly it got me some odd looks when I played it in the car yesterday to refresh my memory about it.

So, I bring you today’s musical bulletin – Karl and the Heidelbergers performing Marching to Munich.  Probably one that will appeal to Ebby more than most Forest fans!

Forest-inspired music: part four

vic.jpgWe’re now onto the really dubious musical detritus that our beloved Reds have inspired. This little number is contributed to us courtesy of a chap called Vic Blackwell, and ‘Forest fans‘ whoever they might be. We are returning back to the late 70’s/early 80’s so plenty of references to the European Cup winning team. Vic Blackwell himself is presumably responsible for the dubious Brian Clough impersonation that forms the lead vocals, whilst the Forest fans comprise of patrons of numerous fictitious pubs as well as a girls and boys choir to boot.

This song very much belongs in the ‘best forgotten’ camp of music, particularly the sections featuring a very camp sounding group of fans proclaiming themselves as queens, and a rather politically non-correct tribal contribution from a group of ‘fans’ from a pub called ‘The Shrunken Head!’ Despite all this, if you can tolerate listening to the song right until the end, the track does redeem itself slightly with a not-so-sly dig at Liverpool FC, which is nice for those of us who remember a time when we were often rightfully uttered in the same breath as the regrettably more-illustrious Reds of Merseyside.

I’m not sure whether the photograph is the actual Vic Blackwell featured on the record, but I hope so as I found it quite amusing! The song is simply entitled ‘Nottingham Forest‘ – enjoy!

Forest-inspired music: part three


Take yourself back to 1991, the mighty Nottingham Forest had reached the FA Cup final to face Terry Venable’s Tottenham, and indeed, the mesmerising Paul Gascoigne on what was – at that time – our annual trip to Wembley to sing for Brian Clough’s army. I seem to recall there was some kind of bland official type song that was released to commemorate this occasion – this track was a rather less than official one.

Simply entitled ‘Brian’ – it is very much centred around the fact that our charismatic leader had every piece of silverware going except for the FA Cup, which of course was ever to elude him. Whilst it lacks in musical dexterity or verve, it does have a certain charm – of course, it also has the lyrical genius of “Gazza get your hankie out, it’s Forest all the way!” – unfortunately Gazza would only have had a blub about having to leave the field early thanks to injuring himself (damn you, you coward, Roger Milford!).

So, I’m proud to bring you ‘Brian‘ by ‘Fat and Frantic‘ for your listening pleasure!

Forest-inspired music: part two

8996574_1.jpgI know it’s been less than 24 hours, but I’ve been itching to post this festival of cheese ever since I heard it, so I’m going to! This is track two on the CD, and despite featuring our messiah and saviour, Brian Clough, I’m afraid it doesn’t really elevate it beyond the level of utter dross as far as the music is concerned – and is certainly ample proof that whilst he was a man of many talents, the mighty Brian Clough was never likely to become the first credible white rapper!

Entitled ‘You Can’t Win ‘Em All‘ – it’s a collaboration between the aforementioned football genius, and a chap called J.J. Barrie – who, you will be no doubt pleased to know, features again on the album!

Despite the undeniable awfulness of the music, many of the lyrics, and indeed the whole concept, I warn you now that it is an infuriatingly catchy number which I found myself singing at work earlier much the bafflement of my colleagues – who thankfully, to my knowledge, have never had the pleasure of hearing the record. Not that they would admit it even if they had!

Ladies and gentlemen – you have been warned, but below is the media player that will enable you to take in this audio treat!

Forest-inspired music: part one

A friend of mine gave me a copy of this CD the other day, whilst I’d heard Paper Lace’s anthemic European Cup record, and dimly remembered the ‘Brian’ song from the 1991 FA Cup season, I hadn’t realised that Forest had been sufficiently inspirational to give rise to 20 odd tracks of largely dubious audio. I figured that if I hadn’t realised the breadth and sometimes sheer hilarity of some of these musical offerings, then the chances are many of our fans also hadn’t. A couple of listens and I can see why he wasn’t sad to lose the CD, however I do think there is a morbid fascination in the awful dirge that supporting a football team can inspire!

As such, I’m going to go through them periodically as I find the time – giving you the opportunity to listen to a wonderous and varied myriad of audio nastiness (for that is mostly what is on offer, I’m afraid!), which is perhaps both an opportunity to be amused, but also a timely reminder that generally speaking, football and music are two of life’s pleasures that should not be combined more often than not! We start with perhaps the one you will have heard before – since it is track one on the CD – click the play button below to relive the joys of “We’ve got the whole world in our hands” by Nottingham Forest FC and Paper Lace!