Rest in peace, Nigel Doughty..

It was quite the shock to hear the news that Nigel Doughty had passed away on Radio Nottingham this afternoon.  54 is certainly no age, and my thoughts and condolences go to his family and colleagues.

Generally I’ve steered the blog clear of too much comment upon his past running of the club – largely because of my lack of knowledge rather than any conscious decision.

Certainly now is not the time to start on that track – what is undeniable is his generosity of deed and spirit, both in the Forest context and more widely in the local community – more than that of course he was a son, a husband, a father and a friend.  I for one am terribly sad to have heard this news.

Of course the question of the future of the club – of which whilst no longer Chairman, Mr Doughty was the owner – must be posed at some point, but I would press you all – let’s not speculate on this now, and just take a moment or several to take time out to reflect upon the passing of a man who tried to do the right thing for the club.

Sleep well, Nigel, and thank you.

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  1. Shocked, absolutely shocked. I know he made mistakes but he cared about Forest and always wanted what was best for the club, nobody can ever deny that. Condolences to his family and friends

    Rest in Peace Nigel, I appreciated what you tried to achieve with us.

  2. Very sad news. Whatever your views of his tenure are, now is the time to show respect for Nigel and his family. As to the future, well we can’t affect that so the important thing is to behave in the right manner and respect his families wishes. RIP Nigel.

  3. So sad and shocked. Rest in Peace. Perspective.

  4. RIP Nigel condolences to his family.

  5. Devastating, my thoughts are with Nigel’s family and close friends.

    Rest in peace.

  6. Shocked, first I heard was something about heart attack in the gym? Seems cras but I hope so because at 56 the other option doesn’t isn’t worth considering

    Thoughts with the family primarily, football is so not important, whatever your opinion he was just like any other bloke you’ve sat nest to the last howmanyears. He just ended playing football manager for real and despite his best efforts, couldn’t mastermind a Forest win.

  7. This is unbelievable. I agree with you nffc, he tried to do the right thing for Forest and 54 is no age at all.

    This season has been like a season of Dallas! you couldn’t make it up could yer?

  8. I sat not far away from Mr doughty away at Watford a few years ago, he was the first to take his seat in the directors box, and although we were rubbish and lost, he stayed and applauded the side off the field. A true red who badly lost his way at the end, RIP Nigel Doughty a sad and shocking loss.I trust the club will pay its respects before Watford next weekend.Possibly the team will win one for his memory? I will be there, lets hope the ground will be full?

  9. Absolutely awful news. Our thoughts and best wishes to the Doughty family.
    I liked the guy, he did what he thought was best for the club & yes by his own admission he made some mistakes (haven’t we all) but he did not deserve to be abused & hounded.

    R.I.P Nigel & thanks for everything x

  10. He was just a fan who wanted to give something back. I’m utterly gutted and speechless. RIP Nigel.

  11. buona notte …..very sad

  12. I echo the sadness expressed by all Forest fans. For what he gave to the club, ND must have been the biggest fan of all.

    I suspect we’ll never know the true measure of his non-financial support for our club, but it was something we all should be grateful for.

    I wish his family peace.

  13. This news is terrible and Nigel’s contribution to NFFC, the Labour Party, the world of business and finance and also to the many charties he patronised should not be under-estimated. Nigel will go down in history as a fan who tried his best to improve his local football club and succeeded in so many ways, but ultimately failed to achieve what he set out to do. It is a real shame that he did not see Forest back in the top-flight, as he so desparately wished.

    Rest in peace Nigel and know that your contribution has been welcomed and respected by the vast majortiy of Nottingham Forest FC fans over the past 13 years. What a sad way to add to this already sad season!

  14. Still shocked by this terrible news. I feel sorry for his family and friends for their loss and also for all the hassle they, along with Nigel Doughty himself, had to endure simply due to him being the owner of a football club and trying to do the best for it and its supporters.

    I hope, as I’ve read someone else already mention, that the club find a suitable way to honour his contributions to the club by perhaps naming the academy after him. He saw it as the future and probably got equally or more pleasure out of his financial contributions to it than he’d seen from the senior team.

    I hope starting tomorrow the team can turn around their fortunes and start the run that keeps Forest in the Championship where for now the big guy would have at least wanted.

    RIP Nigel Doughty

  15. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of his tenure as chairman anymore, Nottingham Forest football club lost a true fan today. Rest in peace Nigel & thanks for trying.

  16. Above all else, his best intentions for the progression of the club were unquestionable and this really sad news is perhaps even more tragic now that he will not see his dreams come to fruition.

    Hopefully his investment in the new academy facilities will form the basis for the future success of the club and there would be no more fitting tribute to the man than to rename it in his honour (as Craig has already suggested). R.I.P. Nigel Doughty.

  17. Hear, hear. I agree. Thanks for everything, Nigel. Sad it didn’t work out as planned, but more importantly my condolences to your family whose loss is greater by far. RIP.

  18. Thanks for putting this up nffc I have just heard the tragic news football means nothing when things like this happen.I am sure every true Forest fan will have the deepest sympathy and there thoughts will be with Nigels family.

    Thanks for everything you tried to do Nigel life can be very cruel indeed we should recall all the good things you tried to do.

    R.I.P Nigel Doughty

  19. Puts everything else in perspective…………………R.I.P……..

  20. One of the many tributes Nottingham Forest could do is by renaming one of the area’s of the ground? Poor family, his love for Forest was without limits.

    One day Forest will achieve those dreams

    • I think the Academy is a better bet – our ground is tired and old and all of it pre-dates Nigel Doughty’s involvement in the club.

      He personally oversaw and was passionate about our Academy – and hopefully it will prove to be a real legacy to be proud of.

      The Nigel Doughty Academy. It has a nice ring to it.

  21. Great idea about the academy this MUST be done. Football often brings out the worst in people, but no matter what the occasion ND always spoke with dignity and respect. We could all learn from him; I hope the depth of genuine feeling of supporters will be of some comfort to the family.

    RIP ND.

  22. Wow, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the BBC headline. Very sad day for Nottingham Forest and more besides. This is certainly a bigger loss to the club than any three points this season. Very sad indeed. He certainly was a better fan than all of us!

    Nigel Doughty’s Red and White Army!

  23. RIP Nigel Doughty…

    His intentions were always good.
    We think we’re in a shabby state now…
    Imagine the dire state without his
    enormous financial contribution.

  24. Terribly sad news. Thoughts are with his family at this time.
    A Forest fan, one of us.
    Hope you’re having a drink with Brian up there Nigel, putting the football world to rights!

  25. A fellow tricky tree and committed philanthropist, taken before his time. RIP Nigel Doughty.

  26. Yes he made mistakes but:
    1) he was a fan.
    2) if any of us had his money would we have invested so much?
    3) if any of us were in his position we all would have made mistakes as well.

    Thanks for everything from a fellow Red.

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  28. GUTTED, a nice man has lost his life. rip mr doughty x

  29. Utterly devastating news. Could not believe it when I saw the news. My deepest condolences to the family. Nigel will go down in history as one of Nottingham Forest’s most important people. The personal fortune he invested in the club was staggering. This is now money his family will never get the use of unfortunately.

    It is a shame in regards to his total investment, not more was invested on the academy to make it one of the best in the land, instead of some of the lazy greedy players it was spent on. Bring on F.F.P.

    Totally agree to the academy renaming, and hopefully his son my play for us in the future!

  30. RIP your Lordship!!

    Now you men in Red win this afternoon for his memory!!!

  31. Shocked and sorry…Thanks for all you did Nigel !
    Acadamy idea should be put to people in authority ! NOW !!Announced at his memorial service . R.I.P.

  32. R.I.P Nigel. …. gutted, we owe you so much. One of our greatest supporters.

  33. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Nigel once, with his son, many years ago – he came across as warm, thoughtful and as many others have said; almost shy.

    Perhaps we will never really understand how much we owe him in keeping our club alive and in providing us and supporting us in our dreams. I hope that one day, we can return those dreams to him, fulfilled at a higher level and back where he strove so hard, for so long to get us back to.

    RIP Nigel and condolences to his wife and family, both at this very difficult time and into the future.

  34. Massive loss to the club, a football man thru and thru. Didnt agree with all his choices but cant deny he was lover the game and wanted the best for Forest.

  35. He was a Forest lover. RIP Nigel. Peace be with you.

  36. A Forest fan through and through, and a gentleman who tried to make the world a better place (as I read elsewhere and totally agree, given his charity work that few of us know about.)
    Yeah, sleep well Mr Doughty, sir. Say hello to Brian and Pete from all of us.

    • It goes without saying that I agree with the Academy being named after him; can’t remember anyone else believing so much and investing so big in it.

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