Guedioura and Collins check in..

Adlene is back in a Forest shirt. Permanently!

There’s as ever been lots of rumours, both outlandish and realistic, and certainly Forest’s two confirmed acquisitions featured amongst the forums and Twitter folk.  The first was the very welcome signing of Adlene Guedioura.  The former Forest loanee joining from Wolves and has signed a three year contract and – looking at his Twitter feed – it looks like he’ll be rocking the number seven shirt next season for the Reds.

Gued had a great impact on loan last season as the Reds were floundering, almost instantly winning Forest fans over with his swashbuckling performances in midfield.  Of course, that goal against Leeds was pretty special too.  Rumours put the transfer fee at just under a million quid – which is a cracking price for me.  In signing the Algerian international the Al-Hawasi family have bought themselves yet more good will from pleased Forest fans.

Those few people still intent on seeing the negative side pointed out the lack of defenders – indeed, even Sean O’Driscoll said in his press conference that it didn’t take a football manager to see our shortage of defensive players.  So it’s good news that we’ve added experienced centre half (who can play left back) Danny Collins from Stoke.  He’s a 31 year old Welsh international, and he scored twice against us last season when on loan from Ipswich.

He too signs a three year deal having apparently had the club talked up to him by Reidy, his Wales team-mate Gunts and last-season-loanee Stoke defender Danny Higginbotham.  It’s nice to think that a key figure in our current squad, a recent departee and a short-term loan player are talking us up in this way.  A huge welcome to both Danny and Adlene to the esteemed position of Forest player!

So a huge welcome to both players – certainly a positive start to recruiting the players we need for the squad.  The other confirmed news are the Kuwaiti trialists – striker Bader Al-Mutawa and goalkeeper Khalid Al-Rashidi are currently training with the Reds.  If you pop over to the LTLF forum you’ll see a few video clips and photos of them in action – although Sean O’Driscoll’s comments in his press conference were decidedly luke-warm about them!

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  1. I’m looking at newsnow 4 times a day ! Exciting times indeed after such a long period of in action ! Good signings and more to come !!!!!!

  2. not wishing to sound ungrateful,or overly negative, but, as yet, we have not spent 1 penny of the Kuwaitis money. So far the selling of Gunts covers these 2,welcome signings.
    It sounds superbly encouraging,but years of following Forest keeps me as nervous as I am excited.
    I truly hope to be proved wrong,and will be at the opening game,regardless.

  3. Still worried about the effect the turmoil will have on the start of the season given last years experience. However, very happy with SoD’s appointment and both signings; especially AG! As SoD admits there is still much to do and we have too many gaps but the signs are positive and enough to get me to renew my ST; that’s was in the balance in June! As for the trialists, if there good enough, they’re good enough and I’ll trust the manager to make that call.

  4. The end of last season left me at an all time low following the Reds, no way was i investing in a season ticket for myself and 2 sons. A couple of months on things are more positive than they have been for years,these guys have started to put words into action,a very good manager who in my eyes had a massive part in us staying up last term,players starting to come in ,its true gunts going is a loss but thats his choice good luck to the lad,i think saying we have not spent a penny of the new owners cash is a bit of the mark,im sure the millions it took for the takeover,and the promised investment over the next 3-5 years as the new owners have stated will prove any doubters wrong………..I have now renewed the seson tickets for myself and two sons and cant wait for the seson to start………………….

  5. Collins had a stormed against us for Ipswich at the CG. Scored two good headers, the second a nice diving header. If McGugan and Reid can provide the service, I think we may get some joy at set pieces again, as that dried up dramatically last season.
    All gelling together nicely. If they could add Halford, that would be ideal.

  6. I get where you ‘re coming from ap warren but I don’t think this is about splashing the cash like Leicester did last season. Its about getting in the right players. Why spend loads when you don’t have to? FFP will still be a factor so we can’t go out and bring in prem players on prem wages even if we could or wanted to. I’m sure they will be into spending their own money by the end of August. Besides isn’t the 20 odd million (I’m guessing at this price) they spent on buying the club enough? We have new owners wanting to build the club up the correct way, from a footballing platform, not just spazzing loads of cash on overpaid charlie big potatoes.

    I’m really pleased with these two signings and the other names mentioned all sound like the right type of players we need. But its also the calm way in which things are happening. Yes its not ideal because the takeover took longer than expected and so did appointing a manager but now things just seem to be slotting into place.

    It will be interesting to see what SO’D can get out of the players that didn’t figure so much last season. Miller and Derbyshire spring to mind. If he can turn them round like he did with Gareth McCleary then alls good. Dexter and a rejuvenated Miller up front would be pretty good for this division. Does anyone know what the situation is with Anderson? Has he gone? Is he training with Forest? He’s another one that if SO’D wanted to resign then I’m pretty sure we’d see a lot more from. The new coach’s methods are about giving the players the room to express themselves. It worked for McCleary and you wouldn’t of said he was that much better than Anderson this time last year.

    I’m pretty excited about this season, not because I think we’ll get promoted but because the players we have will be used correctly and we will start to see a playing style that we’ve wanted for so long. The talent we have in Majewski, McGugan and now Guedioura could actually be utilised to full effect for the first time. These players probably won’t feature in the team all at once but they will be part of a system that allows them to play like we know they can.

  7. Most impressed by that BBC interview with S0’D on the CG pitch.
    He came across as a markedly different character from most managers ~ especially the ones we’ve had over the last few years.

    He talked in measured, sensible and seemingly honest terms and certainly impressed me (for what it’s worth). I can appreciate how the remaining Forest team members would have warmed to his CG return.
    We don’t need a media-savvy, iconic & charismatic manager.
    Instead, Mr O’Driscoll – you look to have all the right credentials and gloom & pessimism has given way to a degree of optimism fortified by Guiderra & Collins arrival..

  8. Its coming together

    U reds

  9. Watching from afar and checking all the web sites that are likely to carry news of any signings I must admit to being excited and curious as to who will join our rejuvinated club next. The new regime seem to be building in a steady measured way with a manager who speaks of work in results out. He talks of playing football and I’m hoping it will be like watching Arsenal in their hayday. A manager who doesnt want steller signings but is looking for people who want to play for the club and have the personal qualities to deal with and overcome adversity. I think this is a breath of fresh air and is most welcome. From his signings so far I have hope that we will do better than we did last season and that our pre season while just as bad as the last two years were I believe things will come together and by October people will not be wanting to play us as we will be a proper team. I was impressed by the credit that he gave Steve C for lining up Pepe and that was probably as good a measure of S O’D ‘s character as a no nonsense down to earth manager as we are likely to get.
    All in all a very good two weeks and long may it continue. we at last have some genuine hope that our club is on the up and that most things are achievable with hard work good planning and a little bit of luck.

    Keep the posts coming always enjoy them.

  10. Positive vibes, positive times, positive signings! I must admit 2 weeks ago I was very nervous waiting to see which direction the new owners would take but am pleasantly thrilled with the new era at Forest.
    Rushing in to buy any available players has never been the pathway to success so a little more patience will be required from all as O’Driscoll assembles a squad worthy of challenging for promotion. It will take time but there is an air of confidence amongst all attached to Forest….. How refreshing!!!

  11. Greg Halford has just signed. It is looking very for the new season. Like a lot of people have mentioned I would be delighted to achieve mid table stability this season and kick on next.

    • Welcome Greg ! Expert penalty taker and long throw specialist ! Things are looking better now,especially as he has played with Cillins before !

  12. i meant Collins !

  13. A left back signed pinch me!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Wesley Harding (Dylansque) from S’ton.

  14. Jeepers, we have 3 games in 6 days to start season with new players and new manager. He’ll be doing well to stitch them together by then.

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