Thank you, Sean..

O’Driscoll sacked on Boxing Day having overseen a 4-2 win over Leeds.

A bout of illness has consigned me to bed and left me idly not bothering with Watford reports, Leeds previews or updates – but the news of Sean O’Driscoll being sacked was enough to rouse me from my pit of misery.  After an enjoyable afternoon of watching Forest beat Leeds this has brought the whole day right down.

When the news broke we’d be taken over by foreign owners I admit I was highly dubious – you don’t have to look too far to see mismanaged clubs in modern football, sacking managers on a whim, reneging on agreed strategies and alienating supporters into the bargain.  I must admit, I was quickly sold the idea that the Al Hasawi family weren’t going to be like that.

This would indicate I was wrong to be so ready to trust in our new owners – because let’s review where we are.  We’ve got a squad hastily assembled without a decent pre-season, we have acknowledged gaps in our squad, we are eighth in the table and just a point away from the play-offs.  For me, that puts Sean O’Driscoll comfortably in the ‘decent’ bracket, if not outstanding just yet.

However, I bought into the idea of building for a sustainable future – to allow a manager, coaching team and squad to develop over time.  That was the strategy we were sold when the new owners arrived, and no amount of flashy replay boards or electronic advert boards will make up for this change in direction that makes us look more like a Leicester or a QPR at their worst.

Not that the gaffer was perfect of course, many seem to think that supporting the idea of him building a team was a suggestion he was somehow perfect – a paragon of footballing brilliance.  Let’s face it, if there’s something Forest have struggled to produce consistently so far this season it’s footballing brilliance.

It will be intriguing to see the direction the Reds take now with the next managerial appointment.  One can only assume there is a candidate in mind, someone to make the necessary adjustments to the squad in January.  This episode has left me very disheartened and feeling let down by the empty promises of the new owners.

If we are to become a foreign-owned club whose owners tinker without consideration or expertise then I’m afraid that I will struggle to maintain my interest what is increasingly becoming an isolating sport for those of us who fell in love with the beautiful game before the dawn of the Sky Sports era of greed, impatience and anything but a sense of sporting fairness.

I’m going to use this opportunity to take a natural break from blogging about Forest.  It’s a decision I’ve been mulling for a while anyway, as pressures of life and other factors make finding the time for this difficult to achieve anyway.  I may yet return to active chronicling duties, but if we go the direction I fear under the stewardship of the Al Hasawis then I might well find myself drifting away from Forest all together.

To Sean – thank you for what I think you were trying to achieve at Forest, it’s fair to say you were some way off the mark as to where I had hoped we’d get to – but then, I’m sure you, much like me, expected you to be given more than a few months to achieve your targets.  All the best in the next step of your career – I bet you wish you’d stuck with Crawley.

To everyone else – thanks for your comments over the years, it’s been appreciated and whilst the last few years of supporting Forest have had more highs and lows, I’ve struggled to feel more aggrieved and pissed off than I do right now – so I’m putting the blog on ice until the dust settles.

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  1. If he was wrong – fair enough but I just think timing was poor. Xmas is busy and needs stability. Thanks to SOD also and thanks to you too for the blogging. You’ll be back riding the crest of the next Forest emotional hysteria wave with the rest of us.

  2. As always fantastic summation of my feelings; gutted SOD gone and gutted your metaphorically hanging up your boots, as always my first port of call for anything Red’s related!!

    • Agree with Graham. Pretty stunned with the timing of the sacking but absolutely gutted you’re going to stop this blog. I’ve just moved to the US and was counting on this as the one constant that I could rely on concerning all things Forest. I hope the bad taste in your mouth doesn’t last too long. Sensible fans need this blog site more than you can imagine. It’s the only place that encourages decent debate without it descending into the bullshit farce you see every where else.

      Thanks for all the effort you put in over the years to make this the best Forest blog on the web.

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  4. don’t think Sean wished he’d stayed at Crawley – he wouldn’t be sitting on the nice pay-off he’ll receive from forest. We would be fighting relegation if it wasn’t for the 14 players the new owners have brought in

  5. Like you I am totally gutted about SOD. A quiet man, a footballing man, but above all a decent man. I hope he gets to hear how many of us are so upset to hear the news. So many of the players wanted and trusted in Sean. How will they feel? I am struggling to be positive in any way about this. I will always support my beloved Forest but this really has ruined what was otherwise a good Boxing Day.

    Fully understand how you feel and your reasons for going “off the web” for a while. Hope you are not away too long though as I always enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Don’t blame you NFFC, enjoy a break from it and we will miss your thoughts on all matters Forest. Sean may have got some things wrong but doesn’t deserve to lose his job, especially after the prerformance and result today. A very sad day to be a Forest fan. All the best Sean.

  7. thank you for your efforts and hope you get back quickly.
    i am saddened and extremely disappointed about the SOD sacking it makes no sense to me. It smacks of owners trying to get promotion quickly and we were led to believe this was a well thought out long term plan. I fear the next manager will last less than a year and we repeat mistake after mistake over the years of mis management of Forest.
    Look at tweets from Billy Sharp a very disappointing end to a good result against Leeds

  8. Well, let my first comment here be to thank you for your blogging and express my regret that you’re hanging up the keyboard. It’s been the only blog I’ve read with any regularity and certainly the only blog I’ve enjoyed for its content, viewpoint and writing style. I sincerely hope you make a return.

    As for the goings-on at the City Ground, I couldn’t agree more. I just hope Mark Hughes doesn’t come walking through the door …

  9. Agree with all of that. I thought (naively) that these owners would buck the trend and give o’driscoll time but instead they’ve shown themselves to be spineless, vision less and capable of treating our club like the toy we don’t want it to be. This will also test my loyalty to and love of football and forest. What is the point?

  10. how about roberto di matteo – experienced in the champo and available ?

  11. As a leeds fan I’m saddened by the actions of your gulf owners… A thoroughly good man with good footballing intentions has lost his job, not privey to all your games obviously so am not as informed as you loyal supporters but against us both games there’s only been one team playing football… Sorry to see him gone. Also good banter today and best team won.

  12. a very sensible comment from Sandy the Leeds fan, i think all genuine football fans will be sickened by this decision. The foreign owners are not good for our game, yes it could be said without these owners where would Forest be now? But i think it needs a wider and more fundamental debate and decision from the FA, Premier league and Football league as to controlling these owners or allowing them to own any football club.

  13. TTSBF, its been fantastic following your blog, I totally share your post 1992 disillusionment. I will miss reading your musings

  14. I would like to echo Peters comments above, great blog and hope you are back soon – it’s the only place I go for a great report and a view that I almost always agree with. I really hope it isn’t Hughes or Keane (would rather remember him as a great forest player).

  15. well ..i admit its very sad sods been sacked …but in my opinion …he was never the man for the job in the first place ! and to be very honest would have been much better to see the season out ..its the wrong time to appoint someone …there is no one ..other than billy davies id like to see to finish the season off with …..but we will see …looking at the feelings the owners have …putting money into a club they want to build quickly …(very difficult ) the team has not performed at all on a regular basis ..and tactics by sod my opinion did not help at all….and his pre match interview today … he didnt know if he was forest or watford ??

  16. I’m a Leeds fan like Sandy and it seems a really strange decision well apart from new guy lined up for a January transfer window spending spree. Could all the new owners coming into English football be looking for that big name and forgetting the basics Sean is a football man through and through would Keane or Hughes bring success quicker or just a big wage bill and bankruptcy. A sad day.

  17. I just picked up the news and it doesnt make sense at all.I thought at least he would be given a season we have been up and down and you are right Ryan it takes time.

    i feel a bit stunned didnt see that coming at all ……..

    Feel sad Ryan you are putting things on ice fella you are very much admired and respected by most of us who have been on the blog since the dark days of Megs

    Take a break fella sounds like you need it and dont forget it is only a game a game we all love. i know you know the pain my family and my dad are suffering just now it puts stuff back in perspective …..

    A very sad Red Ric —

  18. I have been a Leeds fan all my life and now at 64 I thought I’d seen all the disappointments! The best team on the park won today – you have replaced us at 8th – you had a new manager who had worked wonders I think (from the outside) since the summer – and yet he’s been sacked by your new owners who promised you so much.

    How on earth can someone come in and do better? There is no way Mark Hughes will as some are saying.

    I wish all you Forest fans the best of luck in this season – and sincerely hope that your fate is not reflected at Leeds in a few weeks with our new owners who, like yours, promise stability and a good future.

    There is no harder league in the world to get out of (or survive in as we know well) – strength comes through stability, quality of players – and the loyalty of its fans.

    We have struggled under Bates and the future looks brighter than it has for years – but if our new owners treat us like yours have just treated you then our fans will not return in numbers and our team will not have the support it needs to prosper.

    I am sorry for Sean, and for all you faithful and loyal fans. I wish you the best of luck.

  19. Firstly, fair enough nffc. The stresses of life & following Forest do take their toll.
    Your unique brand will be sorely missed as you take a well earned break. When the new owners took over they clearly had other managers in their sights. So I believe it is fair to say S.O’D was always going to be a fairly temporary appointment.
    The owners have an ultimate goal & to achieve that you cannot take the traditional path of nurturing talent & slowly rebuilding. It is not a feasible path for wealthy businessman.
    The timing is shite ( putting it mildly ) and these actions by foreign owners make you feel somewhat detached from your club.
    But another nervy, nail biting, hair pulling journey awaits with Forest.
    It would be inline Foredt to have one manager for a full season eh.?
    Thanks Nffc!

  20. Wow, after watching the game last night (finished at 12:40 am in Adelaide) I went to bed content and got up 5 hours later to go to work and what’s the first thing I see? This garbage, I had to check it wasn’t Apil 1. What has happened to our great club? I know we hadn’t set the world on fire but if that second half (or more to the point the middle hour) is an indication of what we can play then the next bloke would be well served just watching that because that is what we will expect from whoever that is.
    Sad that SOD has gone I thought he seemed to be a decent bloke and manager.

  21. This was always the blog I looked for when I got back from the games as it always offered a measured view of events at Forest. Last Boxing Day was one of my worst experiences at the City Ground and I was pleased to say to my Sons today that today was a much better experience; that changed with growing disbelief at the breaking news. I share your disillusionment nffc! Whilst I had grumbles – as fans always do – I felt we were heading in the right direction and I’m gutted and embarassed at the shoddy way SoD has been treated. Cheers and thanks for the blog.

  22. Boo Hoo! You seem like a pretty fair weather fan for a guy who made a pretty popular blog for the team he used to be passionate about. I will always support Forest no matter who owns, manages, or plays for the team, or regardless of what league we are in! With big transfer budgets come big expectations and SOD wasn’t cutting it. Simple as.

    • Thanks for your constructive comment.

      • Oh my goodness could you be anymore hypocritical! You are entitled to your opinion of course, but your article is hardly constructive to the team I love! I know you are upset and feeling sick, but you really are going a bit overboard in my opinion.

        Also, thanks for your honest in-sarcastic response. Oh and by the way, I think you are a talented writer and I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now, and I really do mean that. Hopefully you’ll jump back on the bandwagon once we start winning more games. All the best!

        • Hypocritical? How?

          I’m simply taking a break from writing, as noted in the post, something I’ve considered for a while.

          I still have a season ticket, I’ll still be attending games, I’ll still be cheering the team on.

          I simply won’t be writing about it for a bit.

          • You are sarcastically calling me out for my (un)”constructive” comments, while your article is not exactly constructive to our current owners and squad. Hello Mr.Tea Pot can I introduce you to Mr.Kettle.

            I’m not calling you hypocritical for not blogging or losing faith or whatever your reasons are for stopping the blog. I’m saying you are hypocritical for calling me out. It seems like your pouting to me because your man got the sack, and while I believe you are over-reacting you are entitled to your opinion

            Also your article certainly says the money train is making you lose interest, but seem to remember you being excited like the rest of us when we were signing a new player every day! Keep the faith my good man. Good Days are ahead!

    • It’s quite clear that Ryan is a fair weather fan, only becoming interested when the money laden new owners arrived. His sort would never stick with us through the embarrassment of the Scholar years, or through the turgid “football” served up by Megson. This type of patient, long-term thinking is ruining football and needs to be removed from the game.

  23. I am so gutted that Sean has been sacked and you (NFFC) have hung up your key boards. I felt something was wrong last week. I wish you and your family well and your loyal “fans” will be ready to welcome you back when you have recharged your batteries.

    All the best


  24. Shocking decision.I am increasingly sick of all the crap around in football, and hoped most of it was confined to Premiership. Watched football every week since I was 9, and now 50. I am off fishing. Maybe end of season success will prove me wrong, but somehow doubt it. Forest season ticket holder – sorry Sean from all of us. I am ashamed.

  25. None of this is good news! No SOD and no blog! Very bad day for all Forest fans! We do not need an iconic manager and this was proven by the way we were going about our business! This year consolidation, chance to find our first 11. Next year automatic or play offs!!?!?!? Then if not achieved we sack the manager at a push?!?!?
    Just feel no chance has been given for SOD and using previous back room staff?!,
    Disappointed !

    Need a little time to see what we will go next! I hear Mark Hughes is on the radar!!?! Not happy !

    Come on U Reds!!!

  26. Having listened to the interview that SOD gave on sky TV before the game started today I was flabbergasted that he was still the manager….comments like “I don’tknow whats my best team” and “if we buy some more players in January, I will be just as confused”don’t sound like the comments an investor wants to hear. So, as a Leeds fan I can honestly say, I saw that coming. However Forest were the better team today and given that he seems to have the nucleus of a good team at the City Ground, I do feel for many of the comments on here, I worry for Leeds and the approach our new owners may take. I really Hope it’s not like this otherwise I will never go to another Leeds match. I live in Glasgow and have a season ticket but I believe that it’s not about money, it’s honest endeavour and if thisis no longer what football is about, then I won’t make the effort to attend matches. So I completely understand what the owner of this site is saying. I feel for the poor SOD also and wish him well for the future.His team deserved their victory today.

  27. We won today but I do query if all the justifeid waling & gnashing of teeth at Sean’s departure would have been as loud if we’d lost. Our recent results have been poor and goals scored at the CG prior to today were woefully low.
    Yet like everyone else, I’m sadden by the callous decision to sack him. Who doesn’t need time to settle & learn when taking on a bigger job?
    Sean showed clear signs of learning about life in the Championship and didn’t we all say at the start of this season “a mid-table position next year would be a good outcome”?
    God forbid we get Keane as a replacement. Those who have Premier experience and are GOOD at their job are still there, with the possible exception of de Matteo.
    If ever we needed a period of consolidation & stability it was surely now.

    As for TTSBU, it was the first website I turned to – always.
    Its an additional downer to think it won’t be there & I shall have to remove it from my “favourites”. I know the constant drain that maintaining an interactive website represents, so your decision is understood. I just hope it’s not a final decision.

  28. I have read all the post on here tonight and I sit at my computer shocked. I felt it was a bad day when my 11 year old son beat me at Scrabble..

    Good luck to you NFFC in the New Year I shall really miss your articles.

  29. Sad, I will miss your posts. Exceptionally well written and balanced. Good luck for the future.

    As for SOD’s sacking. Crazy decision. My recently renewed optimism has now evaporated.

    Sent from my iPad

  30. I think you hit the nail on the head. 1992 was the year football lost touch with reality. It has gotten worse year in year and now decisions like this are met with weary resignation. I didn’t renew my season ticket this season as the years of “money is everything” bullshit had taken its toll. I love Forest and always will but feel increasingly detached from football in 2012. I dont think I am alone in this.
    Good luck to Sean O’Driscoll. I hope you find a club where the owners are honest and true to their word, does such a club still exist?
    Fair play to the Leeds fans. You have got a tremendous away support and it is always a good atmosphere when you visit. Hope your new owners have the decency to be honest with you.
    As for the AH’s, you have put yourselves right in the firing line. Brave but possibly foolish? We will see.
    Cheers for a great blog RB. Hope your absence is only temporary.

  31. Been out tonight and come back to this fucking shambles. Good result to day with probably our best football for a while and bang, its cost SO’D his job. To say I’m gobsmacked is a total understatement. I’ve seen a lot of shite decisions in supporting Forest for nearly 50 years and this is right up there. Totally unbelievable. SO’D is trending on Twitter with, it appears, the whole footballing world astonished at this incredulous decision. I seriously hope his sacking doesn’t come back and bite us on the butt….!

    I’m curious now to see who the new owners think will move the club forward. The rumour mill is going full tilt already of course with all the usual suspects being put forward, But I shall reserve comment until a formal decision is made.

    As this medium is going “off air” so to speak first let me thank Sean O’Driscoll for all his efforts. Like him or loathe him you can’t deny he’s a gentleman and I’m sure some football club will benefit once he finds work again. Good luck Sean and thanks.

    And to you NFFC, I trust your health improves quickly and you will eventually find time (and maybe the heart?) to come back to us again with this excellent blog. You will be sadly missed, Good luck mate

  32. is there some way we can show our disgust at the actions of the al-hasawis? a no-show vs crystal palace?

    i’m utterly shocked, bewildered, dazed and disgusted by this. i was already put out by the revision of the 3-5 year plan to a half a season one – i thought it lacked foresight and increased pressure on the management, and gave me a creeping feeling that the chairman might be a dilettante. now this happens.

    i had hoped we might be the exception to this footballing paradigm shift with new money owners, by investing wisely and sensibly for a long and sustainable future. now i’m absolutely sure that this isn’t the case. the al hasawis obviously have more money than brains.

    no amount of razzle dazzle / tv screens can make this feel better. this feels like the low point of my 20+ years of being a forest fan. if it isn’t the end itself, then it is the harbinger.

  33. It’s now officially “their” club, not “our” club, never forget that.
    I don’t believe it was the right decision, but what impact this will have in terms of support at the City Ground nobody knows.
    The SOD was the popular man seems now the board feel the dressing room is too comfortable? nothing too much wrong with our developing squad though was there? its a respectable position at this time of the season.
    Ambition is great but ffs, you dont shit on your own doorstep do you?

  34. Your objective analysis will be much missed. I have been a journalist for 30 years, and as a veteran sub-editor once of Fleet St I KNOW good writing. Thanks for your ever-welcome efforts. Please change your mind when you feel able to do so.

    As for Sean…….hmmmmnm…….I will wait and see.

    Regards from Down Under.

    • Can’t say I have Dave S’s background, but as you know I do have some experience of writing – and I agree with his comments.

      On a personal front I was hoping that your May 2013 ‘promotion’ report would be in my book’s second edition to replace the ‘off to the pub’ one from the first. However, I do know that life can be more important than writing – but also that writing can be an outlet away from other troubles. I’ll be keeping nffcblog on my bookmarks toolbar and will keep checking it just in case.

      Best wishes and no doubt I’ll be in touch for your reprint permission again sometime in the next few months.

  35. Well what can we say to that.Not a lot springs to kind straight away.Checked results when I got up this morning and was pleased at the result made breakfast for kids helped wife with shopping and tought I would check in on my favourite blog for a sensible take on the match and find out the manager is sacked and that you are giving it a rest for a while.Not sure which news is the worst. I am sorry to see you are at the point of giving up as this was always the first place I looked for a balanced report on all things forest and I hope that your hiatus is short lived and that you retrurn when you feel refreshed and able to take it up with renewed vigour.
    As to the second bit of bad news I am not quite sure where to go with that. I was under the impression probably like a lot of others that we were building for the future and that short sighted need to get to the prem at all costs was not what it was all about.Not sure where we are going now.Will be interesting to see the next choice.Not confident that it will be sensible.
    Enjoy what is left of your xmas.I wish you a happy and prosperous new year and can only hope you will be back soon.

  36. Just one thing to note of this sacking. We will get a reputation for abrupt changes so it will be very difficult to attract a manager with good pedigree.

    • Sorry about Sean, but also ,like everyone else here will miss all our regulars comments.
      Living abroad ,it means a lot to us. Which other Forest blog can we still meet up on ???????
      New manager seems to be Keane or De Matteo…Lets hope it’s De Matteo as he is a good man manager.
      If Keane is made manager I will lose all respect for this board !
      I would rather have Pembo taking over to the end of the season !!!
      Happy retirement NFFC And thanks for all the pleasure you have given me !! Best wishes from Isla Margarita,Venezuela

  37. I think a lot of you need to realise that the result v.Leeds changed nothing, SOD has looked totally out of his depth in recent weeks his pre and post match ramblings were totally bizarre aimost on a par with McClaren. Thanks Sean but you were never a long term solution.

  38. ……i really do hope ryan brice ..its just a rest break …..!!!! ..for when i was living in Italia..your pages were a god send ..even if we never agreed on certain issues …so please dont hang up your pen !! .. i remember the unfortunate sacking of BD …but that really was because of an AP ..and Marthur and his muppets !! ..but i still travelled and supported my team after the disastrous appointments made by the club …..and even when they announced SOD was our new manager …i knew he was not the man …but i still supported our team and club…and so it goes on …unfortunately the times of heroes for this once working class game are long gone ..theres only money that matters and talks ..and like as always ..its the supporters who suffer … …i really do hope its just a rest bite for you …i will be there saturday ..shouting my team on despite everything !! UUUUUUUUUUUUURRRREEEEEDDDDDDDDDDS !!!!!!

  39. Left the match yesterday on a real high. Went to the back of beyond with little / no internet or mobile reception. Awoke this morning to this!!!
    What is happening? First 1865 did a bunk, now you. Don’t stay away too long but enjoy the rest.
    As for SOD. Gutted for him, especially coming over Xmas. Nice guy but nice guys don’t get far in this world (unfortunately). Wish him all the very best and thanks for what he’s done.
    Who / what now for NFFC? We wait and see……

  40. Ryan/NFFC – thanks for all your blogging efforts down the years. You will be missed.

    As for Sean – gutted doesn’t even begin to describe it. Like you and many others here, this decision really tears at my attachment to the club and to the whole business of caring about football in its present dysfunctional state. Who wants to be a Premiership club if it means being the QPR of the Midlands, or another Venky’s shite-wagon? Do the Hasawis not realize that half the “PL managers” they’re so anxious to get on board built their reputations in the lower divisions under intelligent and patient chairmen?

    This is one for all the Facebook muppets and O’Driscoll-haters out there, weaned on Sky bullshit and short-term superficiality. Congratulations you chumps.

  41. Ryan – thoroughly enjoyed your erudite musings on all things Forest which are in marked contrast to the more rabid efforts of our less articulate Tricky fans. Enjoy your break and come back when you’re ready to enrich the blogs again…!

  42. As I parked up to walk to the game yesterday, I listened to SOD’s comments on Radio Nottm regarding a change from a 3 year plan to promotion this season. It seemed strange at the time, but in light of the result, I thought little more of it. Tuning into SSN later to watch re-runs of the goals, I saw the “Breaking News” detailing SOD’s departure.

    After the debacle of last season, I was becoming increasingly disillusioned and seriously considered not renewing my Season Ticket. The appointment of SOD, the signing of Guedioura and the outlining of plans to build a club which could sustain itself with a flow of home-grown talent through the academy, convinced me to renew.

    Some of SOD’s decisions could be questioned with validity and there is an argument that had he been a little less cautious, we may well have turned a few more of those draws into wins that would have cemented our place in the top 6 or automatic places – possibly saving his bacon in the process – rather than merely a point off the play-off places.

    Despite the frequent tinkering with the side, all the players genuinely seemed as though they wanted to play for him and bought into his ethos and style of play – something which has not always been the case with some recent incumbents. Will this affect the chances of Sharp signing permanently? Time will tell.

    Overall, I still believe he did far more right than wrong – particularly considering the limited time to re-build an imbalanced squad and lack of a proper pre-season. It was always going to take time, which the owners have clearly now decided he’s not got.

    Apart from the fact that he seemed a genuinely decent bloke, these circumstances raise a whole new chapter of concerns about how the owners will run the club, a chapter which appears to exclude the expression “much needed stability”. It’s no coincidence that the likes of Fergie and Moyes were allowed to continue for the long-term after a shaky start at their respective clubs. Not sure Everton, or anyone else would want to replace him with Mike Newell now…

    Clearly there are huge financial incentives for getting into the so-called Promised Land this season rather than next or the one after, but what is it that make the owners think that after getting rid of a manager after half a season will make the club more attractive to someone with “PL experience” – except for those earning a living as a pundit – when they could not persuade any of them to join in the summer.

    Obviously they already have someone lined up for the position – we just have to hope it’s not one of the usual suspects linked to every vacant manager’s position.

    Sorry to hear your thinking of calling it a day too Ryan, will miss your well-written and entertaining musings that helped get us all through those darkest days of League 1 football. All the best.

  43. Really sorry to see sod go but even more gutted that you are taking a break, as an armchair fan it was always good to read your reports without having to endure the idiots that hang around most blogs. Hope you are back soon!

  44. Now where am i going to go for my match previews and match reports??? This is the first site i come to for all Forest write-ups. Please ignore such pathetic comments from people on here about you being hypocritical and over the top, absolutely ridiculous. I too feel that i am losing faith in all things football, i thought our owners were different but obviously they aren’t. SOD has made a few mistakes but to change the plans from promotion in 3 seasons to right away is a joke. We’ve got a good squad which has enormous potential which SOD brought in himself and he deserved more time. Money money money thats all it is i’ve had enough of it. I’m going off football and the business it has become. I hope you change your mind in the near future and continue writing on here. All the best.

  45. C’mon Ryan, don’t knock it on the head mate. Recharge your batteries and continue giving us the pleasure of reading your musings. It’s something (amongst many other things, I’m sure) that you’re very good at and which 99.9% of your subscribers enjoy and appreciate. We don’t all contribute with a reply for every report, but we DO read what you have to say and find it an excellent read. When all this shit has died down I do hope you reconsider.


    PS: Stupid decision to sack SOD. Here we go again…….

  46. Oh and one more thing. I suppose you could also say that this is the final full stop on one of (or the) most traumatic years in our clubs history. However I suppose that if we DO manage to get promoted in May then a lot fans will forget this episode and say that the right decision was made yesterday. Who knows………..

  47. I hope you return soon, thanks for all the articles over the years – as a Red living in Manchester who doesn’t own a car I can’t get to many games so I’ve always appreciated the match reports. Can understand you being pissed off, I’m really frustrated too.

  48. so, they sack SOD, appoint mcleish..i guess their limited knowledge of the English game, and their “advisors” have been pivotal

    real shame, SOD was a decent chap, McLeish is both a quitter and greedy bastrd, just ask blue nose fans. The pressure is firmly on him now though, and the owners, fans were well prepared for give sod time, as for this iconic manager with experience, LOL he has neither..

  49. I am so pissed off to night…………………………..Come on Ryan lets have some much needed comment.

    • It’s not my team any more. It’s theirs. The meddlers. Stress and Pie sum it up beautifully for me.

      Not looking forward to Saturday.

      • That’s the general feeling. All this “I will listen to the fans” crap on twitter from the chairman when he clearly had his fingers in his ears…

  50. Ryan, I have only started reading your blog this season but have very much enjoyed your insight and wit. Right minded fans need you now more than ever in the light of the appointment of Alex “Short Term Mc Lease”. Sherwood .

    • I’ve nowt constructive to say right now, sadly.

      • Understandable!!! I can’t believe the last 24 hrs. An old friend used to mock me when I used the term ‘our team’ in her presence for being deluded. She hates football but saw this as a joke; indeed it was then and we used to laugh too. Events of the last day have shown that this is now fact not fun and I am saddened and dispirited as a result. Maybe we have both been deluding ourselves Ryan but I’m fed up with being disappointed. Someone will tell me Santa isn’t real next!! Have a good break buddy, thanks for your efforts and I hope things work out for you.

  51. Ryan

    If it wasn’t for Deeping I doubt I’d have renewed my season ticket. I stopped going to Forest regularly in the mid 90’s as I thought football had lost its soul and it has. The chumpionship is the league to be in as its a fairly level playing field(pun not intended), and the fans are real, see the Leeds fans comments above.

    With the new owners everything at first seemed to be done correctly then came this week. It would seem that the 3-5 year plan is now a 3-5 month plan!!! Ii’m not getting into whether SOD was the right man or not but his departure was shocking, at home over the phone????? To Fawaz, when you do something like this man up….do it face to face.

    Then comes mcleish……..premiership experience???He did get Birmingham out of thsi league and won a cup thanks to arsenal vengers lack of guile and then got them relegated.He then got sacked went to their most bitter of rivals and nearly took them rown and got sacked. As a player he was good, very good.In his time at Birmingham he built a physically big side that was difficult to beat but lacked…..flair.

    I will be there on Saturday but “me not happy”. Ryan we need to keep the blog alive and putting across our points to the new owners? Perhaps, just perhaps they might get the point!

    If you do stop I wish you all the best.

  52. By stopping this blog you’re letting down your fellow trickies both UK and worldwide! I mean this in the nicest possible way mate. I (we) rely on your previews and match reports for a comprehensive and honest view on the games. We’re not all fortunate enough to be able to go to every game and we rely on your blog to keep us updated. Please keep it going.

  53. It will be a shame to be without this blog – I only discovered you earlier in the year when I was looking for any scrap of detail, rumour or speculation on the takeover. I stayed because I found the writing to be excellent, and as an ex season ticket holder who now lives too far away to get to matches it was nice to feel somewhat ‘part of it’ again. I’ll keep checking back and I hope you get your mojo back and feel able to start blogging about Forest again.

    I feel very sorry for SO’D. Whether he was the right man for the job or not longer term I think it goes against most peoples sense of fairness that he was brought in to achieve ‘plan A’ and then dispensed of because the plan changed and he no longer seemed to fit. It will be interesting to see what happens to AM at the end of the season regardless. If he doesn’t achieve promotion (and I’d probably say that’s about an 80% probability?) will he get another chance? If he does get us into the premiership will he be let go in favour of a manager with more premiership experience? Does it matter providing he knows what the score is?

  54. .. im sure if they left it to SOD till the end of the season …would have been more honourable …..they fked it up in the first place by appointing him ….like a lot of peoples opinions are that he was out of his depth ….i really do agree ….and like ive already said ..i was so upset they appointed him ..but still went to follow forest..home and away …but to appoint mcleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh … not for me ..and i think goes for everybody else ….but we will support forest …whatever ..and im sure if the match goes ahead tomorrow …there will be angry exchanges between fans ….who are for and against this move ….we will of course see what happens …would be interesting what the new owners will do ..come the end of the season …because if mcleeeeeeeeeeeeesh doesnt perform better than SOD did for the second half of the season …that means under thier rules …he will be sacked too ? or is there mischevious goings on inside Nottingham Forest FC ? ………..and to end ..RYAN BRICE …..Ive enjoyed your write ups just like everyone else …please dont stop !!!

  55. OK, new day, new manager. Having thought about this for 24 hours I still don’t agree with the decision to sack SOD. Having said that, people comparing us with Blackburn are, in my humble opinion, considerably wide of the mark. We have appointed Alex McLeish, not some reserve team trainer. He’s had ups and downs, but if he had come 18 months ago then most people would have thought he was a pretty good appointment if the ends justified the means.

    Whilst I do think we’ll be seeing less passing between our defenders, I do think that we will become harder to beat. Yes, I agree that we were a work in progress and that it may not have come together this season, but I also believe that this shows naked ambition from the owners. Cruel to be kind.

    Setting myself up to be shot down here, but I believe that we will now get promotion this season. However, if not this season, then most definitely next season. If not, then it’s been a mistake and we’ll see what happens. Not just with the manager, but with the club.

    Is it not possible that we all agree to something then think “hang on a minute, why wait, why not go for it now, not tomorrow?” I think that our owners have not deliberately set out to deceive us, but have altered their ambitions as the months have passed. Our owners have made a very bold statement, so I just hope that they are prepared to back this up with sticking around to see it through and, more importantly, have the finances to achieve this. Otherwise, we could be back to square one.

    As I said, I’m not happy with the last 48 hours, but at least ambition is being shown and it’s pretty much guaranteed that new players will be coming in – good players at that. For all of us who have spent hours pressing ‘refresh’ on our computers on transfer deadline day to see if we would be signing anyone then things are certainly better that those days. At least we are trying to move forward, however clumsily.

    • I agree in so much that sacking SOD and replacing him so soon into his tenure shows naked ambition but AMc as replacement? If it was DiMatteo then I could see the logic. He would of been able to use the foundations SOD was building and instill a more attack minded team that is less reactionary. AMc will be pulling all that down and introducing his way of doing things. We’re back to square one but it could be worse than that as the team may just not want to play for him. (I’m sure this happened to Megson, though that twat deserved it)

      You say we will get promoted this season. I hope you’re right but I personally can’t see that. You also say that if not this season then definitely next. I know it’s academic but I bet that would of been the case with SOD too. Look at Middlesbrough last season compared to this? They gave a good man time there and now they should see the rewards for a bit of patience. Mowbray is putting into place a philosophy that the club can use and build on so when they get to the prem they stay there. Just like Swansea and West Brom have. This is what Forest needed to do? Sustainable football stewardship is what’s needed not another bullshit get rich quick scheme.

      There has to be more to it than ‘we’ve changed our minds’ we want promotion this season. Have they really got the money? Or is this just one big gamble for them too? Time will tell but if we don’t go up this season then I can easily see us going the way of Portsmouth. And that isn’t as unrealistic as it sounds.

  56. Why I had been disappointed with forest on occasion this season, on the whole its been much more positive than in many previous years. Planning ahead and building a squad that would go up and stay up seemed to be SOD plan. Its now boom or bust. Can’t see any positives it it other than it wasn’t Neil Warnock!

  57. Fair enough ADBC, I can’t say that I’m that sure about things to disagree with you. Yours is another completely valid point of view. Fingers crossed that it all works out okay, eh?

  58. As a Celtic supporting glaswegian who found himself living in Nottingham in the mid eighties who discovered a love for the reds and have all 5 children supporting them i am bitterly disappointed that Eck has been chosen as our next manager. His record in England is crap his football is very negative and boring and he will be gone by May when he hasn’t achieved promotion and only just avoided finishing mid table.He is not what we were signing up for in the summer and I myself don’t see this as a step forward as opposed to two steps back. Not sure but I think the owners should be sacking their advisors as this is probably as bad as it will get.
    Having just listened to his interview I think he has agreed to sign all these names that the owners want in contrast to Sean who was saying we will sign them if they are right for the team and if they fit the model.Another new team and start again with no pre season.
    It just makes it difficult to give any credability to the owners at all.

    Hope I’m wrong

  59. You wouldt be bias of course Arthur being a Celtic fan eh ….If i recall big eck turned Celtic over many times as the Rangers manager and won lots of trophies ?

    He also never lost a game as the Scotland manager with a very limited side.Has won promotion with Hibs and Brum and won a cup in recent times but also has had some failures like every other human being .

    The issue is with the owners give eck a chance im sure hes not that stupid to have not thought about where he went wrong while off for 8 months.

  60. interesting conversation last night …Alex Ferguson …mcleeeeesh …Fawiz ……all big buddies together …seems to me if its true ..may be something to use forest as a get my good name back for mcleesh …see what happens in january regarding transfers/loans …could be very interesting !

  61. As the dust settles on Mcleish’s appointment, there are nagging doubts about the “style” of football we have to look forward to. In saying that, I recall similar reservations about BD and prior to that Harry Bassett and neither of those proved to be the case, so we can but hope.

    It also appears that the Al Hasawi’s had AM in mind in the summer, he having been approached by an agent about the role then – suggesting it was always going to happen. Wonder if that was before or after said agent allegedly tapped up Darren Ferguson? That was a lucky escape.

    Whilst this appointment may be regarded as a masterstroke in May if he gets us promoted, it still leaves a nagging doubt about how much these owners care about the longer-term sustainability of the club that was mooted in the summer versus short-term boom and bust.

  62. To Ryan Brice.

    I understand you not wanting to devote much time to this any more but what about this for an idea. Instead of doing your pre match summaries and match reports, that I imagine take up a lot of time, just put up a title that says:

    Blackburn vs Forest. Preview Thoughts.

    After the match just put up another title that says

    Blackburn vs Forest. Match viewpoint. (Or something like that)

    This way you are keeping alive the site and giving the many sensible readers and contributors who come on here a forum in which to air their views/thoughts. Hey, you could even join in! Like I said in a previous post and what so many have said on here already. We need this place to vent our frustrations or just express a viewpoint that will be read by sane Forest fans. Even we don’t agree with each other people on here are at least respectful and will put a valid argument forward rather than it be reduced to a pissing contest.

    Just a thought.

  63. like the idea ADBC ….very good indeed !

  64. […] Thank you, Sean… “I’m going to use this opportunity to take a natural break from blogging about Forest. It’s a decision I’ve been mulling for a while anyway, as pressures of life and other factors make finding the time for this difficult to achieve anyway. I may yet return to active chronicling duties, but if we go the direction I fear under the stewardship of the Al Hasawis then I might well find myself drifting away from Forest all together.” […]

  65. Think we could get a result at Blackburn as they seem to be in even more disarray than we are. A win and that would get us even closer to the existing promotion chasers and nearer to Leicester as looking at the table with Watford’s game in hand they are in all reality probably 5th.Would like to see a bit of stability in team selection as in if it aint broke don’t fix it.Two good results against Leeds and promotion hopefuls Palace should give AM a few pointers in the team selection and hopefully be the start of a little run to get us going in the right direction.Even in New zealand we have Palace supporters who are pleased/surprised at how well their team is going.

    Would like to wish all forest fans a happy new year and hope we all have the rest of a good season to go.


    We are 13 hours ahead in NZ so almost midnight here and beer already being drunk.

    have good one

    U Reds

  66. I was rather amazed that Sean O’Driscoll was sacked I felt that while the consistancy of the results wasnt great, in a time where new management, new owners and a very critical point in the clubs history he did a great job. Considering that we are also just outside the playoffs I think would be the evidence of that,

    I wonder if McLeish was always the target and an ‘arrangement’; was made prior to Sean O’Driscoll’s appointment. I really think Forest was doing quite well. I would dearly love to see a manager complete a 3 year term ans see what he can do with the club.

    As far as the Kuwaiti owners I guess its a play thing for them till the oil runs out and the fans will be left to pick up the pieces in 10 years time. I would rather a viable club that plays a great brand of football in the Championship than a club that is in the Premier that sells its soul.

    Thanks so much for the blog it has been great work for a number of years and I imagine it would take many hours to do such reporting every week.

  67. Hi Ryan, I really hope this site doesn’t die a slow death, it would be such a shame. Is there any chance of putting something up on the site (along the lines of ADBC’s suggestion, above) to enable it to ‘keep breathing’ and hopefully with your continued contributions in mind?

  68. Hi Ryan
    Missing your usual report and was just thinking of something similar to ADBC idea above – happy to volunteer to do the admin bit if you think it’s a good idea and its technically possible – drop me an email direct to follow up. Cheers Paul

  69. […] However, such a result will have done little to lift the gloom of Alex McLeish’s doubters. Despite the warm welcome he received against Crystal Palace, the events of last week left one blogger filled with horror at modern football and another putting their site on ice. […]

  70. Slightly off message, but I was just listening to the radio and they were talking about Gary Bowyer being in temporary charge of Blackburn (quite successful so far, as we know). It bought me around to thinking about his dad’s goal for us against Cologne in ’79. This, in my opinion, is the most important goal ever scored in our history. Anyone disagree or have any other massively important goals that I’ve forgotten?

    • I can see why you’d go for that one. It gave Forest the belief that they were destined to win that competition and was so sweet in proving the over confident Germans wrong. Personally I think John Robertson’s against Hamburg a year later is the one that really cements Forest in the history books. Only 8 teams have won the European Cup back to back and Forest are one of them. It’s still amazing to think that happened. I don’t care how many other fans say it was 30 odd years ago. It doesn’t matter and you know that they would love it if their team had done it.

      I also think the Pearce goal at London Road was an important one getting us straight back in to the prem first time of asking. Especially as we were 2-0 down that day.

  71. Fair point, but if we hadn’t got to the final then we would have been remembered as ‘nearly men’ and obviously would not also have got there a year later.

    To me, great as it was, the Pearce goal was fantastic but not in the same class of importance. I recall (although I may be wrong) that we would have got up anyway that season, even if we had lost against Peterborough – no doubt someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

    Finally, The Francis and Robertson goals were the most historic ever scored for us but, to me, not as important as Bowyer’s.

  72. PS: I also think that there was an inevitability about us beating Peterborough that day. I remember not being too bothered we were 2-0 down as I knew we could turn it around. God knows why, I wouldn’t think like that these days……..

  73. Again, one win away from meeting the Scousers………..

  74. Dear Ryan,
    I was gutted to see SOD go, I felt I’ve been fooled with the “5-year plan” nonsense, but most of all I was shocked by your decision to put the blog on ice. It’s a pity you can’t read Greek, to see that there are also other ways to express your discontent for that circus happening right now in our beloved Forest ( In any case, I know as a fellow fan that you feel you did the right thing, and therefore I support your decision. Please don’t wait for the dust to settle down before coming back to your post, because, you know, we are Nottingham Forest and therefore the dust is very unlikely to settle. Ever.
    PS: Club management listening to moaning fans = the best way to catastrophe. Worldwide.

  75. […] the recent retirement of two seasoned Forest blogs (eighteensixtyfive and then Through the Seasons Before Us), it nice to see a new site springing […]

  76. Well the dust is certainly flying now. Time to come back !! (please)

  77. Yes – I want to know your thoughts on Billy’s arrival!

  78. Well? C’mon back then…. the good times needs a commentor….

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