Competition: Win Forest’s new away shirt

Carl ‘the Cobra’ Froch models the new away kit

Hello strangers – it’s been a quiet old time, hasn’t it?  At least on the news front – I’ve long since given up peddling rumours, but today did bring us some actual real news.  Not just that the takeover of Forest is somewhere between imminent (according to John Pye) and ‘something targeted to happen before the start of the season’ (according to Mark Arthur), but actual confirmed definite news.

Firstly our new sponsor, John Pye Auctions, for one year (understandably given the change in ownership) also the unveiling of our new away kit – which I absolutely love.  Normally I treat our kits with supreme indifference (I liked last season’s kits too, but alas, they both remind me of – well – last season).  I even love the strange hypnotic swirly socks!

But I digress – competition time – a lovely gentleman from Idealo UK has very kindly offered to furnish one of you lot with a new away shirt in exchange for entering this competition.  I’ve never been much good at setting difficult questions to competitions, so all I want from you is an email to me the new sponsor that will grace our kit next season.

The deadline is before the England game kicks off on Friday, then I will have something to occupy me whilst that particular drudgery takes place!

Once I’ve selected a winner at random I’ll get in touch to arrange size and preferences and delivery address – and with any luck if we get in there before the pre-order date you might even qualify for the free bath towel offer that Forest have on at the moment!  So get your emails sent in, and best of luck!

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  1. Guys, please email me the answer to rather than leaving it as comments to enter 🙂


  2. What? Not Bet Victor?!!

  3. Whether the take over happens or just brings security either way the 20k home game attendance will the hearts and passion of every forest fan stays with the club through thick n thin. lets make the 2012/13 a memorable one for the right reasond

  4. I was a little skeptical amount the Government’s new push towards reading skills.

    Now I see there really is a need… Good competition though!

  5. Forest shirt comp.

    Answer. Jon Pye auctions

  6. John Pye auctioneers

  7. so, who won?

  8. Don’t mind that shirt. I refused for years and years to buy a replica shirt because a/ I hate pissweak Canadian ”lager” and b/ I ESPECIALLY hate bloody insurance companies.

    I was really cheesed off when D**** C***** came out with the Marstons Pedigree sponsored strip because as an ale lover I like that beer a lot. My fave Forest shirt was, of course, Shipstones.

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