A New Year greeting from Billy Davies..

Anyone else noticed Billy’s repeated insistence that League Tables are meaningless before January?  Well it’s January now!  A very happy new year to you all, and of course most definitely to Billy and the boys – keep up the sterling work! You Reds!

Notts County appoint a new media spokeman after fresh crisis..

After the collapse of the Munto Finance deal and Peter Trembling’s management buy-out, the League Two club is as newsworthy as ever with rumours of impending financial meltdown.  To handle the increasing media interest on the dodgy dealings happening at Meadow Lane the Magpies new owner has appointed a man experienced in dealing with a demanding pack of journalists in difficult circumstances.

New spokesman Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf said in a brief statement: “Our initial assessment is that we are on track for three successive promotions.  Upon reaching the Premier League we will mount an assault on Europe, Sven will oversee the march and we will be victorious.  Rumours that we have no money and that the all-powerful Trembling is nothing but a cheap fraudster are not worth an old shoe.  We shall prevail.  That is all.”

McGugan celebration inspired by the West End..

I’m sure Mr Lloyd Webber would be disgusted with my crass re-rendering of one of his more famous musicals, but it made me chuckle so there!

For those of you who’ve yet to catch McGugan’s dramatic injury time leveller, then you could do worse than click on this link right here!

It’s raining t-shirts in Derby..

Hallelujah it’s raining t-shirts.. tacky gimmicks like this (and the sheep masks before them) rarely ever turn out to be a good idea in my experience.  In case you weren’t in Pride Park for the downpour, there’s a few popping up on eBay!

Having been busy whilst the game was on, I might just have to fire up iPlayer and watch it again, just to watch this look gradually being wiped off a certain someone’s face: