Rest in peace, Nigel Doughty..

It was quite the shock to hear the news that Nigel Doughty had passed away on Radio Nottingham this afternoon.  54 is certainly no age, and my thoughts and condolences go to his family and colleagues.

Generally I’ve steered the blog clear of too much comment upon his past running of the club – largely because of my lack of knowledge rather than any conscious decision.

Certainly now is not the time to start on that track – what is undeniable is his generosity of deed and spirit, both in the Forest context and more widely in the local community – more than that of course he was a son, a husband, a father and a friend.  I for one am terribly sad to have heard this news.

Of course the question of the future of the club – of which whilst no longer Chairman, Mr Doughty was the owner – must be posed at some point, but I would press you all – let’s not speculate on this now, and just take a moment or several to take time out to reflect upon the passing of a man who tried to do the right thing for the club.

Sleep well, Nigel, and thank you.