Derby County vs. Forest preview..

Let’s face it, the most realistic way we have of seeing out this weekend without another defeat is if the weather forecast comes in at the more severe end of the prediction and we get the game snowed off.  Rarely have I been able to muster up less optimism for a trip down Brian Clough Way despite a largely awful time of it contesting matches at Pride Park (’til a little over a year ago of course when we finally notched a win there).

We’ve lost three on the bounce, we’ve not scored since November except against Ipswich, we look passionless, shapeless and clueless with a manager who seems to not actually to have lost the dressing room, but never found it in the first place.  However – we do have a couple of new faces to freshen things up, ex-Ram Danny Higginbotham and Manchester United youngster Scott Wootton checked in on deadline day to join Guerdioura on loan.

There is also the ‘boost’ of captain Luke Chambers returning from suspension.  I’m not massively excited by this, in truth, as the skipper has been less than impressive this season – but let’s face it, we need defenders.  Particularly since Moloney is again injured with a thigh injury, with Cunningham still out and of course Chris Cohen – injured in the clusterfuck of a game at the City Ground against Derby – remains on the long term injured list.

Our hosts are – of course – preparing to hand Nathan Tyson his third start of the season for the Rams, he came off the bench in their last game against Barnsley on his latest comeback from injury.  Top scorer Theo Robinson remains a doubt with a calf injury – but let’s face it, Nigel Clough will be feeling confident that his side can twist the knife for Forest, and help to cement his position as an increasingly popular manager with the Derby fans.

Ordinarily even when we are the underdogs I’d find reasons for optimism in this fixture – but I’m struggling, frankly.  Whilst we were poor under McClaren there at least appeared to be a plan – under Cotterill we’ve seen occasional glimpses of good performances (although they have been exceptions rather than rules), which inevitably end up with the side being completely rearranged and becoming rubbish akin to the game on Tuesday.

For the fixture to take right up to the wire to sell out for the away end speaks volumes – even at the grimmest of times there’s been a clamour for tickets to this fixture when it’s come in the past, this time around they’ve made general sale.  That, Steve Cotterill, is a sad indictment on the confidence our supporters have in your regime.  That, players, is why YOU OWE US a performance here.

A depressing number of people have suggested to me that a heavy defeat might be worth it if it facilitates the removal of the manager – and whilst I could never ever go that far, it’s not hard to feel at least a glimmer of sympathy with the sentiment.  Much better would be to hope that a newly galvanised Reds, strengthened by loan arrivals and the increased opportunity for Sean O’Driscoll to remind the lads about passing on the deck, might actually kickstart some kind of bid for survival in this league.

There, who said I couldn’t be optimistic?  Pah. I’m not looking forward to this.  Not one little bit.  Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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  1. Cant argue with your sentiments nffc im about as excited as somebody who has just won a holiday to Syria .

    I agree he has lost the dressing room and any other manager would have gone by now its a joke.We need 7 wins out of 18 games to survive or be close a draw would be a big result for me.

    I just cant see us matching there passion and its passion that wins you Derby games we are a spineless wonder.

  2. I also dont think that Steve Cotter nil 0 should have the honor of being referred to on the header as his ” Red and White Army ” cos we aint as im sure you will agree.

    • I live in hope he might prove me wrong…

      • See there is an optimist in you after all I on the other hand have given up hope on that front I think hes out his depth.

        • I do too, but if he’s at the helm then I do feel duty bound to support him as much as I can. Of course, like anyone else at the club I will also impart my views about them too..

          • I feel duty bound to the club and always will no matter what. Managers will come and go I suppose i feel quite numb like most of us quite apathetic for the first time ever as a life long fan.

            I still cant get my head round how they can have made so many horrific mistakes and decisions it beggars belief.Try to enjoy the match if you are going down at least its a short journey eh

            U reds

  3. Agreed nffc. If D@rby somehow relax and let a goal somehow bounce into the net off one our inept players’ arses and then maybe they can fail to convert a number of open goals, handing us a narrow win, then it will still be a miserable victory. We’ll need more than a win against this lot to change things around. That said, if we can win then I’ll have a couple of ours of happiness before euphemistically ‘getting on with my life’. If we get another drubbing that could be just what’s needed to hasten Cotternils departure – and then what? Frying pan – fire anyone? Hmmmm… happy days. COYR

  4. Maybe it’s me, but I’m actually looking forward to it. It will cost me 3 pence to watch the game (that being how much TV licence I’ll be paying for the 2 hours) and if it gets that bad, I have the luxury of turning off the telly knowing I haven’t just wasted another £30 on a lacklustre performance.

    Having summed up that optimism, I’m with you NFFC. It doesn’t look good.

    I don’t really think Cotterill is totally to blame though I appreciate the buck stops with him. And if he got sacked and Billy came back (why the hell would he, in spite of his sentiment?) maybe the club can turn things around. I’d like to think Cotterill has more about him than we have seen. I hope for his sake but more so for the club, he can inspire confidence in the players to match their abilities.

    But more than at any other time, I think Forest’s departure lounge is akin to a free-for-all on a Ryanair flight to Malaga. It seems like some of the players are just waiting to move on, Chambers, McGugan, Miller, Derbyshite (a purposeful misspelling) and probably some more. And it’s been a tough year for the club with so much turbulence. I hope the newboys give a good account of themselves, and what with Lascelles having proper minutes in the championship, there’s actually competition for players in the defence. When was the last time that happened?

    What pisses me off the most and what makes me most disappointed is that the players earn a fortune. It’s their job to play. It is about time they stand up and be counted. It’s a pity they can’t be sacked for a “Very poor” rating on their annual performance review like so many of us have in our jobs. If I earned that kind of money, I’d be dead after every game.

    So I guess I’m not hopeful, even though the players might show more against Derby than in any other game this season. And I’ll be watching, of course. In spite of Forest’s woeful attempts at kicking a bag of wind around a piece of grass in recent games, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I think if Forest ever went to the Conference, I’d still be supporting them.

    So here’s a big uuuuuuuuuuuuuu reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedssss!

    Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, Forest score a goal for me!

  5. Come on lads, just when you think ‘fings can get any worse they always do…
    Let’s all sing along to this at half time and keep those Biased Ball chappies entertained:-

    “Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…
    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…
    If life seems jolly rotten
    There’s something you’ve forgotten
    And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
    When you’re feeling in the dumps
    Don’t be silly chumps
    Just purse your lips and whistle – that’s the thing.
    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…
    For life is quite absurd
    And death’s the final word
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.
    Forget about your sin – give the audience a grin
    Enjoy it – it’s your last chance anyhow.
    So always look on the bright side of death
    Just before you draw your terminal breath
    Life’s a piece of shit
    When you look at it
    Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true.
    You’ll see it’s all a show
    Keep ’em laughing as you go
    Just remember that the last laugh is on you.
    And always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the right side of life…
    (Come on guys, cheer up!)
    Always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the bright side of life…
    (Worse things happen at sea, you know.)
    Always look on the bright side of life…
    (I mean – what have you got to lose?)
    (You know, you come from nothing – you’re going back to nothing.
    What have you lost? Nothing!)
    Always look on the right side of life..”

    What have we got to lose – just another match 🙂

  6. Andy D’Urso’s the ref – even on a good day we wouldn’t stand a chance not it’s remote to non-existent!

  7. I meant now it’s remote etc…

  8. i hope we get hammered and CotterNILL walks/pushed
    For F Clark to say he has total commitment to CotterNIL is beyond belief. I didn’t think Forest could surpass the mistake of sacking Billy Davies but appointing this bafoon on a 3.5 year contract is nearly as bad.

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  10. If Chambers is captain,we’ve had it !
    Coterill and the inept coaches out ! O driscoll to take over to the end of the season and Higginbottom as captain NOW !!!
    Then we have a chance !! I see a draw !!

  11. I wouldn’t get too excited about Higginbottom.
    A 33 year old recovering from a serious
    knee injury.
    He will be rusty, but let’s face it, so are
    his new team mates!
    Cotterill’s not going anywhere either.
    Frank Clark has clearly stated we can’t
    afford anything.
    So this insipid period will continue. Derby
    showed us last time that spirit goes a long
    way in these grudge matches….. And we
    aint got any!
    So we could be 9 points from safety come
    Sunday evening. Or 3 points if the likes of
    McGugan & Chambers can show
    something that resembles the form that
    had a lot of premiership clubs interested
    in their services over the last 2 seasons…

    Or is that too much to ask of a professional
    footballer these days.

  12. I think we might get something tomorrow. These games go against form as often as not, and most of our better performances this season have been away from home. Add to that a little galvanizing boost from the new boys and it should be tighter than the table suggests.

    But I’m also one of those who sees each defeat as a step closer to the day we get rid of Cotterill – so if we actually beat the sheep, we’ll probably be saddled with him until relegation.

  13. sad news about the death of doughty …….

  14. RIP Nigel Doughty; although there will be many opinions about his tenure, nobody can doubt his devotion to the club which manifested itself in the vast amount of money he was prepared to plough into NFFC. Very sad day for the club and I’m sure all Red’s fans thoughts will be with his family. Once a Red, Always a Red!!!

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