Forest-inspired music: part twenty

We’re up to quite literally the final straight – this is the last song of the compilation, I’m sure you’re glad to know!  I’d forgotten about this hence the gap between now and the middle of September when I last posted one of these!

If you think back to part two in this series, I warned you that the creator of that particular track, a Mr J. J. Barrie (along with a certain Brian Clough cameo appearance) would appear again – and here it is, he is saved for the final performance – an encore, if you will.  Rather than the anthemic mantra of ‘You Can’t Win ‘Em All’, this time we have a very similarly themed song called ‘It’s only a game.’

Probably again the saving grace of this particular number is the amusing interludes that the late great Brian Clough contributes inbetween the, once again, infuriatingly catchy choruses.  So you can rest happy that after this, there will be no more Forest inspired music – as even the successful sides don’t seem to spawn novelty songs any more, so it seems unlikely the mighty Reds will be inspiring any more any time soon!

Forest-inspired music: part nineteen

This is a heartfelt one, it has found it’s way onto my car stereo numerous times on the way back from a particularly arduous away trip from time to time.  It’s an emotional ballad-esque tribute to a homecoming back to the City Ground, but it feels more amusing when you’re literally ‘on the road’ to Nottingham having been on our travels backing the mighty Reds hopefully to a victory.

It’s actually called On the road to Nottingham, by Josh Richards – as ever, unless you’re seeking ironic music then you’ll be disappointed by it!  I’ve just been attempting to research a bit about the artist, but neither Google nor Wikipedia can reveal much about this particular Josh Richards so far as I can tell, so we will have to rely on our imaginations to picture some kind of wandering minstrel, who longs eternally for his all-too-few pilgrimmages to the City Ground to see ‘those guys.’

Or something like that… don’t worry, there’s only one more song to go after this one, although it is a good ‘un – for all the wrong reasons, of course!

Forest-inspired music: part eighteen

This song will either have you misty-eyed with nostalgia, or trembling with embarrassment at the memories of it being piped out of the PA system at the City Ground as the team took to the field.  Given the ‘retirement’ of Sherwood the Bear, and the introduction of the new Robin Hood based mascot, it becomes all the more topical I suppose!

It called Robin Hood, and it’s by Hector Cortez and his Formation (his formation?!) – and I really really hate it.  I was relieved that the introduction of a Robin Hood themed mascot has not ushered in a reintroduction of this dreadful musical travesty – yet.  We do get the ‘horn’ noise mixed in with our prematch music, which seems to be instead based on the recent BBC Robin Hood series theme tune instead.

I shudder to think of a time when this song may be reintroduced, but I do know a fair few fans would welcome such a development!

Forest-inspired music: part seventeen

We’re entering the realms of synth-and-sample driven excitement as we go on our merry way to reach the seventeenth track on this godforsaken compact disc.  It reminds me of the kind of music you’d get on old Amiga games, with piano-type riffs with a non-descript instrument weaving a spiralling tune, along with obligatory samples – in this case, of the Great Man himself.

The main drive of the song has him saying “Shut up while I’m talking”, but there are a few extra gems thrown in there.  Take the samples away and you could imagine this being the theme tune to ‘A Question of Sport’ or something, or perhaps the music accompanying a series of goal highlights – probably in the late 80’s or early 90’s though, rather than present day.

The song is called Sorted for Clough, the ‘artist’ is Give us a Kiss, and frankly, it’s not likely to cheer you up in the aftermath of us not signing anybody before the transfer deadline passed!

Forest-inspired music: part sixteen

I’m belligerently determined to finish this series of mostly godawful music that Nottingham Forest have inspired through the years – and this latest one, the first I’ve posted since May, is inspired by perhaps the most inspirational figure we’ve known as fans since a certain green-sweatshirted manager.

Ladies and gentlemen, I refer of course to former Forest and England captain, current England U21 coach, Stuart Pearce.  It’s by a band called ‘The Merry Men’ and is entitled ‘Psycho’.  Sadly it doesn’t resonate with punklike sounds that you would hope that a character like Pearcey would inspire, no, we have a rather tame offering here!

My favourite cheesy line is “He’s the Forest number three, number one to you and me!…”.  Really that probably sums up the whole song, but it’s all good fun nonetheless!!

Forest-inspired music: part fifteen

I feel robbed and cheated of what was supposed to be the crowning glory of this particular avenue of blog posts.  This was the triumphant song that I was going to post to aid our celebrating the build up of a trip to Wembley, as such, it is now posted with bitterness and disappointment given that we managed to implode and miss out on such an opportunity.

It’s by a band who are still active, I believe – called Resistance 77 – and was recorded to commemorate our Littlewoods Cup final appearance in 1990, partially suggested by Stuart Pearce who being a bit of a punk himself had been to a few gigs by the band.  The single sold around 2,000 copies apparently, which is pretty impressive given the probably limited market for Forest-inspired punk music at the start of the 90’s!

It makes frequent mentions of the current team of the time, as well as regular returns to the theme of Wembley, which of course was the venue for said final.  It’s undoubtedly cheesy, because all football songs are, but I really like it nonetheless.  Certainly it epitomises the time when I personally fell in love with Forest and I suppose if I had to have an ‘our song’ for me and Nottingham Forest, then this would be it.  It’s simply called You Reds!, and it rocks!

Forest-inspired music: part fourteen

Moving swiftly on, we’re up to fourteen on the list of decidedly dodgy Forest music. This track is provided to us by Geoff Blott and ‘the Nottingham boys‘ and certainly has a more interesting sound to it than many of the tracks we’ve seen before in this little series. If there was to be a feature film or similar about Forest, I would imagine this track as the end credits.  It’s one of the many tracks the renaissance of the 1991 FA Cup final spawned.

It’s fairly, erm, ‘epic’ – is that the right term? Possibly not – but without the pomp and uber-cheese it still probably doesn’t qualify as credible music, but with gentle guitar and synthesisers and an almost ethereal voice backed by occasional clumsy crowd samples it really doesn’t sound much like any other Forest-inspired music we’ve had the pleasure of sampling so far. Of course, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this makes it any good, just a bit different!

So, here is Geoff Blott and the Nottingham boys with We reign supreme! Enjoy!

Forest-inspired music: part thirteen

Thirteen is unlucky for many reasons, and it certainly is in the case of this track. It’s by none other than Justin Fashanu. Justin of course is a sad story in football, he was largely considered a massively poor signing by the great man Brian Clough, a costly error indeed. A £1m costly error. He was the first black player to be signed for £1m or more when we bought him from Norwich, and indeed, he replaced the first player of any creed to be bought for that sum in Tricky Trev.

The lad who was brought up at Barnado’s along with his more illustrious younger brother John was to have an even more unfortunate end. After his homosexuality became knowledge of the hardly open-minded Clough, he was – in all honesty – shabbily treated and offloaded on loan to Southampton, before being sold to Notts County for £150k. He ended his days in 1998 having decided tragically to take his own life by hanging in a deserted garage in Shoreditch, London.

A sad tale – of course, personal life aside, Justin is remembered primarily as a pretty atrocious striker by Forest fans. This track, sadly, suggests that he would have fared equally badly if he’d decided to be a professional musician – the track is an attempt at a funky style, and is called Do It ‘Cos You Like It, and frankly, it’s a pretty poor epitaph for a troubled bloke, regardless of how poor a footballer he was considered to be – it ended up just making me feel a bit sad!

As such, if we are going to dredge up something he would probably rather not be remembered for – I’ve also decided to dredge up something that he will be rightly proud of – a tremendous goal he scored for Norwich City against the dirty scousers! Click here to enjoy that, and rest in peace, Justin.

Forest-inspired music: part twelve

Right you lucky people, having just about recovered from the excitement of the weekend, it’s about time we had another one of these babies to cheer you up! Our good friend from an earlier track, Njaal Helle, is back to serenade us – and this time, rather than Forest being his Rock and Roll, this time he’s gone all disco on our asses, which is quite entertaining, if perhaps not sustainably listenable!

Rather than simply being his rock and roll, this track spiritually proclaims that Nottingham Forest is in his very soul! I suppose this would probably be a reasonable approximation to how many of us feel about Forest, but whether or not we would choose to express this feeling of belonging in the form of cheesy disco music is another matter entirely – I hope! But still, you can’t fault the guy’s commitment to regailing us with different types of Forest-inspired music!

So here it is, Njaal Helle once again with the disco-tastic Nottingham Forest is in my Soul. Take it away Njaal…

Forest-inspired music: part eleven

Barrow Red has at least been waiting patiently for this one, and he was right – it is a decent one! It’s quite simple in composition, starting with a bit of clapping followed by a childish shout of ‘Forest’, but once it kicks in it’s quite catchy in it’s simplicity, and it’s something I’m planning on incorporating into my pre-match routine from now – certainly when I’m driving to the game anyway, strikes me as a good warm up for a game’s worth of singing.

It’s more of a tribute to Brian Clough and his work with Forest really, and the biggest delight is that – should he turn out worthy of our adulation – I reckon it could easily be reworked into a current re-release in honour of our very own Smoulds. Of course, he certainly has some work to do before we might feel inclined to do that – but well, “when things were cold, then in walked Smoulds…” – you never know, it just might happen!

But yep – I actually wholly approve of this song. It harks back to a happier era, as most of the songs I’ve inflicted upon you have, but well, there’s no harm in a bit of reminscing is there? Certainly not at the moment anyway (so long as you remembered to touch the Millers badge, of course!). So I’m very happy to bring you ‘Forest Fire’ by ‘The Strikers’. This one’s for you, Barrow Red – thanks for your patience (and if you have the CD, you know what’s coming next!…).