Who will buy my sweet red sports club?..

After a pleasingly small amount of macabre speculation Forest have confirmed some degree of what will happen to Forest in the aftermath of Nigel Doughty’s untimely death.  In a nutshell, we are more than likely going to be operating under new ownership from July-August 2012 – until then an unconfirmed level of funding for the club has been confirmed to be support by the estate of Nigel Doughty.

Discussions with potential purchasers of the club are already underway, according to Mark Arthur – and there are several of them.  Investment bankers Seymour Pierce have been retained to advise this process, they had initially been tasked by Nigel Doughty to field queries relating to the acquisition of the club once he’d stepped down as Chairman after the club also parted company with Steve McClaren.

Whether these arrangements will allow for the honouring of commitments beyond the 2012/2013 season start (upon standing down Mr Doughty had agreed to cover contracts signed during his tenure, remember) is unclear at this juncture.  It’s unclear also if we will have any wriggle-room to address some of the contracts that expire this summer – the likes of Lynch and McCleary, two of very few players to impress this year, spring to mind immediately.

So really, aside from confirmation of the unsurprising fact that those that survive Nigel Doughty don’t want to continue to own the club, we haven’t really learned much new – the club is still up for sale, like it was before – only now there’s a target date.  That target date is beyond May – so frankly, much like the rest of the club should be, I am going to focus upon matters on the pitch – there’s a match tomorrow, and there’s an embarrassing relegation to be avoided.