Billy Davies sex allegations are a misunderstanding..

After outlandish allegations were made in the Daily Record as part of an investigation into one of Billy’s old friends Tommy Sheridan, the true nature of any arrangement between the two men has come to light…

Big Norm’s impression of Frank Clark..

After Forest had a disappointing defeat at the hands of Manchester United in the 95/96 season (I think), Big Norm does a killer impression of Frank Clark’s post-match talk – one of the few occasions when he saw our mild-mannered former manager angry.  It had us in stitches on the night!

Thanks to @petercollison for making the video available and letting me post it – it was recorded at a rakish portrait angle so he could sneak his camera between a few shoulders, it works quite well, though!  Should Norm do ‘Evening With’ gigs in the future I can’t recommend highly enough making the effort to attend.  He’s a funny guy!

Drawings by a much younger nffcblog editor..

I included a possibly foolish throwaway insight into my past in the Steve Hodge autobiography review, that as a child I’d draw pictures of the Forest squad and send them to him to get signed.  I’ve just had a rummage in the loft to see if I could find them, but alas was only able to unearth some more recent sketches, unsigned, from 1995.

The next stage of the search will be to see if the parents might have kept hold of this veritable treasure-trove of future embarrassments.  I have no idea how likely that is, although they do seem to have a worryingly large cache of my old school books stored away somewhere so there’s always the possibility.  So, for those of you that asked, here are some (slightly better I think) drawings from my youth.

That should help set your expectation levels for the even less technically gifted versions!  I’ll keep trying to get hold of the really shit ones!  Apologies for the dubious quality of the scan (which is really, rather blatantly, fairly hastily taken pictures with my phone’s camera!).

Sorry about the self-indulgence, but some of you did ask.

Cardiff boss Jones bemoans other teams bending league rules

I have some sympathy with Swansea’s position in the unholy love triangle we seem to have found ourselves in, but anyone from Cardiff attempting any kind of moral high ground seeking does rather take the biscuit!

The day when Jeremy Beadle scored against Forest..

Utterly childish, but it tickled me yesterday.  One of the awesome things about the evenings at The Approach (as well as being mildly depressing) is their habit of popping old Forest season reviews on the screens while we wait for the guest to arrive.  Last night they had the 1992/93 season which saw Frank Clark get Forest promoted at the first time of asking, as well as lots of Stan Collymore related excitement.

It brought back many happy memories – when the highlights rolled around to our away game with Millwall (I think this was televised – it finished 2-2, and featured a Millwall fan running on to the pitch to confront Stan Collymore for no particular reason!) – but a comment from a fellow fan in the crowd really made me chuckle.  Just prior to it happening, he turned to a companion and announced “Hey, look, this is where Jeremy Beadle scored against us!”.

Watch the video below – if you’re in a rush skip to around two minutes in, and see if you can spot the now sadly deceased TV prankster in an unexpected moment of prominence.  Sadly I couldn’t find a better quality clip on YouTube – but perhaps that adds to the likeness!  Indeed, if you click through to view the video on YouTube itself, a Millwall fan has commented on the said-same likeness!

Lewis is still sure he can fill McKenna’s role..

Savage in cross-dressing gaffe..

Terry the kitman’s unique welcome for new signing..

In what’s thought to be a slight case of fat-fingers by somebody sending him a text message, Terry took some time out of his increasingly busy schedule to take in the latest news that Forest had made a new signing.  Imagine his shock when he thought his kit repertoire was about to include feather boas, fur coats and everything else susceptible to make-up stains!

After realising his error he was simply heard to mutter ‘Thank f**k for that!’

Doughty to abandon Agent Clough in the field?..

Worrying times for Nigel Doughty, as his lead agent Nigel ‘non-League’ Clough appears to be getting a little too into his role as the would-be manager of Derby County. His mission is to replace Derby’s squad with over-rated lower league and non-league playing staff whilst delivering a disappointing league finish.

There had been concerns that the agent-lead initiative to drive a series of off-the-field infractions to damage Derby County’s standing with the Football League was welcomed initially by the Forest chairman.  But the latest charge met by the band of thugs that Clough has assembled leaves Doughty concerned that the mission might well be compromised – as his agent’s efforts become more and more transparent to the onlooker.

His options are to leave his field agent to operate ‘rogue’ without further support or guidance, or to recall him from the front line.  Advisors are thought to have suggested that he sever all contact with Agent Clough who appears to have become so engrossed in his role as Derby County’s manager that he can no longer separate his mission from reality.

Are they making it too obvious?

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