Forest vs. Hull City preview..

Erm, we played Ipswich didn’t we?  It didn’t go brilliantly – unable to pass, unable to defend, Camp was lucky to stay on the pitch then unlucky enough to save a penalty whilst conceding the rebound – Dexter was alert enough to convert a chance.  One for us to forget, one for Sean O’Driscoll to remind the players of a lot in the preparations for the visit of Hull this weekend.

I’m going to skip over re-living the game with a detailed match report (although the main reason for that absence is life getting in the way a bit since the trip to Suffolk!).

The Tigers are sitting pretty in the play-off zone, just.  Three points ahead of us – so clearly not a side to be trifled with, although their form has dipped of late.  We haven’t beaten them for ages, but largely due to the fact we’ve spent most of that time in different divisions to them.  Their recent games saw defeat to Burnley and a draw with Palace at home.

We were unbeaten in five games before the Ipswich debacle – a debacle that might lure the gaffer into changes.  Cox, Majewski and Hutchinson remain sidelined by injuries, whilst Jenas, Ayala and Halford are doubts – so the manager’s choices in changing things around too much are somewhat limited.  It will be rather interesting to see what he comes up with.

So, as we are becoming accustomed to, our visitors will provide a stern test for us – they’ll be keen to capitalise on our stutter and try to kick start their own season back underway having missed the chance to win their last two home games.  For us it will be fascinating to see the response from the players – Tuesday’s trip to Ipswich prompted the first hint of anger for the gaffer.

I know I’m becoming a bit of a parody of myself in urging caution but Hull have enough about them to be worried about – and we just seem so tricky to second-guess at the moment, even when we see them week in and week out.  This is the kind of game where we might be able to extrapolate how things might pan out over that traditionally tricky winter phase we seem to struggle with.

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  1. We were crap against Ipswich they were up for it we werent ……… i dont think this squad can play 3 games in a week they dont seem to have the balls.

    A bit worrying for me we can go from hot to cold very quickly im gonna say it again i think the system we play is wrong for certain games where sides get tricky and rough ……….

    We have lots to learn …………..

  2. I echo Redric’s sentiments…… its EXTREMELY worrying that we run so hot and then so cold. Yes, yes early days and all that but the swing from good to bad and back again MUST be a worry for SO’D.

    This said, if we run true to pattern we should have a stormer against Hull.

  3. To be honest i’m not sure we’ve even “run hot” yet have we??

    We drawn half our games and struggle against teams who don’t have a passing/high possession game.

    We need a consistent 11 and we’ve not had that since an initial good spell earlier in the season when the back four were Harding, Collins, Ayala, and Hutchinson.

    Cox is a massive set back… I’m not confident that Sharp and Blackstock and deliver to the standard they would do with competition for places and also the odds of them both staying injury and booking free until January aren’t great.

    We’re better than our position suggests even though we’re not far off from being in the mix.

    2 straight home wins would be a great start for a new run of more wins and less draws.

    Come on Forest!

    • Good comment Craig under Davies the side had more drive and passion when needed we didnt have half the talent either that this team has .

      Team does not look balanced we need to get nastier for these midweek banana skin encounters we looked clueless on Tuesday .

      Not good ……..

  4. we have to give it time if the season was to finnish tomorrow I would be happy after the shite served up last season we are still building a team to challeng there will be some faultering steps along the way ie Ipswich and some bad performances but we will get there but I doubt we will get much this year

    • I admire all of you who went to Ipswich on tuesday !To suffer that and for our club to not even offer refunds to you for the disgraceful performance. The money to be deducted from the players ,of course….It would drive home the point that performances like that will not be tollerated.Lets see the real Forest beat Hull on saturday !

  5. How long is Hutchison out for? And why is Lewis not being picked?

  6. ok …here i go again …the basics ….sod is not the manager to take us anywhere ..other than be a manufactured financial club …stays where it is …thats what he is very good at ! ..ok ..we have a fabulous choice of front attacking naturally talented players ..who dont need to be shouted at .( does anyone see sod or his pack shouting or even getting excited at the sidelines?) let them run free this league its so open …3 up front every game …simples ..because we have no defence ..and until thats sorted the best form of defence is power attack ! everyone i speak to ..and at the match ..we can see …why cant sod ? ..hey ..6 foot 6 defenders .agaianst milwall ..yet for 90 minutes …crossing high balls to our only attacker little sharp ! hard n low should have been the message ..but hey no ..arms folded standing in his corner sod …watching another game ? ….its a bloody nightmare yet again …we have been very very lucky with results so far ..and ..god ..i hope the owners can see the dribble the media at the club keep coming out with from each player …telling ..weve got to wake up !! give me a break …you cant kid me like you think you can kid everyone else ….no where ..thats where we going …..SOD THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE WHEN YOU HAVE NONE IS ATTACK ….BRIAN CLOUGH ! say no more …

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