Derby hit a new high, and a new low..

Reid felled by Davies in a at-times fiery encounter..

Derby County – 1
Nottingham Forest – 0

Well that’s that, then.  It’s sad to have lost a record that’s stood for such a long time – but it’s hard to offer much sense of hard feeling aside from the softness of the freekick leading to the late late late winning goal from Jake Buxton to feel hard done to.

Cotterill elected to fight hoof with hoof, and rarely did a game of football threaten to break out as two decidedly average looking sides basically slugged it out – I’m disappointed with how we set out to get a point.  Sure, it nearly worked and I’d have been pleased with it, but bloody hell when will our manager learn that our players just aren’t built to scrap?

There’s much talk of the home supporters chanting derogatory things in relation to Nigel Doughty passing away – it was loud, there were a lot of them, it went on outside the ground after the game too.  It’s disappointing that the more right-minded Derby supporters who presumably make up the majority of them couldn’t regulate the idiots amongst their number a little better.

On the line-up front we had the big miss of Higginbotham – whilst I’ve no problem at all with Lynchy, he doesn’t provide the leadership we get from Danny and as such doesn’t always have the benign influence on his teammates.  That means, to his credit, the manager decided to stick with a four-four-two line-up rather than any kind of crazy rearrangement as many feared.

Gunter   Chambers   Lynch   Cunningham
McCleary    Moussi    Guerdioura    Reid
Tudgay    Blackstock

Whilst possession was largely dominated by Derby, the first chance came to Chambers who nodded over from a Reid freekick.  Derby threatened with a series of corners delivered dangerously by ex-Notts midfielder Ben Davies – indeed, what he lacks for in mobility he certainly offers threat from deadballs – on the ten minute mark he hit a freekick low through a crowded box which Camp needed to be alert to save.

The first booking came shortly after, Davies – Steven this time – felled Reid and picked up the card from D’Urso.  It kind of set the tone, Guedioura hacked Tyson down much to the delight of the travelling fans – and also picked up a booking.  Then Moussi was in on the act, pulling back Bryson unnecessarily and also picking up a yellow card.  The wronged man nearly got Derby the lead with a header but missed the target.

Tys had a few chances to get his first Derby County goal but couldn’t quite get onto the ball as it was headed back into the area after a freekick, he also latched onto a ropey pass from Guedioura but didn’t react fast enough.  Steven Davies came close from a Paul Green cross but his glancing header missed the target – shortly after he shot from long range but put the ball well over.

As for us – our best chance came from a HOOOOOF from Lee Camp, Shackell made a mess of dealing with it allowing Marcus Tudgay to nip in behind him – but he lacked composure with the finish and put it over from around twenty yards.  Another opportunity followed for Chambers who again couldn’t find the target.  The last chance fell to Ben Davies who dragged his shot wide after a pull-back from Tyson.

All in all, a scrappy half devoid of quality edged by the home side at least in chances created.  Kind of predictable I suppose, and since we’d managed to avoid conceding, there was some feeling that there might be the chance of a turnaround in the second half – after all, it wouldn’t be the first time we’d seen a poor first half followed by a much improved second half!

A livelier start to the second half again saw Forest with the first opportunity, a cross from deep by Cunningham had Frank Fielding flapping at it, the ball falling to Moussi whose effort was blocked and missed the target.  Exchanges beyond this were limited and scrappy with neither side creating much – with a little under an hour gone Cotterill took off Guedioura and replaced him with Jonathan Greening.

The Rams started to press more – Tyson with another opportunity to get off the mark as a Derby player cut in from the right and hit a shot but put it wide of the near post.  Marcus Tudgay picked up a yellow card for fouling Ben Davies, the fouled man then taking a freekick that almost crept all the way in eliciting an excellent last gap save from Lee Camp to prevent it going in.

Echoes of earlier in the season saw the home side play on with Joel Lynch prone on the deck, no goal this time – but a number of petulant challenges from all and sundry ended up with one of those embarrassing pushing and shoving nonsense.  Dexter Blackstock – maker of the latter petulant challenge – was singled out for a booking apparently for his part in the post-foul scenes – not sure what he did that others didn’t, but there you go.

Forest did still create some opportunities – a cross from the left was met by Tudgay and Barker simultaneously resulting in the Derby skipper needing lengthy treatment (since writing this I’ve learned he’s broken his leg – here’s to a speedy recovery, Shaun) – he was eventually replaced by eventual matchwinner Jake Buxton, whilst Ishmael Miller was introduced to replace Dexter Blackstock.  Once back underway, Tudgay had another close opportunity flicking an Andy Reid cross just wide.

The last ten minutes were pretty much pressure from the home side – Reidy cleared one off the line, Camp made a point-blank save and eventually we had the potential for our only ‘we only had ten men’ story (although I’d like to think we’d not stoop to hiring a poxy plane) as Marcus Tudgay  received a second booking for a challenge on Bryson.  As stoppage time added up it was a Ben Davies delivery that finally broke the deadlock.

A freekick awarded more from the reaction of the crowd than from what occurred on the pitch was delivered well from deep, was not dealt with and Buxton was free to head into bottom corner at the back post – I know we’re a man short, but there’s really no excuse for that.

A disappointing lack of composure, a scrappy match that in truth could’ve gone either way – but Derby certainly created the best opportunities.  Whilst the journey from Pride Park on the back of a bad result is never fun, it just ended up feeling a bit numb to be honest.

I wasn’t going to mention it, because I’d like to think it’s a brainless minority, but I would hope to see some form of apology from Derby for those fans who decided it was a good idea to sing derogatory things about the death of Nigel Doughty.  Loudly, and repeatedly – there were a lot of them.

Alas, I’m not confident that if the boot were on the other foot some of our own idiots wouldn’t indulge in similar – so there seems little point in getting too worked up by some pond-life.  Still, congratulations scumbags – an achievement some of your fans have desperately hankered after seeing for 40 years has finally been realised, and the headlines will be all about your idiotic and disgusting chanting.  I hope you’re proud of yourselves, you sad pathetic human beings.

Elsewhere Donny grabbed a point against Reading, which – whilst not ideal – could’ve been worse as they were winning.  So, for the first time in my life Derby have done a league double over us – and d’you know what, I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would about it.  Worryingly I think I’ve become accustomed to failure.  Leeds away up next – the light at the end of that tunnel is looking further and further away…

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  1. Well pleased to have done the double over Forest for the time in my lifetime (41). I grew up watching Brian Clough’s Forest sides edge us out frequently in passionate encounters with that bit of quality missing from this evening’s frenetic game between two mediocre sides. Recent games at Pride Park always seem to be hard fought & lacking in quality (except the games under George Burley) whereas Forest have seen some enterprise at the City Ground games.

    I didn’t go to the match, listened to Rams Player and I am very sorry about the chants. Never occurred to me once whilst I listened to the commentary, so I am saddened that a historic win should be tainted by this and also the unfortunate injury to our captain. Thank you for your kind words there.

    I am enjoying the double but then I am grateful because we were on the receiving end last season and have been many a time. I revelled in your relegation in 2005 but life and other things gives one perspective, so I wish you well in your battle to stay up. If it is any consolation, I think you will manage it. Portsmouth are gone, Coventry’s poor away record will probably see them go down, but it’ll go to the wire.

    Once again apologies for the chants.

    • Cheers Bob – I’m similar with how I feel about Derby these days, obviously chuckle at misfortune (of a non-injury/fatality nature of course) but would eminently prefer it if we were in the same league as one another. Thanks for commenting. I know enough Rams to know you’re not all idiots.

  2. Would like to apologize for some of our idiot fans, was a minority, in the south east corner, there was booing around the ground against the chanting too.

    Still not acceptable, I seriously thought our idiots were better than that. apparently not.

  3. As ever, a very accurate and lucid match report. I am old enough to have just started supporting Forest 40 years ago, but, as they say; “Records are for breaking”.

    Disappointed that we lost, obviously, particularly as I felt that if we had tried to play football, we would/could/should have fared much better.

    Also disappointed for the very hard-working Tudgay who was sent off after displaying great sportsmanship to help stop the game when Barker was injured and who stayed with him until the medics arrived.

    As for the Derby fans chants – simply disgusting!

    Let’s keep the faith; the last game vs. Portsmouth may end up being as exciting and important as that final game vs. Yeovil a few years ago!!!

  4. Very sad listening to 5 Live’s summary on the Tullamarine freeway this morning at 8am………thanks for your even-headed match summary. God, can this season get any worse?

    Answer: Yes.

  5. Regardless of the dissapointing result, the chanting needs to be put in perspective. idiots are everywhere, however Im totally at a loss to imagine quite why derby fans felt the need to sing about the death of another human being?
    Has football really sank to such depths? I dont think it has, but now its up to the derby county board to rectify this reflection on their honourable club. They have just beaten Forest twice in a season…how sad that the headlines warrant a different story
    Forest are a beaten team at the moment, and at no time in the last 6 months have I ever thought the club actually had the balls to beat derby, so im not surprised at all by the result

  6. I can recall Leeds fans chanting about the great Brian Clough and it sickened me they are complete tossers.

    Nigel Doughty has recently just passed away and regardless if you are into football or not those Derby fans have sank very low indeed they cant get any lower TOTAL SCUMBAGS.

    Our tactics were clueless if you ask me and we were always going to get someone sent off not that bright if you ask me .Marcus Tudgay is responsible for us losing the game it puts you under even more pressure in the dying minutes.

    Under billy Davies we broke long standing records and were solid at home.Under SC we are breaking records at the other end of the spectrum I dont think hes that bright .

    I cant wait for this season to be over and new owners to start a fresh we bloody well need it.

    Not happy like …..

  7. That steve cotterill is out of his depth is no longer an argument, however i still feel we have enough talent to survive this season, inspite of the manager, i am more than just a little worried that this may be enough to keep him here next season, and that he will then fill the squad with hopeless plod hoppers and dsetroy our footballing history, these remian worrying times.

  8. It took them long enough 40 years but they did it well done,on the chanting front its not so long ago Reds fans were giving it to the Foxes about being British ,it just shows there are twats at all clubs,the season cant finish soon enough ,i dont see any light at the end of the tunnel . Lets hope someone buys the club ASAP and clears out all the present people involved with the running of the club,starting with Cotteril…………………

  9. I’ve got to hand it to you NFFC. This has got to be the only Forest forum where you don’t get any form of trolling from away support. (It is early in the day though, so we’ll wait and see.) It is probably the only time I’ve seen Derby fans come on a Forest website and be magnanimous in victory. I can put this down to only one thing. You. Your reports are always balanced and fair, whilst things like fouls, ref decisions etc can sometimes be seen with slightly red tinted specs, I can hardly blame you as you’re a Forest fan writing on your own Forest website. I don’t think anyone should expect any less. But it is this balanced approach that encourages a more reasonable debate amongst fans and the reason why I only look at this site for a true reflection of the game. Nice one and thank you NFFC.

    On a separate note I was just looking at how many games we’ve lost this season. 21. Not pretty. 11 at home. But 14 of these games have been by 1 goal. 9 of them in a 1-0 defeat. Yes we’ve been spanked this season a few times, Burnley, Leeds, West Ham and probably a few more but its quite frustrating to lose so many (2 thirds) by the odd goal. Its those odd goals in a past BD season that would of gone for us instead of against. The question is how do we rectify this? I really believe that if we can buy one player for next season it has to be someone with real leadership qualities. We are lacking a proper Captain. Someone like McKenna or Higginbotham that can command the respect of the players and can lead them when the going gets tough. If we’d of had that this season I’m sure some of those 1-0s would of been draws or even wins.

  10. Top post Nffc.
    You have a unique way of cooling my jets
    when Forest fail to eh, well , fail on so many
    fronts. You’ve even managed to draw an
    apology from a Derby fan.
    Shit I don’t know where to start anymore
    with forest. We are not a grinding team,
    we have ALWAYS been a passing team.
    Our history suggests that post Brian Clough,
    any resemblance of a successful period
    under Hart, Davies was due to an attractive
    brand of football.
    How we plucked out SC from supposedly
    40 or so candidates will baffle me for
    years. Go to Derby to grind out a point???
    I do recall we went there in better form
    than what they had produced over the
    last month.
    To break away from the drop zone we need
    to get on a run of wins ( obviously ). I just
    cannot see this happening under Steve C.
    Sadly the ladder position & stats don’t lie,
    we’ve had a horror season & deserve to
    be where we are.
    Leeds next, can’t remember the last time
    we played well against them…. Let alone
    grind out a solitary point.

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  12. I see the ewe’s have issued an official apology to the Doughty family!

    Minimium I’d say they ought to give us the point that Mester Cock-up set out to get! Out of his depth……he certainly is. By the way I say the team last nite that needs him they were called Mansfield…….hoof ball it was. Mind you this Vardy IS a player!!!

  13. Looking forward, we have 6 tough looking away games left (Leeds, Leicester, Palace, Peterbro, Hull and Reading) and just 4 home games (Brighton,Bristol,Blackpoo,Pompey).

    How many of those do you think we can win to gain enough points to survive in this league? I think it’ll be very tight indeed.

  14. Kudos to Derby over the apology and Nigel for his post match comments. I would hate to see football sanitised to the degree that some higher ups constantly demand but there are lines of common decency, and clubs (rightly) castigating their own supporters/players when they cross them is the only way to improve behaviour moving forward – just look what happened with Liverpool’s “soft” solution to their recent PR disaster.

    Every club has idiots, it was just chance that it was Derby’s turn to be embarrassed this time. I hope their example in dealing with it will be matched by other clubs in the future, and that we don’t give them similar excuse to demean our victory when we spank them 5-0 next season!

  15. Agree with all that has been said. 3 extra things from me. I was at the game last night, and:

    1. Never been more proud of the forest faithful than when we sang so loud “There’s only one Nigel Doughty” and gave him a full on round of applause – which totally drowned out the numpties.

    2. Yes it was scrappy, but you have to say Forest showed a defensive organisation better than we’ve seen in months. They were better last night than they were against Milwall. Needs to be acknowledged as if we’d played at Snide Park earlier this season it would have been a meltdown.

    3. The turning point of the game for me was when Guediora had to go off. When Pep plays it takes all the pressure off Moussi – once his partner in crime had gone (no criticism of greening) Moussi started to play poorly, and the result was relentless Derby pressure. Guediora has to be the signing of the season for me. So comfortable winning and keeping the ball. Can only hope Wolves go down and want to move him on, and Forest get a new owner with the funds to capture him.

    Was grateful the goal that eventually came was in the 95th minute – so only enduring 4 minutes of gloating – but in the end I think there was grudging mutual respect between the teams for a very close encounter.

  16. I would have hoped we had gone for a morale boosting victory instead of a point.We fans need something out of this crap season and a positive approach against our arch rivals might have part helped us see out a dire time.I just hope we can find more than three other teams.

  17. Let’s put the chants to one side, all football clubs have idiots and Forest are no exception ( although listening on the wireless, they did seem to be the loudest home chants of the night?)

    Last nights defeat will be a mere footnote in the archives of what will go down as one of the worst seasons ever and at least the worst in 20 years for NFFC.

    The fact it took d*rby 40 years and 94 mins to do the double speaks volumes, but the REAL difference for me is the ethics. 6 months ago a player lies in agony with a ruptured knee ligament ang NLN can be heard screaming at his players to carry on, something very similar happens last night and it’s the Forest player who stays with the injured man and ensures treatment is received promptly.

    COYR, remember who you are, where you come from and what you represent, or in one word ‘Pride’ remember that Nige?

  18. Superb post Dave

  19. Good post Dave
    Ironic that Nige works at “pride park”

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