Luke warms to Tractor Boys – eventually!

Chambers: Least effective captain since Gareth Taylor, now an Ipswich player

We are still sat here waiting for the takeover to go through, and whilst the #nffc Twitterati seem hell bent on over-ambition through the perceived wealth (and, let’s not forget, preparedness to spend said wealth) of our would-be owners, with another out of contract player finding his way to another club I can’t help but wonder about the ambition required simply to avoid relegation.

That said, I’m not too sorry to see Luke Chambers find pastures new – for his sake as much as ours.  I’m not quite sure why he was voted player of the season for 2010/11 – but it was a decent year for him, his only one in a Forest shirt, largely played out of position as a full back by Smoulderwood, he did seem to find his best form for the Reds under Billy Davies – and was crippled by the weight of the captain’s armband.

In a recent interview he admitted as much – and whilst it would perhaps have been harsh to expect Steve Cotterill to strip him of the captaincy, if Luke was finding the responsibility and duties of leading too much, maybe he should have been man enough to admit it and step down from the role.  Of course, I personally don’t see many obvious candidates for the role within the ranks either – so maybe it wasn’t as simple as that!

Either way, I wish him well at Ipswich where he reportedly doubles his salary for a three year contract.  It was a no brainer really, although given the ‘need more time’ move a decision he hasn’t found easy to take.  With Joel Lynch still in limbo that leaves us with one senior defender on the books in Chris Gunter, with the players back for preseason you can see why many fans are beginning to get twitchy for off-the-field matters to be resolved.

Until the takeover is resolved though there seems little point in either the gloating I’ve seen elsewhere on the web, nor the doom-mongering or naysaying you see elsewhere.  The fact of the matter is, we have no idea what the immediate future of the club holds in store for us until the Al-Hasawi take over happens and the new owners are able to implement their plans for the club.

This is why I kind of find myself sitting on my hands a bit waiting for actual news to comment upon, because anything else is conjecture.  Of course, I have my preferences for how things ought to be done much like the next fan, but it seems prudent to await official developments before hypothesising on areas that might not be part of the wider plans.  Hopefully the rumours of a completion happening this week are true, and we can start to concentrate on the football again!

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  1. No great loss… by the way does he have a Forest tattoo on his arm?? That would be amusing.

  2. Wise words . . .
    there’s a distinct possibility this eagerly awaited deal could be called off. The consequences of that don’t bear thinking about so close to a new season, so as you say, hypothesising is pointless.

    As for Chambers and others who’ve gone – who wouldn’t give up the opportunity of a better job with more money and security ?
    Yet none of the regular Forest players really delivered the goods during the last, abysmal season. The infectious depression seemed to afflict all of them from Camp forwards, so I’m none too dismayed that any have gone. In fact our loanees were the most promising players and the rumours of a return for Guiderra are most interesting 🙂

    Good to see a short blog again from you NFFC….get the quill sharpened for next season please.

  3. I am getting a bit twitchy too. One senior defender left if Lynch decides he is better off elsewhere. Let’s just hope that there is some kid of plan in place. I can’t remember the last time Forest had what would be considered to be a “normal” pre-season?

  4. All i know is, if this takeover doesn’t happen we are FUCKED big style.
    But i’m keeping the faith that it will happen 🙂

  5. […] with fond memories, but the Through The Seasons blogger perhaps sums up feelings when he says he is not too sorry to our former captain […]

  6. Why does it take so long to do due diligence ! – the books should have been gone through before the Al Hasawi announcement surely !!!!…… it feels too long… and is starting to smell like the executors are asking too much ?

  7. Agreed.
    I think it’s really disappointing that he is being called a Judas by the ‘Internet Morons’ (to quote Joe Kinnear). Yes, he had a poor season, in comparison to the previous one. But so did just about everyone else.
    And I fail to see how he can be accused of leaving a job as a Judas – he didn’t have a job to leave! His contract had not been renewed, so he was unemployed. If my employer terminates my contract I sure as hell am not going to hang around to see what happens next – I’ll be off looking for another job. That’s all he’s done, so good luck to him.

  8. Nice to be back among the Forest faithful again and good day to you nffc.Yea i agree i have just been keeping my fingers crossed and saying nowt its all hot air really but I am getting a bit twitchy too.

    No big loss in chambers way overrated however Billy did get him playing well and he was never a captain just shows you how crap we were.

    There has to be a plan ? I think they will clear the decks and bring there own people in the Manager will be the big one heres hoping.

    U reds

  9. Good ridance, he was at best very average, at worst incapable of leading by example, his real problem was actually delivering on the pitch.

  10. Redrob is spot on.

    Lawyers talking to lawyers …. and they only work at 2 speeds,

    1 slow
    2 stop

    • Not quite . . .

      Go at slow speed = make more money
      Go at dead slow speed = make even more money

  11. Having worked on due diligence quite a bit, there’s certainly no easy and quick way through the process. The demand for news from the fans in the first place, which is fair enough, has meant the details probably came out earlier than all parties would have liked, therefore there’ll be a certain amount of waiting for details to be ironed out. It’s annoying, the club is suffering short-term as a result, I’d rather time was taken over sorting our future, the alternatives don’t bear thinking about.

    As for Chambers, he was ok. Not amazing, not terrible. I’d certainly clap him on his return. I don’t think he was helped by a very unsettled back line last season, where nobody really performed.

  12. I think everyone’s being a bit harsh on Chambers! After all, some of us presumably voted for him as Player of the Year two years ago! He always seemed like quite fun kind of bloke, although he did seem increasingly prone to blunders (still, a lot of players are). So, all the best, Luke! / quite separately, I’d like to remind everyone that we have a great player due to return this season: Chris Cohen! cue ‘like a new signing’ metaphor!!! Cheers! Up the Reds!

  13. My abiding memory of Luke Chambers was back the season before last and possibly the last time I smiled whilst watching forest. A genuine smile too not laughing to myself at a misplaced Moussi pass or a Mcgugan corner that fails to beat the near post yet again. Chambers (somehow) was on hat trick against Scunthorpe at home. A comedic moment as we won a free kick and Earnie got sent off for taking a free kick too early. Chambers started to amble forward sniffing a hat trick, and a ‘Chambers chant’ began urging him to take the free kick. Just as he got there Billy did one of his whistles and called him away with Chambers waving his hands in mock disgust. I think Boyd took it and scored anyway. Happy times. Not a great player but not useless either and would have still been a handy player to have around for a few more seasons. Personally dont see him as any kind of Judas, and its nice your back nffc so we can have some reasonable debate with our fellow forest fans without being abused by the aforementioned ‘Internet morons’. Still twitchy about the takeover, I’ve always taken a sort of pride in our family business of a club and the many cock-ups that have been made over the years, we’re a stupid club but we’re my stupid club if that makes sense. Dont know how I’ll respond to a potential slick PR machine thats professionally run. Will certainly take some getting used to. Then again they could be Venky-esque, fingers sort of crossed. Your reds.

  14. Its official the take over has been complete………You REDS

  15. So how do we feel this fine day? Excited or sceptic?

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