Who will buy my sweet red sports club?..

After a pleasingly small amount of macabre speculation Forest have confirmed some degree of what will happen to Forest in the aftermath of Nigel Doughty’s untimely death.  In a nutshell, we are more than likely going to be operating under new ownership from July-August 2012 – until then an unconfirmed level of funding for the club has been confirmed to be support by the estate of Nigel Doughty.

Discussions with potential purchasers of the club are already underway, according to Mark Arthur – and there are several of them.  Investment bankers Seymour Pierce have been retained to advise this process, they had initially been tasked by Nigel Doughty to field queries relating to the acquisition of the club once he’d stepped down as Chairman after the club also parted company with Steve McClaren.

Whether these arrangements will allow for the honouring of commitments beyond the 2012/2013 season start (upon standing down Mr Doughty had agreed to cover contracts signed during his tenure, remember) is unclear at this juncture.  It’s unclear also if we will have any wriggle-room to address some of the contracts that expire this summer – the likes of Lynch and McCleary, two of very few players to impress this year, spring to mind immediately.

So really, aside from confirmation of the unsurprising fact that those that survive Nigel Doughty don’t want to continue to own the club, we haven’t really learned much new – the club is still up for sale, like it was before – only now there’s a target date.  That target date is beyond May – so frankly, much like the rest of the club should be, I am going to focus upon matters on the pitch – there’s a match tomorrow, and there’s an embarrassing relegation to be avoided.

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  1. The value of the club would be higher without the presence of the incompetent mark Arthur !
    The fact he is making the announcement instead of our ..chairman..means he is determined to keep hanging on by the skin of his teeth !
    I hope the new owners do enough research to realise he has to go for the good of the club !!
    unlike our present chairman who is obviously only a yes man to arthur,unfortunately !
    Maybe the news will give everyone a kick up the backside,including our manager !

    • I think its fair to assume Mr Arthur’s days at the the Club are now numbered. Any new owner would kick his ass out surely??

      I hear the local cricket club are looking for a new CEO. Oh I forgot….been there, f*cked that up before….ooops!

  2. Nice to read a piece that echoes my thoughts on the business side of the club and today’s statement.

    People seem to be getting over excited about the prospect of a rich foreign owner or think if there’s not a buyer in place by August then we’ll be heading the same way as Portsmouth and Rangers. I really need to stop reading Twitter when it comes to Nottingham Forest!

    I’ll leave the buyout etc to the people who know what they’re doing and talking about and instead look to an essential three points tomorrow!

  3. Any sale of the club will be inexplicably linked to our surviving this season well I say sale I mean the new owners taking on a load of debt.

    You dont know Nigel was quite an honest guy he might not have wanted any of the money back because of the mess made.Its still very unclear we might be an attractive prospect to some .

    Who knows ? Marthur has to go tho PLEASE ……..

  4. Does anyone actually believe Marthur’s statements?

    Wipe the slate clean before we sell. Get us into Administration at end of season, cancel some of the contracts of the players we don’t want, and re-negotiate the salaries down, that will leave room for a new owner to get in the players we need to sign whether we stay up or go down ….. the players that battle for the club that is. Bye, bye tweetin Matt ….

  5. MARTHUR OUT without a doubt and I’m afraid to say Frank will also
    go as well . but most importantly and sadly will be the end of our association with Victors hole at half time !. what a shocker !

    Garish Taiwanese chicken Products logo here we come .

  6. In the words of Private James Frazier from Dad’s army…………………….

    ‘We’re doomed!’

  7. I know what you mean by wiping the slate clean but I don’t think going into admin is a good idea. But getting rid of all the top level executives is. If Frank Clark was actually left to run the club properly I wouldn’t mind this but if him going means getting rid of everyone else then yes, lets have it.

    We don’t know what the asking price is or what debt, if any, the new owners have to shoulder. If the Doughty estate is looking to recoup anything from owning Forest then the debt to ND will have to be written off. Absolutely nobody is going to buy Forest if they have to spend 85M on existing debt as well. It would be insane. You could buy Portsmouth for a quid and start all over as long as you can prove that you have assets to maintain the club. Forest has to be made an attractive proposition. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ND family would be quite happy with say 5-10M for the sale of the club and they can wash their hands of it. That is all conjecture obviously and it depends how much they really want for Forest. If they want to sell then they have to be realistic because no one and I mean no one will spend money on a football club right now unless it makes (financial) sense.

    Until sweeping changes come in that apply to every football club on how the business is run then all they are are just loss leaders or rich peoples play things. I think football is at a tipping point and its only going to take a few decent size clubs going to the wall for massive changes to come in. Glasgow Rangers is indicative of the way football clubs are run. We are talking about a club with 45-50k average attendances every other week, always in europe and they still manage to run the risk of going out of existence. In my opinion the people culpable for this should face jail sentences because what they are doing is more than jeopardising the safety of a football club. They are part of a greedy system that is systematically destroying the community and culture of football. Things need to change and fast otherwise we are heading for a bullshit, sanitised and even worse franchised version of what we love.

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