F*** you, you f***ing f***er! #nffc

F*** you, you f***ing f***er! #nffc

Is groundswell right?  Undercurrent maybe.  I’m not sure – but there’s a lot of disharmony about the place.  I’ve lamented before some of the less positive manifestations of the techno-literate football fan, and as I noted then, I’m tiptoeing the line of hypocrisy in critiquing it, but things seem to be coming to a head again on the ol’ #nffc hashtag of late.

Now I think it’s worth a quick reminder about where we’ve been as a club recently – when Nigel Doughty passed away we were on the brink of oblivion.  We’ve all been through the debates before about why that would be the case – certainly the late chairman’s own decisions played no small part in that – but regardless of why we were there, that’s where we were.

That was a matter of months ago.  Since then we’ve seen new owners arrive – undoubtedly in no small part thanks to the hard work of those left behind at the club trying to keep the ship from sinking.  They appointed Sean O’Driscoll and then oversaw a large influx of players, whilst cancelling the preseason preparations the departed Steve Cotterill had put in place.

So a new manager, a very different squad and no preseason.  That’s less than ideal preparation for a new season.  From my memory most of us seemed to be content that this was a season of transition, certainly that was my view.  An aim for a top ten finish perhaps with a sniff of sneaking into the playoffs – which is pretty much where we find ourselves now.

Hence finding this discord rather puzzling – or at least the thoughtless abusiveness from some quarters.  Sure, it’s fair to offer a critique of performances – the Ipswich and Hull games in my view were below acceptable (and in the case of the latter at odds with the manager’s comments), but people calling for his head?  Well that’s just silly.

Fellow bloggers Rish and Rahoul over at eighteensixtyfive have decided to put their website on ice in the midst of personal abuse and threats in response to their excellent posts and podcasts.  How on earth can we as a community of supporters stand by and be content that this is how a minority of Forest supporters choosing to portray themselves online?

Underpinning all this are the torrent of random crap so-called fans send to our players or even owners on Twitter.  Whether they really are Forest fans or other clubs’ supporters trolling is unclear – but it could be damaging.  Indeed, at least a couple of Reds players have been moved to delete their Twitter accounts in the last couple of days.

Increasingly I find myself rarely taking to the social media channels – a cursory search of the Forest ‘fan pages’ on Facebook, the #nffc hashtag on Twitter, or the numerous forums scattered around unearths an ugly broth of negativity, thoughtlessness or just plain abuse which isn’t helpful to anyone.

It’s a real shame – because there’s a place for different opinions and healthy debate, but it seems to get tainted by the chronic lack of ability some fans have to do this without resorting to a torrent of abuse (or ‘banter’ as seems to be the current buzz word for this) when presented with an alternative point of view.

Few of us are trained football managers or transfer negotiators – plus the subject we love so much doesn’t really have any right answers, so we ought really to be prepared for folks having very different views and accept that peaceably whilst putting our own counterpoints across.  If we can’t do that then we ought to shut up.

It’s a shame Rish and Rahoul have opted for the latter – I hope they’re back in action soon as I for one (and I’m sure many more) will miss their insightful views.  Again, I might run the risk of hypocrisy here – but it would be nice if we could have a think before we took to the Internet.

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  1. As always, spot on.

  2. Yes, indeed. I don’t like us playing crap – and most of the season we haven’t – but if we end up knocking on the door of the playoffs that has to be considered a good thing. We were still fending off relegation with 4 games to go last season.
    Do people have no memories any more?

  3. excellent comments, we are miles better off this year, why the impatience from some? top 10 this year maybe play offs would be a great achievement.

  4. We`ve not had it this good for a long while. Rome wasn`t built in a day.

    • Bang on. I was one of those hounding Doughty on twitter when under McClaren sending him all sorts of abuse. Suffice to say that my tweets amongst many others would have gone towards causing stress and his heart attack. This put things into perspective for me, at the end of the day these people are doing their job and we all have off days. We should not be using personal social networking sites to abuse these players, but instead embrace it and give them some support.

  5. Everyone is entitled to their view whether its right or wrong. But it would be nice to keep it on the non abusive side! Banter is a part of football but some people seem to need to keep thier emotions in check. We haven’t played too badly this season. Though in around half those games I thought we were lucky to get a point or maybe 3.. No coincidence that were missing simon cox… Last two games proved that. This is just my view now, SOD needs to mix the game up a little bit.. Get more physical win those second balls go more direct. when things are going against us we don’t seem to do that. We seem to be content to just passing it. We are a championship side with championship players. We are not Barcelona or even Swansea where just pass pass pass and have amazing skillful players would win us games. Anyways I’m with SOD till end of this season, I’m expecting a much much better second half of the season. A more cohesive unit. I want a huge performance from them against derby county in January because the last three games against them have been diabolical. Although I would love to be in the playoffs end of season, from what I have seen so far we won’t get near. I expect us to be within a few points off it… Anything less than that with the resources we have I think SOD will have an awfully tough second season…

    • We were definitely mixing it up in the last ten against Hull. Direct and high balls to Ward, Dex and Billy, with Reid picking it up deep and playing it forward.

      • I’m not talking about throwing the kitchen sink in the last ten minutes… I’m more talking about grafting and winning the second balls or maybe even third balls… And then a quick counter attack…I just feel other teams are better than us in that….maybe we need more pace in the team who knows!

        • Fair enough. However, there are fans who moan when we keep the ball and pass it around, waiting for the decisive run or gap to open up; there are also fans who moan when we end up hoofing it. Damned if you do…

          • I guess it’s about the players picking the right moment to do the right thing either by going direct or by passing it. I’m just still not totally convinced that we can pass it around for 90 mins and dominate. I’d love us to though.I think SOD will get it right in time. especially when he gets the right balance in the the moment we just have way too many midfielders. They all play in more or less the same position and funnily enough have roughly the same pace. It’s a frustrating season so far. Although it has been exciting especially in the transfer front. I’m already looking forward to January. We will get bodies in that’s obvious and hopefully permanently. I reckon by mid February we will see what sods blue print is and ill judge him from then to end of season )))

  6. well …fair banter …..but does anyone remember billy davies ? the most passionate manager weve had since mr clough !..the board were frightened to death of him …they never sacked him …when billy came he did wonders …yet the club sacked him …and what followed was a complete disaster ….the club put itself into this position …not the supporters ….we all can have opinions ..but as far as targets go ..they do the talking ….at present we have a manager who is not the man for the job ..its so easy to see ..when we started the beginning of this season ..forest were on fire seemed we had no manager ..every player was playing individually ..and wow ..we played some frightening football ..remember ? bristol city , bolton , charlton …then sod has slowly bled his play tactic system into the sqaud ….not good with the players we have im afraid ..kenny burns has summed it up …..and im sure and really hope the new owners will very soon too

    • I pray for the day our fans can forget about Billy Davies. Did an admirable job and I was sorry to see him go, but he’s in the past.

      The sooner another club employs him the better – strange that none have as yet, n’est pas?

      • Exactement mon brave, à propos Billy that is.
        I get depressed when Forest’s results are bad and moreover temporarily lose interest in all football for several days. If we had a cat, it’d get kicked 🙂
        Our team is unsettled and some players are not at their best for some reason. Life’s like that and the moaners should realise sh*t happens.
        I did though feel a touch of deja vu when listening to SO’D after the last match – a bit too Cotterillesque. C’mon Sean be honest with us & tell it as it is.

  7. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. Having the ability to voice opinion to the whole world causes massive problems in my view, people seem to think its acceptable to abuse people while sitting behind their computers. On the subject of it happening to owners and players of Forest, alot of ‘fans’ have very short memories. Not least 6 months ago when we were on the brink, but also about 3-4 weeks ago when we were on a good run and SOD was shortlisted for manager of the month. Ok so our performances haven’t been great, but every team goes through bad patches during a season. I just hope the owners and players at Forest know this is an extreme monority and don’t think we’re all morons with no brains and no balls who can bravely sit behind their computers and abuse people.

  8. A really good article. I am with you 100% people need to be patient.
    I do however feel we need to add some pace and width to the team and I am sure that this will be addressed in January 2013.

  9. You have made some good points Ryan healthy debate regarding performances and playing systems is good .Im not too aware of the abusive side of the web as i only visit this site and the official one .

    I think the last 2 performances have been very poor and most of us have recognized that whether you agree with SOD tactics wise is a matter of opinion i personally have doubts .

    I also think that the weight of expectation is very large at our club thus the failing of previous managers .Billy has gone your right I think reading between the lines our fans want to see some passion and leadership on the pitch i certainly do .

    But i agree if fans get abusive and personal then they should go and start supporting Chelsea as i dont want to be sat beside them at games or share a site with them .

    Keep up the good work as always is going to be a roller coaster this season it always is .

    U reds

  10. The positives. SOD came in in July with no back four – he had to quickly get in players after many clubs had had their pick. He also has signed up the likes of Cox, Lansbury, Coppinger, Gillett, Guadioura and Sharp. He has had a kick in the teeth with injuries to Cox, Raddy, Hutchinson, Ayala, Jenas and Halford. I didn’t like his tactics on Saturday – at least not changing at half time – but I say give him chance at least seeing what he does in January. Its going to be a tough month – he and they need supporting. SOD is different to BD but he seems honest and does not mix it with the media

  11. Great article hits the nail squarely on the head!

  12. Totally agree. Great article.

  13. The positive responses here gives us all hope.

  14. Well voiced as usual.

    Football is an emotive game and passionate supporters will always want to have their say. But the key word is “supporter” surely? Don’t we all share a common aim – i.e. to see Forest successful?????

    Lets agree to disagree but remain unified to our common aim,

  15. Football fans at times are like goldfish and only remember their last result. This emotional knee jerk conveys itself into how they feel about the club at any given time.
    Someone mantioned Billy Davies and the wish for Forest supporters to forget his tenure, yet towards the end of Davies’ term in charge there was already a minority underswell against BD. These people would aggressively attack anyone with anything positive to say about the club or its owner. Their abuse was savage, their arguments poor, blaming many things from alleged tactical shortcomings to deliberatly picking weakened teams both before and after the play-off failures. These attacks were normal practice for some internret warriers, as any trawl through various website’s archives will testify.
    I’m sure other clubs have simelar problems, but for some reason our supporters think we have a god given right to win certain games and to be permanantly in or around the top of the table

  16. Ever the cool head Nffc. You weave well…
    Sometimes passion does spill over into frustration.
    So many of us who are 35++ years old are so used to watching forest carve their trade against the finest. So to be stuck in Div. 2 ( as I know it ) year after year can wear you down.
    Like you we all have the mighty reds at heart but when the fat end of the season is approaching, and your beloved are looking increasingly shaky, it can get very frustrating.

  17. What must Fawaz be thinking?

    • Hopefully he’ll be as canny now as he has been since he started his tenure. His track record of approving signings, getting in staff, general communication has been a pleasure (from someone who is, shall we say, from far away who wouldn’t be expected to pick up on such things so quickly). Remember when Sven and Paladini and Hoddle were being rumoured… it would have been very easy to bring in BIG NAMES, but it rarely works in this league.

      Cautious building is required. There can’t be many teams with such a big turnover in players in 6 months that have moulded into a coehesive promotion chasing bunch…? Onwards!

  18. …..if the whole of the city ground can see one man up front does not work ..(at home) !…and crossing high balls into the tallest defence in the championship (millwall) for little Billy sharp ……what games sod watching ?? ………and no ryan ..i dont want to forget billy davies …he led the team ..and supporters into battle ..fantastic or lose least we went home hearts full of pride !!

    • Not away from home we didn’t. And we played two up front against Millwall…?

      Not that one up front is inherently bad anyway. Albeit it didn’t work well at the weekend.

  19. […] tweets being sent to our players, moving the Through the Seasons Before Us blogger to comment on a groundswell of negativity. Again, players could save themselves the hassle by not being on Twitter, but equally they have as […]

  20. Spot on as always- judging by comments on here the silent majority as always reflect the views of you Sir Ryan of the Brice. Patience, Reds fans. Billy did fantastic but SOD will lead us to the promised land just slowly, slowly catchy monkey!

  21. ..yes mr ryan …2 up front against millwall …well as i remember …when forest managed to break away ..the midfield as usual …were just too deep ….like most games sods tactics fail ..the lonely figure was sharpy …and for 90 + minutes …crossing high balls ? very carefully …the technical areas ..opposition ..have 2 or 3 screaming orders and confidence ….sod ..arms folded ..with a few coughs here n there …we have the players to fight for victory with passion seems to me its been taken away …whats wrong with forcing the opposing team into a 5 man defence ..we have a 3 man frontline to see mcgugan blackstock sharp if you was the manager of the opposition and saw that frontline formation !! this season should be played this way ..out n out attack ….it will take us another 2 seasons with the right man in place to build a fortress of a defence…but you have to put pressure on the opposing team…not sit back , and let them come to you …chase every ball ..dont give them time to think …we will see ..but im 110 percent sure sod is not the man ..its already been proven …..

  22. …fine by me ryan …its always good to have banter and opinions ..we have to voicen them all ….or we would be like ..sheep ! lol …but we will both see when the season comes to an end …

  23. There always have been (and always will be) idiots who go over the top. For those old enough to remember (back in the pre-social network days) the Football Post always had its fair share. When BC was manager there was a chap called Max Nottingham (from Lincoln, I seem to recall) who had numerous letters published in the FP, always criticizing Cloughie – even in the glory years!

    I also recall that people used to give Robbo lots of flak, especially in his early days. There was one game against Charlton at home when he missed two penalties (unbelievable, but true) in, I think, our promotion season (although it could have been the season before) and he got dogs abuse from the crowd and, the week after, in the FP.

    Just goes to show that empty vessels make the loudest noise.

    Every club has its share of dickheads and, nowadays, social media gives them a louder voice and this consequently gives off a general feeling of negativity when this wave of shit is combined..

    Funnily enough, the type of people who Twitter players and management and post rubbish on message boards are the ones who shout loudest when things are going our way. When things improve (as they will) then the same people can look outwards and concentrate on baiting other teams forums instead.

  24. Empty vessels make the loudest noise ! I like it David might have to steal that one …………..

  25. well davide ! ha ha …it seems to me you are the one that measures over the top !! what ruler do you use ? dickheads you say ..hope your not referring to any individual ….i do hope not ! ..its not about …THINGS !!! its about organisation …..and im sure your the person that stands up and starts the chanting for our beloved team (not!) just sits there …ah well ..we did our best …we must support our non passionate system …bla ..bla …i will write something positivo or anti positivo …wake up …for gods sake ..are you watching the same team //dickhead// …………………………………….blimey !!

  26. ………………….and trust me …under this manager will not improve already been proved !! …no dont trust me ….you all just sit there …quitely …..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …red army no surrender !

  27. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be passionate, just that personal negativity directed towards player and management do not help anyone. Yes, we are all passionate about NFFC, but impatience compared with last season must be kept in perspective. COYR!

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