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I was going to say this season has been one to forget, but whilst it’s been frustrating, depressing, painful and of course incredibly sad, it’s probably one we will remember for a while.  Our visitors too will undoubtedly wish to hasten the consignment of this campaign to the history records, having already confirmed as relegated this is the consummate pointless end-of season fixture, with little at stake other than pride.

Still, it beats being stressed out in a last day showdown that could have been the case.  I suppose a symbolic win at home would be nice, given our appalling home record this season – indeed, even in the latter ‘turnaround’ we still haven’t notched a win at the City Ground in three matches.  Portsmouth too will be sure to want to finish their torrid season with a decent send off for their traveling supporters.

Forest can welcome back one of the key figures in their Championship survival – Garath McCleary returns from his suspension.  Other notable players Dex and Lynch missed the Hull trip with knocks, so might not be risked.  Blackstock’s replacement at the KC Stadium was Marcus Tudgay, but he picked up a knock whilst there too.  Other than that, given that there’s nothing at stake it’s difficult to know what Steve Cotterill will do with his selection.

All in all, I’m looking forward to a stress free trip to the City Ground, to see out the season with friends and have a great time without worrying about the match at all really.  Of course it’d be nice to see a decent match, but well, it doesn’t really matter does it?  I’m more excited about the plans of drinking and excess that are afoot for after the game, if I’m completely honest.

So quite why Steve Cotterill feels compelled to ask the fans not to pitch invade is a bit baffling – pitch invasions are for a last gap survival, a play-off finish, a promotion – maybe even a relegation, thinking back to 1993.  I’m not sure why anybody would be compelled to breach the magic red and white tape to run on the pitch at full time.  I’m not really that bothered by a lap of appreciation by the players either, but each to their own!

It promises to be an interesting summer, with Financial Fair Play coming into play, with our ownership still in the balance – who knows what to predict?  Heaven forbid we might look back on this season with dewy-eyed fondness.  Or maybe not.

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  1. Thanks NFFC for your take on what has been a utter shite season,i will follow the Reds at the City ground a lot less next season as i will not be renewing my season ticket.Your blog will keep me well informed as to the goings on,after 36 years the people in charge at this once great club have ground me down and i just cant be arsed anymore,the club needs a shake up from the very top right down ,untill then my cash stays in my pocket,have a great summer NFFC and thanks again.

  2. Puttting this season to bed and forgetting about it is the best thing we can do and drinking yourself to oblivion tomorrow is probably the best cure. However that would be ok if we could look to the future within optimism. It seems that the club is not close to a sale and are esteemed board haven’t been able to agree any budget for next season with Nigel Doughty’s estate yet so I think we can say goodbye to signing many (if any) of the out of contract players or adding to the squad at tthe moment. Looking at the last programme against Blackpool I believe that we only have 15 of the squad listed still in contract for next season. 2 goalkeepers 6 midfielders and 6 strikers. Sadly only 1 defender. Now I know Gunter is a talent but I think thats a tall order for even him. The 6 strikers include the over paid and misfiring Miller Derbyshire McGoldrick and Findlay. The midfield includes Cohen who is still finding his way back to fitness so can’t expect much of him. With no budget and the biggest earners still left on the payroll we don’t have much room to manoever. I think we may have to drink for a long time before we can see any light at the end of this tunnel.

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  4. MickF. I think your sentiments are echoed around many fans. While Forest have managed to avoid the drop, which would have been catastrophic, next season and beyond is still so unclear. Given the NEP articles about the future and finding buyers plus the integration of FFP over the next 3 seasons its hard to see any light at the present moment.

    The only way Forest are going to be sold quickly is if the Doughty estate takes 10-12M for the club/debt/everything and goes their separate way. Anymore and its just not a viable business proposition for anyone to take on.

    The club really needs a massive shake down in terms of how they sell themselves back to the people of Nottingham for one and externally from then on. Marketing wise the club has sat on its arse content to take ND’s money thinking ‘we don’t need to do anything’. Well Forest is a classic example of a club thats been ran badly internally but without consequence as a rich person will bail them out. When ND said he was killing the club with kindness he was exactly right. There was nothing to stop the club from being ran properly with a better plan on how to garner more fans and treat its existing ones better. The people/person in charge of this (MA) are/is an absolute disgrace in my eyes and just as bad as the bankers that screwed up so badly over the last 3-4 years. Of course his mistakes don’t have the same consequences as them fuckers but what he has done is as detrimental to the fans that support the club. In a way he’s left us emotionally bankrupt. To the extent that fans are giving up. Giving up on something that they’ve genuinely loved for decades. To drive away loyalty like that takes a massive amount of consistent fucking up. And that is exactly what he and the club has done.

    Now we all know success breeds success but where do you see Forest next season if they can’t even offer their best players new contracts given the uncertainty? We aren’t going to be challenging for promotion thats for sure. Hopefully there will some good from FFP kicking in with everyone else being in exactly the same position and with any luck driving down the wages of players. I’d love to see that. I mean what are they gonna do if they don’t get their way and no one wants to sign them? Quit football? No chance they’ll take whats on offer and count their lucky fucking stars that they can play football for a living, otherwise they’ll have to do what the rest of normal society does and get a proper job!

    We’ll just have to sit tight and see what happens in the next 3-6 months. But it seems like we’ve all been doing this on a constant loop for the last 10 years!

  5. I think the club’s having a bit of a laugh by advertising that new season ticket prices for 2012-13 will be released tomorrow in the matchday programme. People like MickF have had enough and with the state of the club at the minute and with talk of new ownership and contract renewals up in the air i can’t see there being a mad rush for season ticket renewals so soon after this awful season. I’ll be interseted to see what happens with the prices for next year.

    Big thanks to NFFC for your match reports, they’re the first ones i look for after every match. Don’t get to alot of games these days due to living away and the match reports on here help me keep up without going on crap sites like the NEP.

    Keep up the good work next season.

  6. Let’s hope the powers that be at Forest have come to realise that the club is going nowhere at the moment. The way players contracts are allowed to expire consistently is just pathetic.
    Panic purchases of washed up journeymen like Harewood & Derbyshire just doesn’t make sense.
    I understand the club’s hands are somewhat tied with their financial predicament, but does it not make sense to move heaven & earth to keep your good players?
    Another unsettled off season approaches so we can only hope that good decisions are made.
    Good Luck to the lads tomorrow, they have really worked their butts off over the last 3 months to ensure safety. Good to see McCleary back for the last game. He has been so impressive this season, I am so concerned it might be his last game at the City Ground.
    Get rid of the dead wood & offer a juicy contract to G Mac ASAP so he doesn’t listen to offers from other parties. And there will be plenty of offers!

  7. To the extent that fans are giving up. Giving up on something that they’ve genuinely loved for decades. To drive away loyalty like that takes a massive amount of consistent fucking up. And that is exactly what he and the club has done.

    I couldn’t agree more 100% spot on.

    The communication from Forest management on all matters has been an absolute disgrace for years,

    We will always love Forest and none of us will be able to support another team but complete die hard fans have been taken for granted for far too long.
    I hope there is a new buyer and a lot of the debt is wiped off and we can look forward, but as has been said many times, at the end of every season we are left in the dark hoping and not knowing. It is compounded this year but the sad passing of Nigel Doughty but it has been an unfortunate consistent situation for many years.

    Thanks NFFC for the most sensible blog on Forest and too all the fans who reply, the comments and opinions are the best of any Forest forum, and seem to be from genuine fans to whom Forest means an awful lot.

    Good summer to everyone COYR!!

  8. It’s already all doom and gloom. No new owners coming over the horizon,a limited squad,assuming we don’t keep any not in contract,constraints on finances and to cap it all a good dose of mismanagement just to make sure we keep on our toes.
    As an expat supporter I do get where the guys are coming from by not renewing your season tickets and the dis-satiafction going around the stands at the city ground but there are options.

    1 We get new owners sign all required players and get rid of deadwood,best option but unlikely.

    2 We get organised now look at our reserves /youth team work out a strategy and loan in to fill gaps and aim for survival.

    At present I am leaning towards the second.If we can pull it off it will give us a bit more time to sort things out and is the cheaper option although to pull it off the club has to be honest and up front to minimise the damage to fans and the clubs good name.Remember” we’re serious about promotion!!!!!”

    Whatever team is out there next season it is our team and we need to keep supporting the lads and willing them to be better than they are.I will still be supporting the team whatever happens and my only regret is that I can’t get to the City ground to see them.

    We need to keep the faith.

    • Well we finished with a win . I wouldn’t blame any of the players for leaving if they are offered good contracts at other clubs. I see Pelling is showing himself and the dreaded mark arthur is staying in the background.As all our players leave for nothing thanks to his incompetence he should resign now ,,to help the club ! His enormous salary could be used maybe to keep a couple of players ! Best wishes to everyone for the summer ! Alan, Isla Margarita

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