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From one Athletic that call themselves Latics to another that call themselves Addicks, Forest are preparing for a home game this time against Charlton.  Having cantered to promotion from League One last season and – like us – enjoying an unbeaten start to life in the Championship, make no mistake – they’ll fancy a go at all three points.

They’ve recently added Riccardo Fuller to their ranks – and he’s in line to make his first appearance for Chris Powell’s side having missed out at the weekend where they drew 0-0 with Hull.  Of course, with the transfer window looming there could be both arrivals or departures for both sides before the game – but Forest are likely to give a debut to Henri Lansbury.

Certainly if this Charlton fan’s blog is in any way typical of their thinking, they don’t seem remotely fazed by us – indeed, I’d go so far as to say they are somewhat disparaging!  That said, in between the unnecessary waspishness there are some reasonable observations – whilst not taking into account the newness of our side and time needed to gel after a crap pre-season (and perhaps basing much of their views on the Wigan game where we certainly weren’t at our best).

As for not being merry with an 11th placed finish, obviously that Charlton fan didn’t keep much tabs on the shambles we were last season – I’d still be content with that now as we rebuild!  I’m not sure what ‘the Massives’ are that they reference – but certainly I’ve been taking an interest in Charlton as our next opponents, like I do most weeks!

So, Charlton enjoyed a pretty extensive pre-season to help continue the momentum of an excellent season in League One.  They’ll be looking to the likes of Southampton and Norwich who made the adjustment to the Championship look stupifyingly easy and attained promotion up again.  Early signs are good, as mentioned above, with them remaining unbeaten in the league.

The season opener in the Capital One Cup saw them out in the first round at the hands of Leyton Orient on penalties after drawing 1-1 in regulation time, but that blip aside they’ve picked up a couple of draws and a win, like us.  An opening day 1-1 with Birmingham at St. Andrews, a home victory of 2-1 over Leicester and a 0-0 draw with Hull city at home last weekend.

It’s a decent start against tricky opponents.  Cort, Kermogent and Bradley Wright-Phillips have all netted so far in the league, and they’ll of course be looking for goals from Fuller too as he embeds himself in the side.  As I write they’ve not got a preview up yet so I’m assuming there’s no injury worries for them – for us we have Tudgay struggling but otherwise we are okay.

Like all of our games it’s a difficult one to predict, particularly since our opponents are a bit of an unknown quantity – however they are on a good run and not to be underestimated.  If there’s one thing I’m confident of with Sean O’Driscoll in charge it’s that we won’t be underestimating anyone.

I’m looking forward to it and hoping that some of the more negative fans who came out of the woodwork for the cup game opt to either change their mindset or stay away.  Similarly I most certainly expect a better performance than we saw in spells against Wigan, I’m sure the boys are eager to put that result to bed with an impressive followup.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Mull of Kintyre goes up pre-match because it’s song that the Charlton fans adopted around the time they moved back to The Valley in the late 80’s.  Whilst it has had a resurgence of late with the pre-match routine, to my knowledge our lot have been singing it pretty much since it was released.

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  1. Sheffield “Massive” Wednesday

  2. The Charlton blog you link to is certainly correct about Lee Camp being “a study in hesitancy and allows himself to be bullied in the air” and (even more accurate) that Halford “is error prone”. Let’s hope Halford improves on Saturday! COYR!

    • Think that’s a bit harsh on Camp to be fair, who has looked much more composed this season compared to last. Halford certainly has dropped a couple of clangers of late, but I think is already being unfairly targeted by some of our fans..

      We shall see 🙂 Tricky choices for Sean to pick a side from his squad now!

  3. Yes interesting game ahead indeed.

    The enigma will be how SO’D crams Reid, The Moouse, Cohen, Lansbury, Pep, McGugan, Greening, Radi and Gillett into midfield?? Certainly a fascinating choice with some REAL quality to go at.

    Been a lot of talk about positives from the games so far, even from the the 4-1 defeat by Wigan. However one thing that has struck me has been the way the team has responded each time after the half time interval. Without exception, we have come out and played significantly better. Now, ok yes, the team should improve after a chat with the manager but its really proving to me that SO’D is a crafty and knowledgeable tactician and furthermore, the team is absorbing the information he is giving them and actually going out and putting in an improved performance.

    Work in progress for sure and its really encouraging to see as a Forest fan but one day, and one day soon I hope, everything is going to fit together and we are going to give someone a right tonking. What about Sunday 30th September? I’m happy to wait until then….

  4. I think the midfield will pick itself, Moussi is not good enough for a start, a useful squad player but his and Gillett’s lack of attacking prowess cost us dearly on Tuesday. SO’D commented, after Tuesday’s game, that Lansbury can play on the right. Perhaps he may get a game on the right side of midfield? That would leave us with Reidy (Cohen as cover) McGugan and Pep (Gillet/Moussi/Radi/Greening/Cohen as cover) Lansbury (Radi as cover). Dex and Cox look great up top especially as McGugan, Pep and Reidy are so good in supportive roles. As for the back four, Halford looks better than Ayala and has only really made one error – it happens – Maloney and Harding have both made promising starts although I would like to see both of them get much tighter to their respective wingers and stop balls to the box… No disrespect to Charlton but I would be both surprised and disappointed if we didn’t pick up all three points at home. Incidentally, I think the starting XI mentioned above would have beaten Wigan on Tuesday..

  5. Team for Charlton:
    Camp, Maloney, Ayala, Collins, Harding, McGugan, Pep, Gillett, Reid, Cox and Blackstock.
    With Cohen and Radi on the bench
    Excellent! COYR!

  6. That would be my team as well, although I would choose Halford ahead of Ayala..

  7. Thanks, Mr Redreason. Brave call to opt for Halford! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The big (nice) problem will be who is dropped (or ‘rested’ as it now fashionable to say) to accommodate young ‘Henri’. I really hope it’s not Lewis! Quite separately, a separate (brave) option may be to stick Cohen in at left back. I know there’s a lot of reasons not to (!), but I just wonder if he’d be better than Harding. And it’s always good to have Cohen in the side.

  8. What happened to Hutchinson from Chelsea, our right back ??

  9. It’s still far too early for people to be making judgements on some of our many signings, or suggesting that people like Gillett or the Moose are too defensive now that we’ve more options. But I guess with the investment expectations are raised and patience is out of the window, it’s a bit worrying.

    I’d personally be happy with the squad we have, offloading some of the excess fat in the squad (strikers and midfielders) and squeaking into the playoffs. ND was right about sustainability and we need to tread a careful line with breaking the bank for promotion and splurging huge sums on wages (i’d imagine we have a fairly hefty wage bill now).

    Anywho, looking forward to tomorrow. Charlton are a good side and Fuller can walk through walls so could be a tough test for our new-look defence. Shame about Lansbury not being fit, but with Adlene and Lewis back in the mix I’m confident. Reid and Cox are looking sublime.

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