Now is the winter of our discontent..

The weather seems to be echoing the mood of most Forest fans I talk to as they contemplate this weekend’s trip to Derby to face our in-form rivals. I know they say that the form book goes out of the window for local derbies, but frankly even if it did it would probably only mean a one or two goal defeat rather than a complete shoeing.

I’ve been perusing English championship betting odds at William Hill and as I type it has us at 17/5 and Derby at 8/11 – all in all, it’s a pretty depressing read and the bookmakers rarely get these things too far off. I can still remember going there last season and daring to have some kind of optimism that we might get a result which also seemed unlikely – only to bear witness an embarrassing capitulation that the Derby players and fans were probably too embarrassed to derive much enjoyment from, such a token resistance we put up.

And my expectations are even lower this year. Oh dear. This could be bad!

Whether Stuart Pearce’s job really hinges on this result is a matter for conjecture, but it doesn’t take a massive leap to imagine Fawaz losing his patience should something like last season’s debacle occur again. Indeed, whilst Pearce has my backing, I can’t help but think that if he weren’t Stuart Pearce would have be so reasonable considering the frankly awful performances we’ve been witness to? Have I always been in the past? I’m not sure.

The trouble with being such an infrequent blogger these days is that I can’t link back to past ruminations on Forest so readily – if I could then I’m sure there’d be an article prior to Pearce starting saying that whilst of course I was taken up with the general excitement I had reservations about him coming, partly because his managerial record isn’t exactly stellar before coming here – but mainly because inevitably the expectations of owner and supporters alike increasingly seem impossible to fill within the deadlines permitted would render my hero a failure.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve gone down the A52 half hoping that it might get snowed off or otherwise delayed, but let’s face it – bigger upsets have occurred in the past so we shouldn’t lose all hope. Just the vast majority of it!