Just… no.

Nottingham Forest – 0
Burnley – 2

No goals.
No clean sheet.
No points.
No drive.
No passion.
No desire.
No shape.
No tactics.
No ideas.
No creativity.
No threat.
No positivity.

No hope?

To offer some content, second goal aside, I was impressed with Lascelles’ debut.  I thought Camp should have claimed the first cross, the second was poor marking from the youngster – but aside from that he looked comfortable on the ball and always tried to find something other than a HOOOOF when he had it.  Plenty of endeavour but little end product from the other debutant Guedioura.

It was awful.  The fans in the Upper Bridgford were in good form though.  It’s sad to hear Bamford has gone but not surprising, the acquisition of Danny Higginbotham and Scott Wootton is good news given our defensive frailties – but it’s not going to help us score a goal.  I’m sad to say that what little faith I had in Cotterill is diminishing by the second.  I’m willing to accept that he inherited a difficult job, but we aren’t getting any better under him.

Second from bottom now, and the small matter of a trip to Derby to come.  Nigel Clough must be rubbing his hands together at the prospect, whereas it’s looking like shit or bust for our manager.  If things go badly at Pride Park for him I can’t see a way back for him with the bulk of the fans.  Of course the situation we’re in isn’t all his fault, but he’s the man tasked with getting us out of it – and he’s failing.  Badly.

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  1. Think it was Lynch who was closest on the second goal. Camp was rooted for the first. Lascelles looked assured on the ball and didn’t panic. Was let down by players hiding infront of him.
    What utter dross overall, though. Too many were like rabbits in headlights. There was no leader. Missing someone like Mckenna really badly. It is a real slow death at the moment. Miller needs to have a long look in the mirror if he thibks hos contribution was in any way acceptable for £16k a week.
    Bring in the Derby…

  2. Spot on.

  3. For a short while after we conceded the first, I thought we played well. Then it just got worse especially in the second half which was dire. Cotterill seemed clueless – again – to recover the situation. Lascelles had a promising start desite the goal and nice to see our new box to box midfielder put some efffort in at the other end of the scale Miller & McGugan were pathetic, lacklustre and not worth their place whilst Ando – one shot apart – was ineffective and Moussi’s keystone cop football skills just made me laugh! I hope Cotterill can turn it round but I fear not and agree with your list of NOs!! Sad Days and an increasingly restless crowd!!

  4. And another thing, I missed the team line up announcement as I came straight from work. As such I spent the whole game trying to work out who was the on-field Captain based upon their performance and influence on the team. I couldn’t spot anyone fitting the bill. It’s midnight, I’ve just got back after a long drive and I am still none the wiser. Says it all really!!!

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  6. Woeful, absolutely woeful . . .

    Whatever business you’re in, your boss has to command respect irrespective of any personal foibles he may have. He has to convince you that he knows his job and is capable of discharging his job description or your own support & motivation goes.
    I’m afraid that Cotterill cannot do that, his performance in front of the camera from day 1 showed that for me. He lacks conviction.
    The “team” (if that’s what we can call it just now) lacks motivation, direction and perhaps most importantly – team spirit.

    Totally wishful thinking of course, but I’ll dream that Bamford’s money will be used by Frank to pay him off and get Billy Davies back.

  7. I’m fortunate enough to live far away from most of the pain.
    I’ve loved forest since I can remember. Most of my friends supported the easy options; man u, arsenal Chelsea and so on. Infact my dad was Bourne and bread Arsenal. But he let me choose and I chose Forest. Now I have no option but to support through thick or thin. I will do so with no condition, as no matter what happens I have my friends and family, ( non of whom support forest). They merely console me and say things will only get better. They will my fellow fans they will. Be strong and enjoy life.

  8. I truly hope we get beaten by the sheep and make it impossible for Cotternill to continue. Enough is enough. We are as a club imploding by the day but on the pitch is a tactical disgrace and that is done to the manager. I would think more of him if he walked.

  9. Even Frank Clarks uninspiring interview says it all..No Passion or urgency !! and that’s our Chaiman !!
    Reid allowed on 10 minutes before the end,to replace ineffective Ando on the left ?? No way !! He is put on the right ,Gunter left back etc etc.. Steve has lost the plot ,and the players ! He has shown he hasn’t a clue !!!!
    I’m gutted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Spot on Alan. Apart from one shot, Ando was clueless on the left and produced little threat. It was crying out for Reidy; to bring him on and play him on the right shows just what a buffoon Clueless Cotternil is! My patience with this man has evaporated but sadly he is a reflection and extension of the buffoonery shown by the Club at executive layer. For Frank to be talking about 2013 was unbelievable given our current situation. FCUK 2013, CONCENTRATE NOW YOU IDIOTS. I am fed up with a 175 mile round trip to watch this shite every game!

  11. Spot on nffc.
    I guess we all thought things were spiralling
    out of control a few months ago, but also
    thought things would turn for the better.

    Football can be a fine line with injuries,
    suspensions, overloaded fixtures etc.

    Forest though can’t blame anyone but
    themselves for not seizing the opportunity
    over the last 2 seasons. Strike while the iron’s
    hot, put your balls on the line!!!!

    Instead, ridiculous knee jerk decisions have
    been made. No wonder the players look disinterested.
    Fuck me what a joke of a year, six points
    from safety with 18 games to go.
    That’s plenty of time…….. If you can find the
    onion bag. I also think we need to pick 2
    forwards & leave them in for 3 games.

    This bullshit scenario of giving a forward
    ( Tudgay exempt ) 45 mins. to score is crap!
    It does nothing for morale & doesn’t allow
    a player to gel with teammates.
    I would hate to be a forward for forest under
    this system.
    What have we got to lose starting Miller for
    the next 3 games eh?

  12. Surely this can’t go on with cotterrill. Sounded like a come get me from Billy on BBC the other day

  13. To be fair to Lacelles, I thought he had a decent debut, however he should have done better on both goals (I think he was the closest defender) though thought Camp may have caught cross on the first goal ?. But as for the others ? McCleary – clueless, Ando – no end product, Camp – clearly wants away, Gunter – not the player he was last season & don’t get me started on Lewis & Miller!
    At least this time we can’t blame Greening ; ).

    Right going for a lie down.

  14. ISHMAEL MILLER , get out of our FOOTBALL CLUB!

    whoever sanctioned 1.2m and agreed to pay him 15k a week for this joke, needs to be sacked now!

  15. sad to say i hope we get stuffed in the next game to get rid off Cotterill
    we will have a chance to stay up if Billy comes back but the bafoons in charge are interested in their own arrogance than the good of Forest otherwise get Warnock.
    this great club is being destroyed
    where did the comments from Frank Clark about 2013 come from?

  16. Hang your head in shame Nigel Doughty. The culmination of your many years of mis-management has manifested itself in the shameful position that we are now in. The only defence of your tenure was the money invested in the youth set-up; but you’ve made such a balls up that we are reduced to selling any hopes of future salvation.
    From long being proud of my football club; Mr Doughty by operating it as a toy with little concern about professionalism, efficiency or generating income, has reduced it to a shambles and has now cast it to one side. I always made excuses for him by declaring he was a supporter, but did he lay awake last night tortured by the utter shite that we served up last night? I did…

  17. Cotterill will not walk, nor do I think that the club will sack him.

    That said it really does feel like the tide is about to turn and his job is going to get a whole lot more difficult come Sunday!

    A defeat, invariably without us scoring, against D*rby will cap an existing run of 13 games of which we’ve lost 10 of them, drawn 2, and only won 1. ONLY two of the 13 have seen us score a goal. How many managers would withstand such a shocking run of form??

    How much more matchday support can be given to this embarassment?

    I remember in Cotterills first game he was on the sidelines instructing every move we made and every player to be doing what they needed to. It was a glimpse at the Forest of the last two seasons. Now it just seems like SC himself has given up the ghost and lets them get on with it with random interventions and the wrong times.

  18. This site is turning into a support group. Thanks for the service nffc.

    I guess if Bamford and Morgan were set on leaving, then fair enough: let’s get what we can for them. But *why* were they set on leaving?

    I listened on Radio Nottm and the boys there were commenting on the air of resignation around the place. I don’t know how true that felt in the stands..? But we do have a City Ground problem because our away form is mid-table. 10 home defeats already!

    Cotterill though: I want to punch myself in the face when I hear his post-match bollocks. Last night was another classic: I signed Jay Rodriguez; this team was crap when I arrived; Morgan wouldn’t have let those goals in if he’d been playing instead of Lascelles – oh but well done son, you should be proud of your debut.

    I think we have to somehow find a way to build a team around Reidy because nobody else in that squad can create chances. Lewis isn’t up to the job this year and Radi must have shat in Cotterill’s tea or something.

    One positive: Higginbotham sounded genuinely pleased to be signing for us.

    • Could not agree more Mishi, the bullshit this man puts out grows to higher levels after each game,what makes him think we give a flying fuck about signing the striker who has just scored 2 goals against us ….

  19. No plan …

    Administration, so we can get rid of the overpaid under performers asap. Forest is bigger than them.

  20. For the Frank Clark link its:


    It is dribble watching this shower of shite. Roll on the end of the season and the end of my commitment to the club!

  21. Says it all. Depressingly, it will probably still get even worse.

    Billy or Warnock need to be brought in. It will be a terrible use of the Bamford money for it to be used to pay off Cotterrill, but if that’s what it takes to get rid of him and bring in either of those two, it should be done… but it won’t. We’ll just keep slipping, slipping, slipping… sliding into a pit of abject missery that the fans of this club have now become so accustomed to expecting that we (me incuded) are almost apathetic. Shit isn’t it?

  22. He doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, he thinks he can change things by writing things on a bit of paper.

    Plus, he always wears rubbish trainers and looks stupid in that tracksuit.

    I bet the club have sold none since he started wearing it 🙂

  23. Couldn’t agree more with your general analysis nffc as per usual apart from Lascelles, thought he was flat footed and got under the ball a few too many times for my liking when going for headers. The sad indictment for me came when the first goal went in. No bollockings, no reaction at all, nobody seemed at all bothered, not one person tried to gee the poor young lad up either seeing as he had allowed Rodriguez a free header. Thebody language on the bench seems pretty poisonous too, Hasslebank, Kelly, Cotterrill, O’Driscoll dont seem to be getting on although maybe thats me reading too much into it and accentuating the negatives.
    Its just shite and I am just plain miserable. Dont know if anyone noticed Lewis storming down the tunnel when he was substituted either, shocking reaction from one of the biggest prima-donnas we’ve had for the last ten years. Normally I hate cheering when one of our own is substitued but I was tempted last night when Miller and Mcgugan were taken off.
    Maloney couldn’t clear his lines with his left foot yet was made to suffer at left back for the full ninety, two crosses coming from his side for their two goals, poor lad.
    Where the fuck do we go from here? I always thought it was stupid and desperation from Megson to allow fans into the dressing room at another one of our low points but maybe he had a point, only thing is, I fear it would cause more players to be on our injury list!
    I am now rambling and lost, the word shite sums it all up I think.

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  25. The only thing to do at times last nite was to laugh?
    Why, lack of control of a ball by Moussi. At times he needed 3 or 4 touches to control the ball. If he had to turn with the ball it took him 5 minutes to do so. He has had a terrible season.
    Playing a right back at left back when Gunts is ok as a desperate measure. Passes always going to his wrong foot.
    Total lack of effort from lewis & millar
    Did anyone care???
    What the fuck were the tactics for the last 15 minutes….NO make that all nite.
    Mr Cockup…….our most creative midfielder is Madge NOT lewis PLAY HIM!!!!!!

    The positive last nite was its one game less to the end of the season!!!!

  26. Frank clark and Arthur brought Cotterill in because he is a yes man and won’t roch the boat regarding arthur’s incompetence like billy did ! No way will they let Billy back ! Arthur might lose his job !!!
    Higginbottom for captain please !!
    Not Chambo !!
    Let him concentrate on his game !!
    If Chambo is restored to being our captain after his shocking lack of leadership and drop in form I give up !

  27. League 2 beckons boys and just to think that just before you came to Loftus Road last year your fans were on our message boards giving it the big one about how you were going to win the league. You all celebrated your creditible draw as if you’d nailed angelina jolie but what a difference a year makes. Enjoy your trips to Rochdale next year. Tara duck from all at QPR.

    • Fortunately most people wouldn’t judge a set of fans based on the minority of blithering idiots who brag or gloat on the pages of another team’s website.

      So I don’t imagine many will feel mean thoughts about QPR or their fans based on your classless and baseless twattery.

      Toodle pip!

  28. first time I have ever heard the A Block take the piss of our own team …….for most of the 2nd half. Even under megson …..
    Cotterill then has the audacity to imply it was Lascelles inexperience with Rodriguez ( who he signed as a youngster dont you know )- rather than his crippingly own poor selection, formation and keystone kop sideline routines .
    We want our Billy back sang the a block ……whilst the rest of us thought bloody right !
    Marthur out !

  29. hello all ….cant believe i didnt hear that cotters hasnt been sacked ! we still got Billy on the books to bring in ..and he wants it ..badly ..its sickening him and us ..how can you play at home one man alone up front ? bad dealings exposed again at the club ..ok Bamford wanted out ..cant blame him ..but yes..sell him to chelsea..but a done deal would be for him to be tied in at forest till the end of the season ! ..it gets worse ….ive just found out ..my ticket for sunday will be in the direby end !! dont think i can do anything about it now ..i arrive saturday, and i dont think the people at direby will be of any help me getting moved to the mighty reds supporters ..unless anyone has one for sale ..will gladly pay !!…. well at least i can abuse them in italian !!! but they will suss me if the most unexpected thing happens …forest score !!! you will see me being arrested ,,escorted out of the ground …i will not be using webtickets again !! …..MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !! VIVA FOREST !!!!

  30. The ship is sinking faster than the titanic and we have clueless people in charge.I just cant see SC turning this round if we get thumped @ Derby he has to go ……..!

    The whole club has become a laughing stock and a total shambles .We want our billy back .

  31. on the official site FClark says ic coterrnil doesnt use the Bamford money now he can use it in next years budget.God help us if he is still here next year, last 6 home games without scoring what does he have to do to get the sack,
    they are killing this once great club its a disgrace
    get BIlly back and get rid of arthur cotterill and doughty NOW

  32. I have just posted this on seatpitch and would like to know if any consensus can be built around these ideas amongst my fellow fans. Please let me know your views and if we have support for the same ideas I would be interested in discussing with people how to move things forward in a sensible and non-aggressive way:

    Whatever anyone’s view is on Nigel Doughty (I personally feel sorry for him and blame him in equal measure for the terrible waste of money and resources that has taken place during his ownership), but in truth, that debate is irrelevant.

    We need to establish some common ground amongst the fans and I would hope that most of us can agree on the following:

    1. NIGEL DOUGHTY: We need to establish that if a buyer can be found for £1 and the investor can prove to have the funds and willingness to take on the liabilities that Nigel Doughty currently undertakes and also have the resources to provide improved, sensible and sustained investment into the club (1st team, youth set up and the ground infrastructure), what would Nigel Doughty’s response be. If we can get a commitment from Doughty that he would say yes and not seek to have his loans repaid to him by the new buyer, then that fact should be publicised far more than it currently is across the globe in an attempt to find interested buyers. This is crucial, as Doughty may be dead against selling to a foreign investor like Leicester have, and if that is the case, we need to know about it. He also may seek to have his part or all of his loans repaid so the club cannot in truth be bought for £1 plus a commitment to take on the remainder of the costs that were agreed to whilst he was Chairman. Ultimately, we need more clarity on this than just the carefully prepared statements that have been put on the Club’s website since he left. We need the facts to be clear on this and then we need to stop underselling the club by saying no one would want to buy it. Reading have just been bought, Leicester have been not so long ago as well. Yes we don’t have a brand new stadium, but we do have a history that lends itself to promoting an international brand that can far surpass either of those clubs (or even Manchester City). Other than the people currently running it, the whole footballing world seems to appreciate what Forest have been, should be, and can still be.

    2. FAN’S REPRESENTATIVE: We need more direct fans involvement in the club. Arsenal have a supporters’ representative that sits in on board meetings. We should have an elected representative that is able to take an active part in the club’s decisions and also put the majority opinions of fans across to the other board members. Perhaps this can done more formally than is currently happening through the supporters club, and each season ticket holder would get a vote.

    3. EXISITNG BOARD MEMBERS: If there is one thing that almost all Forest fans can agree on it is that we don’t want Mark Arthur involved with the club anymore. In any event, at this time of review of how the club is being run, each person on the board should have at the very least their own position reviewed as well, and if all the facts point to a terrible track record (as I’m sure it will with Mark Arthur) then they should be removed just as easily as all the managers have been in the past and replaced with more capable people.

    4. FANS AT THE GROUND: There is a terrible sense of apathy that has set in at the club. If we get relegated, I think that the situation could be almost irrecoverable (particularly with other clubs in the East Midlands seemingly building from strength to strength). We need to address key issues in the ground. A club such as Crystal Palace should be looked at very carefully. They embrace their local community and have a group of “Ultras” that create an outstanding friendly yet raucous and supportive atmosphere in their ground. An “Ultras” (or call it what you like) area should be established in the ground where people won’t be asked to sit down constantly (like the Palace fans aren’t or even the away fans at the City Ground) and where they are encouraged to make noise and sing witty, original and supportive songs. We need a new generation of fans who will get behind the club vocally.

    5. THE MANAGEMENT: Whether you believe Cotterill should be sacked or not (I think he should be although that would be a terribly sad way to use the Patrick Bamford money), we should listen to Stan Collymore’s views on how the club’s management should be structured from Chairman down to youth team coaches. There are only a handful of clubs in this country that can point to having the tangible history that we have. We have an in-built and inherent philosophy that we can point to as being “The Forest Way” (even Billy Davies spoke about it). This should be installed at every level of the club like Liverpool and Manchester United have based on history, and clubs like Swansea have done more recently. Frank Clark deserves respect and should be welcomed as a figure head and as a bridge between the fans and the board, but we need more people who either are Forest people or understand the club at every level and their overriding aim should always be to approach football in the “The Forest Way” which is the type of football that we played under Clough. The Forest fans will always stay positive even in difficult times if they can see that the footballing principles they hold so dear are at least being attempted to be adhered to by the club’s management and players.

    I hope my fellow fans read this and I would welcome your views.

  33. Very thoughtful piece and a lot of good points raised. Unfortunately, the situation is just very raw for supporters due to catastrophic management decisions made in the short and indeed the longer term. The contempt that the club has treated supporters with, see Mark Arthur, has driven a chasm between the club and its supporters.

    However, for issues like home supporters in Bridgford End (always short-sightedly ignored by club), clarity in relation to Doughty’s intentions, I think your spot on and welcome your positivity as opposed to the usual blind negativity. Difficulty will be mobilising this; but if the right people get involved this could be a useful figure-head for us long-suffering supporters.

  34. RB

    Interesting ideas and having read thru it once you have my support. Just one pointer however, his lordship is not going to sell Forest he simply doesn’t want to.

    Why you ask? Because he rights off his loss against his tax bill and I bet he’s paid little or no tax for the last few years. Now I’m not saying thats why he has invested in Forest but is a huge +!!! I also doubt if much has been done to sell the club…….if Portsmouth can have a few new buyers sniffing around why can’t we?

    Or the alternative is I’m just a cynical owd git?


  35. yes ..very interesting ..specially on the supporters having a ultras parcel of the ground ..very common where i am in italy ..i follow forest and lazio ..i have had many problems with the silly stewards at forest ..keep telling me to sit down ..and dont make a noise !! unreal !! but real ….ive also said before we can turn the clubs financial matters in the open ..just like at swansea where the supporters unite financially ..to expose the clubs financial dealings ….10,000 supporters proof of 8k sterling ..and a financial legal people ..can expose all …another interesting thought …MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT …BRING BACK BILLY …VIVA FOREST !!

  36. Good article ! You have my support too.
    Of course the lower Bridgeford end should be restored to Forest fans,and stick the away supporter up away in a corner !
    The stewards will bleat security problems, but where theres a will theres a way !Of course Arthur HAS to go ! Cotterill must be running out of games before he has to be sacked to prevent our club going down !

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