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It’s been a strange few days for Forest fans in the aftermath of the untimely passing of Nigel Doughty. The elements intervening in the weekend’s game gave a welcome break from contemplating our on-the-pitch troubles and time for reflection – time that many Forest fans have put to good use in raising over £3,000 for ChildLine as a small tribute to the memory of our owner.

This is a really great example of scores of kind-hearted souls combining to make a real difference to the lives of children in the name of Nigel Doughty’s memory.  I’m sure he would heartily approve of this – with ChildLine being a charity he personally backed heavily.  Fans can also leave a personal tribute in the book of condolence that Forest have opened at the City Ground – this is available in the main reception behind the Main Stand between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm.


The wheels of the world keep on turning – it’s been confirmed today that the game at Derby will be contested on 13th March – a Tuesday evening, giving us Derby away, Leicester away then Leeds away inside a week.  Ouch.  As well as many fans potentially having the problem of not being able to make the rescheduled game it’s highly unlikely we’ll benefit from the TV money either.  Not ideal!

A leveller like we’ve seen this week has perhaps softened my resolve towards the coaching team and the players.  I haven’t changed my opinion of where they’ve fallen short in the past, but I’m hoping that we might also see a change of attitude on the field, as such I’m prepared to relax the level of criticism and remember that I’ve a role to play as a supporter, and maybe I could have been doing that better both in person and certainly on the blog.

It might be in vain but I do think the least we can do is get as many Reds in to the City Ground on Saturday as we can against Watford and try to spur the lads on to change our fortunes.  Usual preview to follow later in the week, but events have left me in a more contemplative mood and whilst football is all of our passions, Bill Shankly was wrong – football isn’t more important than life and death.  It’s a pity it sometimes takes an awful event to make us realise.

Without wanting to go all Jerry Springer to end with, maybe the mostly-filled-with-goodwill mood around the Forest online world could perhaps be maintained – I always think the world is a much nicer place when people are courteous to one another, even in disagreement.

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  1. Well said NFFC – the tragic news of Nigel Doughty was a wake up call to everyone – fans included . We are all in this together and need to renew our focus and get behind the team . Our sympathies are with his wife and family .

  2. I appreciate you sentiments nffc but I’m not sure why you feel you need to consider a change of approach or emphasis, whatever you may call it, on your blogs. I agree Shanks was wrong, football isn’t life or death, i’ve been involved on military ops when that is the case and I’ve lost enough friends to know the difference. But this is a football forum and you need to talk football, not philosophy, and say it as you see it in your usual measured and incisive manner. I can’t ever recall a time in the many years I’ve been reading them when any of your utterings offered anything other than tempered, balanced comment; a remarkable feat IMHO given the events of this year and the fact that football is an emotive habit at the best of times! For sure the sad events of this weekend are a time to prompt reflection and that is understandable and necessary but I’m pretty certain that Nigel Doughty would have appreciated and respected your blog. Indeed, I’d like to think he read it from time to time as a fan and I’m sure if he did he would have seen it as being written both a loyal and passionate fan and one who took significant time out to put it together and make valid observations. I agree we need to pull together more than the fans have recently and that perhaps we need to be more forgiving than we may have been at times recently but everyone, including the players, needs to heed that message. RIP Nigel Doughty.

    • Ha, thanks mate. I wasn’t considering wholesale changes – but lately I’ve been lulled into – whilst probably accurate – hasty and slightly cutting observations. I do like to be measured in my approach and often hold back (sometimes let things slip!) and don’t propose to alter that too much.

      But I think I could do better by keeping half an eye on the bigger picture, if you know what I mean.

      Of course, if we continue to put appalling performances in then this resolve will be immediately tested and probably abandoned!

      • Stick to your guns nffc.
        A sombre period has descended upon the city ground. Whilst your accuracy has not wavered, it is somewhat refreshing not to log on
        after another loss ( only due to the weather ).

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  4. Have the feeling the postponement of the livestock will probably do us a favour. Watford is a winnable game, and I’d rather go into prideless having turned the corner (or already beyond hope!) than with things on a knife edge, and having had time for both the new coaching addition and the new loan signings to have had time to gel and make a difference.

    Was at the crisp bowl this morning with my job and the sheep arena in the afternoon. Amazing how all these flat pack places look the same. No substitute for the great heritage of our amazing club. COYR

  5. Hey nffc, I understand your sentiments, but I agree with DeepingRed. Nigel Doughty did a tremendous for our club (his club!) and he should be remembered with honour and respect. There should be a time, too, to pause and reflect, and to see the bigger picture.

    However, reality is that we are not doing too well in this football business. The manager is struggling, the players are underperforming and the club is bankrupt. Mr Doughty allowed Steve McClaren (or the TAP) to destroy our wage structure in under 3 months, on players that have yet to prove their value to Nottingham. That was a mistake, and he realised it. We have every right to be critical of, say, McGugan when he mopes around the pitch doing nothing, when he showed us last year exactly what he was capable of if he wanted to. When the top wage earners do not put in top performances we have a right to criticise. When the manager subs our best on-pitch player and fields mystifying tactics we have a right to criticise when it is proved to be a mistake, rather than genius. Sentiment aside, we are in the same shit state we were last week

    What I understand of Mr Doughty is that he was a shrewd business man, a “gentle giant” who nonetheless made the difficult business decisions, and usually called them correctly. That clearly didn’t always happen at Forest – for the want of 2 players (£5m?) we could have been in the Premiership last year and +£40m better off, even if we came straight back down as Blackpool did. That is a business decision – and it wasn’t taken.

    So yes, let’s get behind the team, give them all our support and unite to serve Nigel Doughty’s memory best by getting out of the bottom three places, pronto. But if the players won’t play for love, money, sentiment, pride, duty or any other reason, then in what way do they deserve anything other than criticism? Where better to criticise than on a rational and balanced blog?

  6. I flew from San Francisco to see the D*rby game, and I need someone to blame for the game being snowed off. You joked about it, so it’s your fault. I’m angry.

    • Ha! Curse my retrospective jokes’ power to go back in time and ensure that the weather that inspired them actually happened!

      That said, I’d be annoyed in that scenario too!

  7. Sadly those who let Mr D down the most, were those he paid vast sums to each week in the vain hope that they would take his beloved club back to where they belong.
    I hope the ground is full on Saturday, the wife and I wil be there, and that the players finally realise how much they owe the man and the club and US!!!!!

  8. nffc my advice like deepingred-who is a mate- is stick with it don’t change who you are our what you feel.

    Having been in danger on militray ops myself football isn’t life and death, they were everytime on those ops. I have lost many many,mates. Two have since committed suicide as they couldn’t cope with “normal” life. Football isn’t that. It’s important and i love it. It’s part of who i am. Forest are and always have been my team/club BUT when as in the military things go pear shaped WE have a right to state our views isn’t that what some of the fun of going to matches. Without Deeping and Spikey Mike I would have stopped going to the games this season thats how bad I’ve felt.

    ND’s death hasn’t changed that for me. The principle point is that the club has been run badly over his tenure. Bad decisions followed by inept process,e.g. letting players contracts run down being one. Wes was the first player we received money for for the first time in ages! I am sad by his demise and more worried for the future of our club than I was last week.

    ND deserves and has my respect for helping the club and for his charitiable work. Also he was a successful businessman and believed in many values that I share. So for these things and the fact we shared a passion for Forest I salute him. For the fact that we still have a club I salute him. BUT…………..when things aren’t right in the state of Denmark then only the brave speak out.

    Keep the blog true to you.State your views from the heart NOT your head!!

  9. Up the Reds

  10. While I run the risk of being called insensitive by fellow reds, I can assure you it is not the intention, but there is a great big elephant in the room and I’m sure fans are thinking this as well.

    What is going to happen to Forest now? We are heavily relying on ND leaving in his will the proceeds to cover outgoings for the next 2.5 years. I know this is just conjecture but what happens if this is contested? Or he hasn’t left anything at all (which I think is unlikely)?

    Does the club get handed back to the hierarchy in charge now? Or does a will benefactor become the owner? If the club is handed back to the current hierarchy who gets final say on the running of the club? Frank Clark? (Please let it be him).

    I guess all this will be cleared up in due course but I can’t help but think about these things now. And as you’ve said nffc, the wheels of the world keep turning.

    • I don’t think that’s insensitive – you’re right, we’ve all probably considered it since the news.

      My understanding from the Forest announcements and other press coverage is that the cash Nigel Doughty promised to fulfill the liabilities undertaken during his Chairmanship is already in place. Until informed otherwise the club will be in ‘business as usual’ (so to speak) mode.

      Obviously now there is absolutely no chance to ask the owner for more cash – but Forest do have the Morgan and Bamford transfer money to ‘play with’ (some of which they already have done with the loans coming in).

      The real Elephant in the Room for me is that the existing investment and the 2.5 year contingency to cover liabilities is technically a loan to Nigel Doughty – ergo, presumably now the estate of Nigel Doughty – and that loan is technically payable in 2014. How this has been provisioned for in his will, we can’t possibly know.

      So there’s unlikely to be any concrete news until the inquest is over, the lawyers have gone through his last wishes and the ramifications of those contents have been established along with the wishes of his next-of-kin. Until then we can only either be patient, or speculate, and to me at least speculating seems rather insensitive.

  11. Here here nffc ,

    We need to unite now in memory of Nigel fans players and board and start to win games and lift the whole club.I believe we can do it and it start on Saturday.

    U reds

  12. Another loan signing in from Wolves George Etokob looks like he’s a little underweight 🙂 and he’s a lb is Cunningham going back to City?

  13. I just hope we can begin to find a settled back four,whoever they are!
    We also need a captain ,but I’m worried Steve will continue to pick chambers.I hope Reid will start on saturday,but I don’t have any faith in Steve unfortunately. Maybe O’Driscoll ,who has been doing the training will have more influence now in team selection.
    If we win our remaining home games with our supporters backing to the end,it would make all the difference.
    At the moment our players are afraid of making mistakes at home as it causes a big groan around the ground !
    Somehow the supporters have to start again backing the team to go on a winning sequence at home to stay up !
    Our away support is fantastic so they will continue as usual.
    Steve is putting a lot of faith in Mcleary now.He can get past men,but too many times he is uncertain what to do with his final ball.
    Maybe he has had extra advice regarding this problem !
    A win against Watford would lift everyone,and boy do we need it.
    Lets hope for a big crowd with positive backing to the end,and O’Driscoll choosing the team and sustitutes !!
    Come on Forest !! No excuses now !

  14. hallow be thy name ! we go on ….unfortunately im very amazed at frank clarkes saviour to save money .sell all assetts to stay afloat without debt ?????? in this hour ..please forgive me there really a club that exists at top or medio flight without debt ??? who and why are the dillingers at this club trying to do ?? its frightening !! the power at our club have put us in the shite ..and more worrying ..they have ..still no idea the way forward ..its so plain to see the manager is clueless his history its so easy to see …this is buying time ..not good ..the club should have the ambition to do ..we go for it ..worry about all the shite after …ask Damn u !! or what sort of club we want to be ???? feeders of young talent for everyone else ??? wake up …MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !!!

  15. George Who from Wolves?
    Looks like George Foreman has made a
    Two left backs in the squad now.
    We didn’t have to wait that long for a
    left back eh!

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