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I’m still finding it difficult to get too worked up for this fixture, which is a worry.  There’s the usual rabble-rousing and flagrantly biased cock-waving going on in both Derby and Forest online communities that generally precedes matches between us –  but well, much like back in February when the snow put paid to the scheduled date for the fixture it’s a bit difficult to muster much excitement.  However – we are on much better form now than we were then.

Both sides of course come off the back of home games at the weekend – we got a morale-boosting-even-if-a-bit-fortunate 3-1 win against Millwall whilst the Rams lost 2-1 at the hands of Watford.  Doncaster aside, we’ve had a few decent results lately, whilst Derby are sitting lowly in the form table with poor recent performances.  Not that the form book generally has much say in this fixture typically.

With a welcome win against the Lions we have elevated ourselves to five points clear of the drop zone – tempting me to look at this game more as the game in hand it is.  Derby are in a reasonably comfortable lower-mid-table position so are not as desperate for points as we are – but Nigel Clough and co will be rather eager to notch a catalyst to revive their ailing form.  He will, of course, have his eyes on the first league double Derby have managed over Forest since his dad was in charge at the Baseball Ground.

On the team front Steve Cotterill is waiting on confirmation over the availability for Elokobi and Anderson who were both missing at the weekend having picked up injuries during and in the warm-up-to the Doncaster game respectively.  Whilst means the longer-term and suspicious injuries are those that remain – which means, so far, there’s no excuse for an outlandish square-pegs-round-holes formation.

Derby have a few niggles – Gareth Roberts missed their weekend defeat through illness although is likely to be fit to return, whilst Shackell has been carrying a hamstring injury that he’s been playing through.  Jamie Ward has been out too with a thigh injury, although they do have the ‘boost’ that glass-man Nathan Tyson is apparently fit to face his former club.

From a Forest point of view – and indeed, from Derby’s point of view – it’s all about the start, Derby have started games badly of late and given themselves a difficult job to come back into games – much like us, remember the Donny home game?  Ultimately this is a game between two mediocre-at-best sides which will probably be decided by a fairly slim margin – fingers-crossed that fortune will favour the Reds.

With a tough few games coming up in the shape of trips to Leeds and Leicester as well as the not inconsiderable visit of Brighton to the City Ground then this fixture represents the ‘on paper’ best opportunity for acquisition of points.  So maybe trying to write it off as a bit of a bonus game in hand is probably not quite right – and no matter how necessary points may or may not be the bragging rights are important.

I’m lucky enough to work with a number of Derby fans – it’s fair to say that they tend to be less magnanimous in victory than I am (and it’s more of a novelty for me, too!), so if karma is at play in this encounter then it should surely lend a fated hand to the Reds.  This is an age of austerity afterall, a Forest win wouldn’t see reams of paper and printer ink being wasted in petty small-town decorations adorning desks around my office.

It certainly wouldn’t result in the carbon footprint of a small aircraft being chartered in a few months time.  Mind you, if we arranged a similar stunt of a ‘months after the event’ reminder then we’d be in the middle of summer before the visible-if-you-squint banner was flying over an empty Pride Park.  I can’t call this one – Derby have to be the favourites by virtue of being the home team – let’s hope Reidy plays and has magic in his boots again, he was the difference between us and Millwall on Saturday.

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  1. It’s funny because back around the original fixture I thought we were all but down and just hoping that we could at least beat the sheep as some crumb of comfort from this horrible season. Now, however, I’m looking at this game and thinking that it could be another valuable point or three towards safety. I had a ticket for the original fixture but due to work I’ll be relying on Forest Player.

    I know it’s our biggest away game of the season but for once I’m looking at the points, rather than the bragging rights as the most important thing.

  2. Thank you if you were the person who returned their ticket this morning allowing me to snap it up!
    Difficult to call. Both teams are so inconsistent at the moment. Derby seemed to struggle to contain Watford’s flying winger on Saturday according to reports so maybe our wing duo of Reid and McCleary can get some joy? Tyson will be well up for it but has tended to suffer he same fate as he did at the CG and is often shunted out to the wing. Not to sure about the rest if their team as they tend to be a mix of loans and youngsters. Ben Davies was decent in last years’s game.
    Let’s hope the square pegs remain in square holes and make the somewhat tense train journey bearable! If anyone fancies a fight at Long Eaton train station, can you get off the train first and let the rest of us carry in our journey?

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  4. Will get in early in the morning to work to get jobs done so can free up time to listen to this. I am of the opinion that whilst bragging rights are important I would take a point now and save all the fighting at Long Eaton.It will be the usual story as the Derby fans will expect tyson to rip through our defence and score at least a hat trick or he will in reality have an awful to mediocre game and be subbed after 70mins carrying a niggle. Was watching an interview with Tudgay this morning and he was saying team confidence is good and spirit is up so that at least puts us ahead of where we were at the original date as we were well down on both.Hope for all the lads that go that the match lives up to expectation and we come away in good shape.Look forward to your thoughts on Thursday.

    Come on the Reds

  5. Nice. Just found your site via LTLF. Good writing. Most welcome.

    I’ll be listening live at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning….

    Dave from NZ…. in Melbourne, Australia
    (a City Ground regular many years ago)

  6. Been on my hols or about 3 weeks now in Canada and USA and have not missed a fixture yet via online and my tricky mates texting off the match community.

    I will be travelling by train during this one but fortunately it has wifi.

    U Reds!

  7. Anybody know of any links the match might be on ?

  8. i had a ticket for original fixture but can’t go tonight due to working away, shame the bbc couldn’t ‘honour’ the original fixture and put this one on aswell. I’m predicting 1-1, i see it that Derby have 1 danger man and thats Steve Davis he’s scored a few over the last couple of weeks. Keep him quiet and we could nick it. Like others have written above, a point or 3 would be seen more as keeping us safe than bragging rights. Although my mrs is a sheep fan so i’ll obviously be giving her loads if we beat them! No doubt the merseyside derby will be on 5 live so i could do with another means of watching/listening if anyone knows any???

  9. I was thinking that if we win I might gather a few mates and drop in on pish park from the air by parachute!!!!

    How would they feel about that? 🙂 🙂 I’m just so infantile aren’t I?

  10. …a supporters 70% ownership of the club is achievable ..we need 8000 supporters to invest 8k each ….64 million pounds ..the bank would be very happy to see ! 30% of outside investment to bring in another 20 million pounds and would achieve a higher turnover than present ..sacking of MARTHUR and uninterested players.. a supporters based voting system on the appointment of players and staff alike …would be nice to have forest supporters as stewards instead of most of the riff raff we have , a nottingham club owned by the nottingham people …i for one would invest our club !

  11. who’s got 8k to spare? I know i haven’t! Agree with the stewarding though, i can’t stand our stewards. A little bit of authority is abused by them if you ask me.They may be under orders but they ruin the atmosphere at Forest. God forbid anyone’s allowed to have a good time down there.

  12. Whos got a spare 8k in this climate sisco ? punters hum and haw about spending 25 on a ticket and they are right.

    Never gonna happen more chance of Archie Gemmil coming out of retirement gee we could do with him tonight.


  13. If Tyson scores tonight he better not start any of that flag waving nonsense!

    Come on Forest, give us a win in the one that matters most.

  14. well ..think about your season ticket costs …..8k loan over 10years = £80 a month……would be a better investment than any insurance investment..think how many people who have had season tickets longer than that …as an invester there will be royalties ..its one solution to save our club ..than selling it on to some unknown chicken importer for example…its an idea …Nottingham Forest ..owned by Nottingham people ….just think …if it was in place just a few months ago many millions would we have saved …cus schteve would not have come ..and all his bad signings ..and of course MARTHUR WOULD BE GONE TOO !

  15. Redric, alright Royal!

    Not sure if you’ll get this but poss try vipbox or vipstand, might be there…

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