Wes Mor-gone…

Wes: One of those players you never thought you'd see in another shirt

I’m pretty sure the first time I saw Wes Morgan play for Forest was in a pre-season friendly at the City Ground whilst he was still a youngster.  He put in a thunderous tackle on a similar-unfamiliar Rafael Van Der Vaart which left the Dutch midfielder without his boot on one foot.  I think this was back in 2003, unfortunately the Forest website doesn’t seem to show friendlies on its’ retrospective fixture lists, so I can’t check.

Since that fledgling appearance we saw him undergo the ordeal of being a stand-in leftback under Paul Hart, before eventually cementing his place in the heart of defence to the point where he’s amassed over four hundred appearances for us.  His departure makes Paul Smith our longest-serving player if my calculations are correct – obviously the fact Wes is a local lad and a bit of a cult hero, well, it makes it sad.

Having said that – a fee of up to a million quid for a player who is out of contract in a few months is sensible business.  Alas, it would appear sensible business is the name of the game at the moment for Forest (of course, more sensible business would’ve been attending to his contract earlier, and NOT signing a plethora of more highly-paid primadonnas but hey, ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing?

For Wes I’m actually pleased – he’s stuck with us for a long time and just as, with the advent of McClaren and higher wages, he must have been looking forward to a new contract to reward his loyalty and commitment.  To be overlooked until the era of Doughty walking out and Cotterill’s cost-cutting kicked in must have been a real kick in the teeth.  He deserves the opportunity to go and earn a chunk of cash before his career begins to decline.

Of course, it’s a sad indictment that a mid-table Championship team with perhaps an outside chance of sneaking into the play-offs is deemed a better bet than we are – but at the moment it’s a difficult assertion to deny.  As such, I wish Wes all the best and will certainly give him a decent reception should he ever line up against us.  To be named in the Championship team of the year by your peers is high praise indeed, so he will be missed.

If Forest fail to use this move to fund at least incoming cover for the departure of Morgan then we really are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  Chambers – hardly a ‘safe pair of hands’ this season is suspended for another game, Cunningham picked up an injury, Lynch is surely only a game or two away from his next injury… hmm, soz Gunts, looks like you’re on your own in defence.  That’s if we don’t sell you, too.

In other news Notts County apparently want to extend the loan of Kieron Freeman.  Hopefully we tell them to get bent!  We could do with him as cover for Cunningham given the lack of numbers we have in defence!

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  1. All the best Big Wes, it really will break my heart to see him in the blue of the Bin Robbers though…

    When your career’s over Wes, wash the stink off you and get back over to the CG where you belong and where your heart is fella.

    Will be missed.

  2. It was always going to happen since he asked to speak with Festa. But it’s a good career move for him and he served Forest very well. Let’s look on the bright side, at least he didn’t go to Derby.

    I just hope this doesn’t spell a few more exits, especially Bamford. He’s potentially worth more to Forest than McGugan at the moment (I say potentially).

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    • A rare Davy Oyen appearance for Forest! That’s right, Wes on as a sub for Walker, and immediately put in THAT challenge.

  4. I too remember that pre-season match & I’m sure it was PSV although didn’t realise it was Van der Vaart… Only sensible business if replacement’s are lined up & with that cowboy Arthur’s track record I’m hardly confident…

  5. Alright then; Ajax…

  6. You are right he did make his debut against Ajax at the city ground. 2-2 draw. We were 2-0 down, van der vart scored a cracker. However that picture was not from that game , we played in the new 3rd kit that season. Blue and black stripes. Call me sad for remembering , lol

    Anyhow all the best Wes, let’s hope we get a replacement in. I doubt it though.

    • No, I didn’t think that was a picture from that particular game… just an early pic from his time with us!

    • PS: It looks like he played a part in both preceding friendlies to the Ajax game away at Saint Medard and Libourne – so perhaps his home debut 🙂

  7. Good luck to Wes I dont blame you for one second, who in their right mind would want anything to do with the shambles going on.
    It saddens me that we as fans accept the travesty of mis mangement,
    nffc you almost sound indifferent ….
    (of course, more sensible business would’ve been attending to his contract earlier, and NOT signing a plethora of more highly-paid primadonnas but hey, ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing?

    this is one of a catalogue of disgraceful, incompetent decisions by Doughty and Arthur. ( I also think Frank Clark is being used as a smokecreen)
    This club has and is being destroyed, when will it end??
    . I really wish I didn’t care but sadly I do.

  8. Disgraceful, good luck Wes.. The quicker you are out of here the better. Thank you for being one of the only players to make me feel proud to be a forest fan over the last 10 years. Good luck..

  9. Lets hope Lacelles gets the vote over Moussi in the back four as Moussi has made it very clear he does not want to play there and he IS prone to defensive errors !
    Come on Steve ! Wake up and listen to your players !! Am I nervous ? YES !!!!

  10. I think the number of Player’s Marthur has not been able to tie down with new contracts is a disgrace . When he isnt complicit in the sacking of the only half decent manager we’ve had in a decade – What does he do all day ?
    He certainly is not doing anything about the ground which is looking tired and depressed compared to modern stadia . He certainly is not working on the half time entertainment and still no one can get the f***ing ball through Victors hole . He certainly isn’t working on the pies which are still not hot …….. I think they should not offer him a new contract and ship him out at 11pm tomorrow instead of Bamford and I assume Lewis ( due to Guedioura’s arrival is a swap in place i wonder ? ) ….or I will not be renewing my contract at next season ticket round .
    grumpy red !!!!!

  11. Sad to see big Wes go cant blame him though. We need 2 defenders before deadline hour or we are in the old proverbial even more than we are.

    Good to see the French lad from wolves come in we need all the help we can get 19 to go can we do it ? we need 7 wins .?

  12. Cotterill says on radio Bamford has been training with the first team for 3 months,he still thinks the kids not ready,the scouts from the prem teams that have been watching his progress seem to think he is worth a gamble to the sum of one and a half million pounds,go Steve take a gamble and give the kid a full game what the fuck have you to lose,you and Frank said you would give the kids a chance so do it ,we are still waiting,please prove me wrong and show us your not the complete waste of space i think you are………………….Good luck wes.

  13. On the official website I used to watch Billy’s interviews. With Steve now I just don’t want to see what he has to say ! Is it just me ?
    Bamford has turned down 2 contract offers so it looks like he will be on his way!
    How the hell does arthur keep his job ?
    Wake up Frank !
    You have had enough time now to assess this idiot !
    What are you waiting for ????
    All the supporters and players will be happy to see him go !
    We need a fresh start ! I thought you were bringing it !!!

  14. We were all gutted by those play off defeats but Wes was the one player that really looked like he suffered too. F*ck Leicester, he’s one of us. It’s a sad day to be a Forest fan and I fear that league one just got an awful lot closer.

  15. Something I’ve just noticed – I took that photo of Wes you’ve used at the top of the page a decade ago at the Wilford Lane training ground where he was playing in a youth team game. I remember being impressed by this giant of a defender, also by a spritely midfielder called Jermaine Jenas. Jenas seems like ancient history now, and as of today so is Wes. Brings it home a little bit to consider he outlasted so many others.

  16. From today’s NEP:

    Cotterill admits he was devastated to see the club’s longest serving player leave.

    “It is something that I would not have wanted to happen, in my time,” said the manager.

    “But he had been on the same contract for four years.

    “Every time I was trying to get him on a new contract, he said that he had been made promises before.

    “He said he had been promised a new contract last season, he had been promised a new one this season and it just hadn’t materialised.

    “So there was only ever going to be one winner….”

  17. ah well …looks like we wont get a 20 minute bamford show after all …the blundering twats at the helm have cost us once again ,,, specially if it goes to a tribunal ..but cant blame the young man ..specially whats happening with club ..good luck young Bamford…you done us proud !! MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !!! VIVA FOREST !!!

  18. ….just think ..we may have a team of just ..loanees !! MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !! VIVA FOREST !!!


  20. Just flashed up on SSN – Scott Wooton (Man Utd) and Danny Higginbotham (Stoke) both on loan……

  21. Would rather we spent the cash from Morgan to pay off Cotterill and move O’Driscoll up to the Manager job. Given the new loan signings I cannot see a better way to spend it!!

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