Forest install Transfer Windows 2012 upgrade..

Transfer windows used to be shit, didn’t they?  Particularly deadline day, but what a day we’ve had today!

Normally I switch off on deadline day, hoping we don’t lose one of the few players someone else might want we have left whilst accepting the inevitable lack of incoming activity from the Reds.

To be honest, it wouldn’t have been a disaster had we not signed anybody today, but after the gathering storm of rumours, we did.  And then some.

James Coppinger

Not one, but two.  James Coppinger reportedly hopped off the Doncaster team bus on its’ way to Yeovil at a service station to agree a move on loan to us until January, and after this – with mounting excitement across the Internet – it transpired we’d not finished and have somehow convinced Southampton that loaning us Billy Sharp for a season is a good idea!

I’ve long admired both players – particularly Sharp, ever since he put three past us when Scunthorpe beat us 4-0.  He’s always done well against us, and his goal scoring record is tremendous – he obviously knows Sean O’Driscoll rather well too – as does Coppinger, a right winger – which has been a notable gap in our squad of late!

Billy Sharp

So not only has the entire transfer window experience been a definite upgrade on what we’re used to, the culmination of this – eleven signings in seven weeks – is what I think a rather more balanced and stronger squad than we had as the season commenced.  That’s huge testimony to the Al Hasawi family and Sean O’Driscoll who certainly haven’t rested on their laurels!

Right from when the John Pye sponsorship was announced and the Pye family could barely contain big grins in the old Shipstones building (as a lad who grew up falling in love with footballers in Shipstones sponsored shirts this felt like providence!) I had a glimmer of hope that better times might follow – but well, I’m still somewhat shellshocked and just what a good job the new owners have done.

Let’s take a moment to consider how our squad has changed over the last few weeks…

In Out
Collins Lynch
Harding Cunningham
Ayala Chambers
Hutchinson Gunter
Halford Freeman
Lansbury McCleary
Coppinger Anderson
Sharp McGoldrick
Cox Miller
Guedioura Guedioura
Lascelles Elokobi

Okay, Lascelles is a bit of a cheat, but we can chuck in a bonus Gillett as well, who arguably replaces the role that we’ve never quite managed to sort out since McKenna left, and things like the return of Cohen and Blackstock from injury and well – wow. Then factor in that we’ve done this business without spending ridiculous amounts of money and it’s just incredible.

Both Sharp and Coppinger are eligible to play tomorrow should Sean O’Driscoll deign to do so – coming in on loan strangely doesn’t come with the same noon deadline for signing the day before a game that a permanent signing does.  Given how well the gaffer knows his new charges, I wouldn’t bet against them being involved in some way…

I was already struggling to come up with a starting line-up before today, now we’ve added some more dilemmas – but nice ones!  Of course, as I type there’s still a little over half an hour of the window left – but we’re not about to pull something else out of the bag are we?  That would just be greedy.

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  1. I hope Gunter has not come in. Could not wait to get rid of the useless shite.

    • Ha! Good spot, hopeless at tables in html! Gunts is still filed under ‘regretted departure’ in my mind, but I’m still chuffed as hell with how things have gone since he left.

  2. Stunning. Just stunning.

  3. Fantastic signings, especially Sharp, great record over last few years, and have wanted him in a forest shirt for years. Even better is that after a horrible season I am falling back in love with football and forest and massive credit to everyone (owners,manager,players and fans), as it feels like we are all pulling in the same direction. Starting to dream…….

  4. Why is Guedioura in the “out” column?! I hope I haven’t missed something!
    What a day though! Certainly can’t “second guess” the team now. Great competition for places.

    • Well he left us last season in the summer, then came back – so he’s literally a like-for-like replacement 🙂

      • I take your point – just looks a little odd!
        Thanks for the great blog. Always a regular read for me.
        Looking forward to seeing the game tomorrow. Shame about the 400 mile round trip. I do wish we lived a little closer!

  5. While in years gone by we have used the excuse of wanting to bring the right type of player in for not bringing players in. Now with new owners and SOD we have signed players quickly and who possess hunger. I can’t fault the money spent and talent we have acquired.

    Better squad than last 2 play off campaigns. Hope the gel quickly.

    You reds!

  6. Lovely point someone made on twitter that our 11 signings together cost less than Jordan Rhodes!

    Obviously we all need to give the new players time to settle in but I bet even the most cynical of us will now quietly confident that we will at least be pushing for promotion this season?

    SOD has given himself some real selection headaches, especially in midfield. I think the players will be buzzing and will give Charlton a good spanking tomorrow!

    Well done to all at Forest and thankyou very much to the Al Hasawi’s!!!

    • Fantastic news regarding all the signings…Still hard to believe after all we have been through the last few years !
      I hope the City ground is full tomorrow just to thank our new owners for listening to the fans and players !
      Everyone will now fear playing us,,,,I’m happy and looking forward to every game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Are we certain Carling haven’t somehow been involved in this transfer window, it feels like they should have been!! Fantastic effort by SOD and the Al Hasawi’s family which shows up the failings of the previous administration and their lack of a strategic plan; where there’s a will etc etc and all at such a good price! As far as I was concerned this cake already had icing on before yesterday but transfer deadline day put a cherry with bells and whistles on it! Coppinger was good business but Billy Sharp has left me speechless with delight – although the wife got very tired of me checking every rumour source, every minute until it was announced after I heard that it was a possibility. Can’t wait for the game today and the 200 mile round trip will be worth it. As a footnote, I retired from the Air Force yesterday after 30 years in light blue and couldn’t have asked for a better transfer deadline day to mark that occassion! COYR!!

  8. I write this in a very damp Lake District its 7.40 and I feel like i have the keys to the sweet shop!!!!!! Its beem a long rime since Tuesday and what I thought was a bit of a wake-up call.

    Thanks to Deeeping Red for keeping me abreast with all the transfer gossip.

    Anyway egg & bacon awaits and then a 210 mile drive to be at the CG for the match. Faith has been restored.

  9. Also a bit shell shocked at our recent business in the transfer market but hell it feels good.I think this is because we are and we’re used to such a dysfunctional system and fed loads of bullshit.

    Now we have a.very strong squad fro this level and all the players will be fighting for a game.I couldn’t have picked 2 better players to bring in on loan a tricky winger with a goal in him and a real poacher in sharpy whom I rate highly .

    A quietly excited red ric

  10. After years of watching the window close with a mixture of disdain and indifference, yesterday certainly made up for it. Incredible.

    Was always impressed by Coppinger when we faced Donny, whilst Sharp’s record and performances against us speak for themselves. Still recall seeing us dismantled by Laws’ Scunny as Sharp and Keogh ran riot.

    By the way nffc, how could you miss Big George from your list of departures?!

  11. Thanks go to the Al Hasawi’s for such confident backing ….its now down to the players and staff and the fans to make it happen …uredddsssss bring on the Direby !

  12. I was incredibly drunk at Moseley Folk Festival (I highly recommend this to anyone who feels a bit jaded at the whole V/ Reading/huge festival experience!) last night watching Echo & the Bunnymen when someone text me with “Forest have got Sharp!!” I looked at it and then put my phone back in my pocket a bit nonplussed- well the Bunnymen had just started Killing Moon!

    I woke up this morning with a vague memory of said text and went online to discover that Forest have indeed signed Billy Sharp! What a coup!

    Two things please me about this summer – we have made some fantastic signings without spending massively, it would’ve been so easy to just throw money at players for the sake of it, but instead we’ve bought sensibly and spent well under the £20 million figure that was mentioned when the Al Hasawis bought the club.

    Secondly whist it was sad to see some great players leave in the summer I find it so refreshing to finally watch a Forest team that doesn’t have (and apologies for bringing him up again!) Billy Davies written all over it.

    This truly feels like the fresh start that should’ve but didn’t happen when Steve McClaren took over last year.

  13. If you’re counting Elokobi and Cunningham in the out column, what about Higginbotham, Boateng and Harewood. Alright the last two were never going to figure but where still part of last seasons squad.

  14. Forget all this transfer nonsense: the best player at Forest continues to remain the criminally under-rated McGugan. Quite why so many Forest ‘fans’ get on his case irritates me. He’ll score today, I bet you. #mcguganforengland

    • Ian are you Lewis’s lover or something? Any opportunity and you’re there crapping on. Give it a rest. We all know he’s good but the reason fans get on his case is because he is probably the best player at the club but doesn’t always show the application to match his ability. When his attitude is right he’s brilliant but when its not he might as well not be playing. Can you get your head round that?

  15. GOAL! McGugan! I repeat: some of our new transfer signings are great… but our main man MUST BE Lewis. As I have been saying. For the past 3-4 seasons. [sigh]

  16. ‘AD_BC’: Even when Lewis is not ‘showing application’ (unsure what is meant by that – a call for the return of Sammy Clingan and Gary Jones?) he is Forest’s best player #notrocketscience

  17. Application… y’know when a player applies himself to the game instead of letting it pass him by. Any body calling for a return of Sammy Clingan or Gary Jones is daft yes. But what fans can’t stand to see is the best player not trying, which he has been guilty of when things aren’t going his way. You are the only person on this forum that can’t see that. Now under SOD it seems a lot different. The way he likes football to be played fits well to Lewis’s game so I think this will be his best season yet and finally Forest will get the best out of him. I never disagreed that he wasn’t Forest’s best player in terms of ability but I can’t believe you can’t look at things objectively. Lewis certainly isn’t the best player when he can’t be arsed. Everyone can see that except you. Get a grip. Its almost embarrassing at how much you gush over him, like a 14 year old girl on the front row of a Take that concert.

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