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Apologies for the brevity – I’m having untold technical issues at Nffcblog Towers and don’t fancy doing the whole report on my phone. Plus the match was, well, just what it was – a not-particularly torrid encounter betwixt two teams with nowt to play for.

A fair few Reds fans tried to raise the spirits with a lively atmosphere and a fair few in the traditional last-away-match fancy dress, but the occasion and lack of reciprocation from the hole support in the stale KC Stadium made it an uphill battle.

This was similar on the pitch – some bright play from the Reds with the lack of killer instinct we’ve become accustomed to was stifled by dogged defending from the home side, whilst in the second half an excellent strike for them struck the post and rebounded off the helpless Gunts into the net. The penalty was soft but not contestable really – Chambers climbing, their player falling, Fryatt with the inevitable goal past us with a smart penalty.

Into stoppage time and Raddy miskicks in the area, but has the last laugh with a smart adjustment and finish to give us the consolation goal. All in all, not one that will live long in the memory but perhaps symptomatic of an end-of-season game with no consequence – a rarity for us over the last few seasons, it has to be said!

With both Portsmouth and Coventry having their fate sealed, it means the relegation places are sealed, rendering the final game at the City Ground against Pompey meaningless too. Sometimes I lament the stress of our seeming propensity to yoyo between play-off battle to relegation scrap and back again – but maybe safety in the middle is worse.

Ho hum! With any luck I’ll have attended to my gremlins in time to get back to business as usual from next week.

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  1. Didn’t go yesterday and only listened to the first half on the radio. This season has gone on forever and, now we know we’ll be a Championship side next season, I couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for yesterday’s game.

    Hopefully next week the team will put on a performance to end the season on a high, and then, of course, we’ll have the rumours, ‘facts’, departures, arrivals, new owners, not new owners, lack of signings, signings etc etc being posted across social networking sites.

    I’ll be trying to avoid them all by watching some cricket 🙂

  2. I second that motion. I’ll be down Trent Bridge to get behind Notts CCC in the T20. Far cheaper than football and lasts three hours. Less stressful than watching the Reds and you can have a drink at the same time.

    Regarding the takeover, will we strike it lucky or end up with owners similar to those popular types at Derby, Blackburn or Coventry? There are no guarantees…

  3. Yea I agree feel much the same hope we end on a high note and spank Pompey and sort the frigging club out .

    U reds

  4. I think the next few months will be more stressful than the football ….
    New owners on the cards or not on the cards etc ….the one bright
    spot surely will be a new Chief Executive after the years of mismanagement ….Marthur out

  5. I’m not here for next week’s curtain fall. Hope we end on a high though, my lad has missed 3 home games this year and has only seen us win three times, and he will be there. It would be good to break the 50 point barrier

    Radi’s goal looked nice. Sobering to think that but for a points deduction it would all be riding on the last game of the season with us needing to equal or better Barnsley’s result to stay up.

    Despite the board room disasters, loopy post match comments and off field tragedy, highlights of the season have to be G-Mac coming of age, Dex’s return, Reidy rediscovering his class, the addition of O’Driscoll’s genius, and the discovery of the sublime Guediora. To be sure.

  6. I went to the Reading game but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for yesterday. It sounds typical of so many games this season; if you can’t score you won’t win. Obviously I’m glad we’re safe but it’s been an awful season. Credit must go to Cotterill, I still have my doubts about him but there is no doubt that his additions in the loan market, especial Guediora, have made the difference. However, had Pompey not been docked 10 points, then we would have been out of trouble on goal difference only and next Saturday would be a very nervy affair .

    The real failure this year rests with the executive management of the club. Cotterill’s comments in the EP this week are déjà vu regarding contracts, lack of signings etc and I fear we are in for a rough close season. We cannot afford the turmoil of last years summer debacle. Frank Clark must sort things out off the field quickly and give Cotterill the backing he has earnt. If that doesn’t happen I fear we may not be so lucky next year. Our needs on the field are clear, the key question is can the executive deliver!

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    • Hope you are right about the departure of mark arthur !
      I hope the new owners are not like our chairman and keep him on to sort things out and then afraid to get rid of him
      .. By the way,now we are safe it would be nice to hear from our chairman about our situation. I thought when he came there would be more communication with the fans…
      .Now wolves are down it will make Guedioras choice to come here even easier !
      It’s going to be an interesting summer !

  8. ……….one solution ..get rid of Marthur ! lower the price of season tiokets so we can fill the stadium and only have minimum number of seats available to visiting support….out the silly stewards who try and stop you singing , supporting your team….replace with forest support minded ones ! and put someone in charge who understands the meaning of a contract !……..bring back king Billy ………………………. .billy davies and S ‘O Driscolls …red an white army !!!!


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