Forest vs. Wigan Athletic preview..

Normally this kind of draw might prove uninteresting – but I’ll be honest, I’m really looking forward to seeing Sean O’Driscoll’s red and white army pit their wits against Roberto Martinez’s Latics.  They’re a side who have developed the kind of playing style under the Spanish manager that we are starting to aspire to, so it will be a stern test of our side.

Whilst we have no fresh injury concerns, comments from the gaffer suggest he is eyeballing a few changes – Chris Cohen might be ready for a return having got back to training, Tudgay and Moussi are also nursing injuries but may be ready for a return, whilst Ayala is making progress with his hip problem and might be ready for a return tot he side.

Wigan have no injury problems, but reports suggest that Martinez will be looking to rest some of his key players and take the opportunity to test his squad depth.  Facing a slightly weakened team with probably a small number of away (and home!) fans is a good opportunity for both our new charges to gel further, but also for the gaffer to test some new ideas outside of the league programme.

I expect it to be a tough challenge, it will be interesting to see how we shape up against a side that will try to play in a similar way to what we aspire to do – admittedly it’s a game that both teams are likely to regard as a bit of a low priority exercise in the context of their overall season, but equally a game in which either side could take heart from winning.

Winning is a good habit to be getting into, after all, and from a Forest perspective having and unbeaten start to the season is something that would be great to drag out for as long as possible.  Those of you umming and aahing about coming down to the City Ground given than it’s being televised, go on, come down – it could be great!

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  1. Mancini ?

  2. Too right. An under strength Wigan could be there for the taking, if we continue current form. I’d imagine Henderson might get 90 mins too.

  3. whos henderson?you mean hutchinson?

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  5. Dependent upon premier league clubs “lack of interest” in this cup, I think Forest should have a go. If nothing else, it’s more playing time for the team, it brings in a few more quid, not that Forest particularly need it but it’s good for the club to keep taking money and who says we can’t go far. Cardiff got to the final last year! Maybe I’m splitting hairs, NFFC, when you say that the club may perceive it as a low priority but I think Forest should try and win every game. I personally don’t buy into “we need to concentrate on the league” philosophy. Forest have a decent squad, albeit a little thin on the right wing, but I’m sure the boys are chomping at the bit after the start they have had so far and they must be fresh. I hope they go for it! And beating a Prem team will certainly help their confidence. Anyway, thanks for the preview. I, like you and looking forward to it. But sadly it’ll be the Telly for me.

    U reeeeds!

  6. Bit of a risk throwing Cohen straight in, no? I love Cohen, but mad to go straight into the team. He should be sub, for his own sake!

  7. Would like to see greening and cohen as centre mid tonight with raddy as attacking midfielder.

    rest the first team for the charlton game please.

    I expect Hutchinson to start too and Ayala.

  8. This is a good opportunity to give some others an outing and see if the team can play as well with different personnel. I would bring in Ayala with Hutchinson at right back. I think they will be even more solid in defence but will also be more composed on the ball. I would bring in Cohen for an hour and rest Pep. I am looking forward to the energy that a Pep/Cohen midfield will have but that may have to wait till after international break. I would also give Cox only an hour as he has a hectic international week pending and he and Pep (Camp doesn’t count in this scenario) have no break like most of the squad. Who comes in in place of Cox is a dilemma and highlights one of the squad weaknesses, the other remains left back. I would like us to go for Rose from Spurs as a year lone, as he would give us flare up the left and is a passing/attacking fullback.
    SOD has numerous options and all are intriguing at this stage of the season. A balance between trying to win the game and share the strain is what is required.

  9. some of you might find this interesting –>
    See Martinez is giving his squad a run out tonight, should give us a good chance of keeping the run going.

  10. McGugan for England

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  12. Would like to see some squad rotation for the Wigan fixture. The likes of Tudgay & Radi to start as they need to keep with the momentum that us in full swing.

    It is a massive campaign so I don’t think we can freeze squad members out at such an early stage.
    Nontheless I am loving the balance in team selection thus far. Blackstock & Cox appear to have a good synergy & McGugan has a new lease of life………… C’MON UUUUUU REDS!!!

  13. McGugan doesn’t have a ‘new lease of life’: he’s simply being picked for the team! As he should have been for the past 3-4 years! Instead of being overlooked in favour of hoofers and no-marks! Grrrrr

  14. PS has anyone seen Robbie Findlay?

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