Cotterill swept-aside as Al Hasawis clear the decks..

New brushes sweep cleanest – Cotterill consigned to Forest’s history books by new owners

Gosh, our new owners don’t mess around do they?

Since the Al Hasawi family have taken over at Forest, it would seem that the best thing to do is assume the opposite to the Nottingham Post speculates will come true.  Long they had denied the takeover was close, boom, it happened, and more recently has been a lone voice trumpeting the case of incumbent manager Steve Cotterill – he’s now gone after a meeting with the new owners.

I must confess that my own lack of close-season Cotterill comment probably betrays my feelings on the matter.  A nice man, given a tough job – one he was barely capable of delivering.  Not a manager for an ambitious future, not a manager the fans are likely to unite behind – even after the takeover I know a number of fans who were withholding season ticket money based on his lingering malignant presence at the club.

Of course, on a human level it would not be nice at all to revel in somebody losing their job – then again, he came to Forest on a three and a half year deal and has three of those remaining.  On a football level, I must confess that I’m really very pleased – even if we’re being charitable then the job ‘Survival Steve’ was brought in to do is now very different, many will argue passionately the job he was brought in to do wasn’t done very well, I think he delivered the bare minimum.

It would be uncharitable to not thank him for his efforts since being at the helm of Forest, though – so thank you, Steve, and all the best for the future.  It would be a cold-hearted fan who can’t at least look back at that night at Elland Road and not smile.  Now the crazy train departs rumour-station as we see the likes of Harry Redknapp, Mick McCarthy and Alex McLeish leading the bookmakers lists.  Given the expedience of the Al Hasawi decison to give Cotterill the boot, I can’t help but consider they already have a name in the frame.

Giving a manager control of the chequebook without confidence in his ability to deliver would be folly, and Cotterill would’ve had a mountain to climb just to get sections of his own fanbase on side.  Mr Popular in the stands, he was not.  So this move, surgical, precise and not dragged out, is probably for the best for the club, and for Steve himself so he can move on to his own next challenge with dignity rather than enduring a Steve Kean like existence (I’d hope it wouldn’t come to that, but well, it might have).

The news of the manager being relieved of his position might otherwise threaten to overshadow another piece that appeared on the official website just before from the Doughty family, who have handled this whole situation with immense dignity.  It’s wonderful to see that they plan to remain supporters of the club, in the regular sense of course, and the renaming of the academy to bear the name of Nigel Doughty is – in my opinion – an excellent tribute to contribution that Nigel made to the club.

As for the next manager of the club – well, clearly Cotterill doesn’t match the long term plans the Al Hasawi family have (which is somewhat of a relief, in truth) – but it remains to be seen whether they go for an older experienced manager or, as I hope they do, a younger ‘hungry’ manager with a track record of playing decent football.  As Mark Arthur once said (he must be feeling twitchy in his office at the moment) you do have to be careful what you wish for…

… but I can’t help but feel pleased that we will have a properly fresh start including in the dug out next season.  Saturday’s trip to the City Ground becomes a more fascinating proposition by the day.  For now I’m simply thankful that we can properly draw a line under “The season of the two Steves” and look forward to hopefully a more bountiful future!

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  3. I agree bring back Billy! Now is the time!!

  4. A great tribute to ND by naming the academy after him… en shallah!!!

    Oh dear here we go again!!!! With a new manager, same old same old names. Be brave go for a dynamic young manager like Robinson at MK Dons. SC wasn’t for me but I’d like to thank him for his efforts in keeping us up.

  5. Billy Davies is a step backwards, I agree with having a young manager with the right playing style and base our player purchases on the same philosophy.

  6. How is Billy Davies a step backwards Marc?the guy got back to back seasons in the playoffs and we played some of the best football ive seen forest play!

    With more money to his disposal(which we all know he likes) he can go one better. His “us against the world” attitude is what we need again!

    • Appreciate what Billy did for us, but I remember incredibly poor football on the road and limited results. I’ll always respect him, but we should be building for the future not obsessing over the past.

      • ^this^ The us against them isn’t always for the best when ‘they’ should be in the ‘us’ camp, can’t think of 1 youth player that came through under Billy either. I know what he did with our football and our club and I’m appreciative of that but he created an ugly situation that got him out the door and got us 2 Steve’s.

      • Well said nffc… BD was great & nearly got us to the top. But it’s time to move on from the past.
        Just like the new regime believes SC has limitations, I’m sure the advice they have been given would suggest Billy is not the man to take us forward. To act so quickly clearly means they are at an advanced stage with a replacement…… u reds!!!

  7. Give Solskjar a punt (I have, £5 @ 25 to 1!!)

  8. We got limited results away but had the best home record in the country. We should of been more cut throat away from home but I dont believe its obsessing over the past. It was a year ago! Coming from us forest fans who talk about our past european cup glorys a lot we cant then turn around and say that.

    Davies didnt bring any youth players in but neither did the two Steves. What Billy did though is the get the best out of arguably our most special player in McGugan.

    Davies left when the players didnt want him to go and it fell to pieces. Bringing him back would be an excellent move as a lot of the fans still want him back.

    I will always remember the day we destroyed West Brom at The Hawthorns. A couple more wins and we would of been promoted and I believe if Davies had stayed on we would of been in a lot better position to challenge this season.

  9. …well nffc …i told you this would happen 3 weeks ago ….cotters was u s ! ..clarke too silent …MARTHUR MUST GO ..all a waste of money ..the club was on self destruction mode ..the minute they sacked KING BILLY …Billy Davies …its so clear he has forest blood thru n thru …hes a motivator and clever tactition ….he should be re-appointed manager of forest asap … one else who is available can fit the bill ..only ………BILLY DAVIES !!

  10. Well this is pretty decisive action and I don’t think they should stop with Cotterill if this is their MO. Lets have a clean sweep and get rid of the lot of them that have presided over wasting ND’s money.

    The football agent that tweeted a while back said this was going to happen, he also mentioned that a few more were for the chop. I hope it is MA.

    In terms of new managers I hate the idea of all the ones that have been mentioned. All failures somewhere else. Or in the case of Redknapp leaving clubs totally overspent and in financial chaos. He doesn’t want it anyway so thats not even on the agenda. C’mon is Mick McArthy the platform in which to build the future of the club? Is that the best we can do? The new owners would be far better off looking at a Nigel Adkins type than a second rate bullshit premier league manager. If they are tossing Glenn Hoddle about why not Keegan instead. I’d prefer that to be honest.

    I don’t agree with Sisco (no offence), I think BD would be a step backwards in terms of the future development of the club but I think he’s a better shout than any of the other names mentioned. So on that level wouldn’t be too disappointed.

    I’ve heard Phil Scholari mentioned? That would be pretty incredible but simply not realistic nor do I think he would deliver premier league in the first season (given he has no knowledge of this division) which is surely the remit of the next manager.

    Who does everyone else want? I simply don’t know as it seems we’re just scraping the barrel with these names.

  11. AD_BC ..BRING BACK BILLY DAVIES ………….been a while since we had a opinion about certain issues ..well ive been stuck in italy ..and for the folks a go between ..and friend of many agents ..dealing with players ..etc. …and i go on to tell you all ..i am stepping up a gear or three look out young hopefuls !…..if you know or have knowledge ..of young players with be very interested ..we are registered….my interest ..number 1 ..will always be for NFFC ..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu reds

  12. Although I feel an element of sympathy for Cotterill, he will presumably get a reasonable pay-off and find a job at another club in the division once the inevitable managerial merry-go-round begins from September onwards. In saying that, whilst he deserves credit for the loanees he brought in to salvage the horror that was last season, the level of impact O’Driscoll made in this period remains open to much debate.

    Billy had some good points and undoubtedly got many in the squad to perform to a level they could not regularly maintain; he did this through good fortune with injuries together with an unwillingness to “blood” the academy and an inability throughout much of his tenure to achieve any consistency on the road, beyond the odd away point ground out in his first full season. We need to look forward rather than back and beyond Peterborough and Darren bloody Ferguson too!

    Finally I think Chambers move is best for us and him and on last season’s evidence he, unlike Lynch, won’t be missed. I hope that the new owners are given an appropriate welcome tomorrow and that their apparent enthusiasm is not diluted by the inane comments of the internet community.


  13. An excellent summary of many fans thoughts and wishes. I can’t wait to hear the news and plans emanating from the City Ground later today. It does appear that Mick McCarthy is in the box seat for the job – possibly a ‘tried and tested’ choice, but a bit of a moaning personality for my liking. Whoever we get I so hope the poor financial decisions (outgoing versus income) is addressed as we embark on rebuilding the squad.

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