Now is the winter of our discontent..

The weather seems to be echoing the mood of most Forest fans I talk to as they contemplate this weekend’s trip to Derby to face our in-form rivals. I know they say that the form book goes out of the window for local derbies, but frankly even if it did it would probably only mean a one or two goal defeat rather than a complete shoeing.

I’ve been perusing English championship betting odds at William Hill and as I type it has us at 17/5 and Derby at 8/11 – all in all, it’s a pretty depressing read and the bookmakers rarely get these things too far off. I can still remember going there last season and daring to have some kind of optimism that we might get a result which also seemed unlikely – only to bear witness an embarrassing capitulation that the Derby players and fans were probably too embarrassed to derive much enjoyment from, such a token resistance we put up.

And my expectations are even lower this year. Oh dear. This could be bad!

Whether Stuart Pearce’s job really hinges on this result is a matter for conjecture, but it doesn’t take a massive leap to imagine Fawaz losing his patience should something like last season’s debacle occur again. Indeed, whilst Pearce has my backing, I can’t help but think that if he weren’t Stuart Pearce would have be so reasonable considering the frankly awful performances we’ve been witness to? Have I always been in the past? I’m not sure.

The trouble with being such an infrequent blogger these days is that I can’t link back to past ruminations on Forest so readily – if I could then I’m sure there’d be an article prior to Pearce starting saying that whilst of course I was taken up with the general excitement I had reservations about him coming, partly because his managerial record isn’t exactly stellar before coming here – but mainly because inevitably the expectations of owner and supporters alike increasingly seem impossible to fill within the deadlines permitted would render my hero a failure.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve gone down the A52 half hoping that it might get snowed off or otherwise delayed, but let’s face it – bigger upsets have occurred in the past so we shouldn’t lose all hope. Just the vast majority of it!

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  1. Good to hear from you again nffc, albeit in difficult times. Can’t hope beyond a well fought and possibly fortunate draw but expect a loss, just hope we don’t see a repeat of last year’s debacle. Expectometer firmly set at zero. COYR nevertheless.

  2. Welcome back kidda, have missed your blogs.

  3. Hope we get mullered 5-0 no future with Pearce as manager even though I worshipped him as a player

  4. Nice to see you back. This is the first week in ages where as a forest fan living in New Zealand I have waited for the highlights on Forest web site and sat and watched in office with people wondering what was getting me so excited. Its just so nice to win and even better against Derby who as local rivals are always a target but against a high flying Derby much better. It does give a little bit of faith back when we can win a hard game like this but will only be any good if we can at least make a semblance of trying to continue in the winning ways.

    Hopefully this will give us a little bit of confidence back and we can kick on.

    happy new year to yourself and all forest fans.

    You Redssss

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