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Having undergone that game against Doncaster on Tuesday I’m afraid the mood at nffcblog towers is very gloomy and pessimistic again after the respite of better results before.  With not just a poor performance, but poor effort levels evident, against Rovers and mounting injury concerns things are looking a little bleak before we even consider the capabilities or otherwise of the manager.

We are, of course, still in control of our own destiny to some degree – we are outside the relegation zone, we have a three point cushion.  Millwall are a little further ahead of us on the road to safety, and did themselves no harm at all midweek by travelling to Peterborough and pummeling them by three goals to nil,  getting eight points clear of safety.

The burgeoning injury list can now have Marcus Tudgay, Paul Anderson and George Elokobi pencilled in, although we may have the boost of Danny Higginbotham back from his lay-off.  Tudgay and Anderson picked up groin and thigh strains respectively in the warm-up on Tuesday – at some point I would think that somebody would ask the question about the number of injuries we seem to be getting like this.

Having said that, I remain spectacularly unconvinced that the likes of Radi Majewski, David McGoldrick and Matt Derbyshire – to name but three – are actually injured at all.  But anyway, enough of the internet conspiracies.  I have nothing to back up that statement except my own cynicism.

The Lions might be missing leading scorer Henderson, and dangerous midfielder Trotter – both of them have been out for the last three games with hamstring and thigh problems.   They’re on an indifferent run of late – in the last six league games they’ve drawn two, lost two and won two – one of each at home, one of each away.

Our recent form is largely the same – two of each result, and spread evenly between home and away games; if you take the classic six-most-recent-games comparison factor then you’d have this pegged as a reasonable close encounter.  Of course, it’s probably not enough to simply look at recent games.  There’s a big fat reason for this.

Recent form comparison needs to be counterbalanced with the fact that we have the joint worst home record in the whole football league.  That’s right, only four of the 92 teams have hit double figures in terms of home defeats – just ourselves and Hereford have managed as many as eleven.  Hereford just pip us to the worst by virtue of their inferior goal difference on their own patch, although do hover just above the League Two drop zone.

Without a massive reversal in attitude from the players it’s difficult to see much other than another disappointing home reverse.  Hereford at least are not playing at home.  Millwall will offer fight, resolve and effort – if we extrapolate performance levels from the Doncaster game then they’ll find it relatively easy to pick up a result.

So it’s a case of all eyes on Coventry’s game against Birmingham and Donny’s trip to West Ham.  If we lose and either of those win they’ll overtake us and we could find ourselves second from bottom by the end of the day.  If Portsmouth are able to turn over Brighton at the Amex Arena then they’d only be three points away from us too.

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  1. As bad as we were on Tuesday I think most Forest fans would’ve taken seven points from those four games. Just frustrating that those bonus three we picked up at Birmingham now count for nothing.

    I have no idea how Saturday will go, and don’t want to guess

    • You’re right, Joe – I even noted that in the Doncaster match report. The trouble is that just as we see signs of things moving in the right direction we end up with a massive setback like Tuesday night’s game.

  2. …the club are to blame for the sickening decisions they have made ..sacking Billy Davies was a disaster…he could come back ..and would not need to sign any players ,,hes a manager ..hes got fight and that fight he will put inside the players ..this is whats needed to save us ..frank clark ..your a waste of space and money ..your in the position to save this club ..everyones making excuses ..its boring ..BILLY MUST COME BACK !…..and for the rest of the overpaid players and staff and MARTHUR ……SACK EM !

  3. spot on sisco
    Frank Clark has gone very quiet and goodness only knows what will happen if this manager is around for 3.5 years= complete disaster.
    I keep saying, it is absolutely scandalous we finished in top 6 for last 2 years and look where we are now. People will say that is now history but it is very relevant and totally highlights the shocking decline in less than 12 months, unbelievable but sadly true.

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  5. Millwall strolled past us at the beginning of the season. But then we had a crap manager back then. Not like now.

    I know I shouldn’t watch them, but SC’s latest post-match interview is yet more evidence that he’s not competent. What kind of manager stirs up gossip about his own dressing room? Unbelievable.

  6. Nffc take note…. Cynicism goes a long
    way in my book…How could it not after
    such a laborious season.
    I have a feeling Forest will cane the Lions…
    Not sure why, but I’m staying with it.
    So our home record is on par with the
    Almighty Hereford? FUCK!

  7. Your theories are spot on nffc players are being frozen out by SC maybe because he doesnt think they are committed to the cause.

    We are crap and have been all season a few shoots of recovery and back to total crap.I think Saturday could be a season defining game lose it and we are really in the shit again.

    I feel quite lost again ………?

  8. I think Frank Clark needs to have a long hard think about our situation, yes I can agree sacking cotterill would go against all he’s worked for with the LMA, but Forest have hit a difficult cross road in we need to try and get our outgoings down considerably to the point where we are going to struggle even in the championship, how many people can say they will gladly renew there season ticket next season with cotterill in charge with his Sunday morning football tactics never mind if he does take us down, can we really survive on attendences of around 15000 next season, so the question is can we afford NOT to sack him before it really is too late and we end up as another Portsmouth

  9. If Gunter lines up in right midfield again then there is no hope for us. I can only assume that Cotteril has promised Fergie that Wootton will play every game and is shuffling the whole team around to fit him in.
    Don’t give us any more tosh about the inbalanced squad when you are making poor decisions like this!

    Up front we really need someone to forge a good partnership with Dex to score enough goals to keep us up. At present, it’s hard to know if any of our ‘non-striking strikers’ will be fit to play!

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