Luke warms to Tractor Boys – eventually!

Chambers: Least effective captain since Gareth Taylor, now an Ipswich player

We are still sat here waiting for the takeover to go through, and whilst the #nffc Twitterati seem hell bent on over-ambition through the perceived wealth (and, let’s not forget, preparedness to spend said wealth) of our would-be owners, with another out of contract player finding his way to another club I can’t help but wonder about the ambition required simply to avoid relegation.

That said, I’m not too sorry to see Luke Chambers find pastures new – for his sake as much as ours.  I’m not quite sure why he was voted player of the season for 2010/11 – but it was a decent year for him, his only one in a Forest shirt, largely played out of position as a full back by Smoulderwood, he did seem to find his best form for the Reds under Billy Davies – and was crippled by the weight of the captain’s armband.

In a recent interview he admitted as much – and whilst it would perhaps have been harsh to expect Steve Cotterill to strip him of the captaincy, if Luke was finding the responsibility and duties of leading too much, maybe he should have been man enough to admit it and step down from the role.  Of course, I personally don’t see many obvious candidates for the role within the ranks either – so maybe it wasn’t as simple as that!

Either way, I wish him well at Ipswich where he reportedly doubles his salary for a three year contract.  It was a no brainer really, although given the ‘need more time’ move a decision he hasn’t found easy to take.  With Joel Lynch still in limbo that leaves us with one senior defender on the books in Chris Gunter, with the players back for preseason you can see why many fans are beginning to get twitchy for off-the-field matters to be resolved.

Until the takeover is resolved though there seems little point in either the gloating I’ve seen elsewhere on the web, nor the doom-mongering or naysaying you see elsewhere.  The fact of the matter is, we have no idea what the immediate future of the club holds in store for us until the Al-Hasawi take over happens and the new owners are able to implement their plans for the club.

This is why I kind of find myself sitting on my hands a bit waiting for actual news to comment upon, because anything else is conjecture.  Of course, I have my preferences for how things ought to be done much like the next fan, but it seems prudent to await official developments before hypothesising on areas that might not be part of the wider plans.  Hopefully the rumours of a completion happening this week are true, and we can start to concentrate on the football again!