Westley’s dilemma..

Westley. Considering departing the sinking ship.

Westley worked his way up from a youngster in the organisation, his reputation for a great work ethic showed from an early age. Rarely unable to work through illness or injury, he established himself as a key member of the staff over many years. Always modest, and never one of the shining stars – he was the kind of solid and dependable team members that any organisation depends upon.

Through his many years he’s been through performance issues with the business, he’s seen massive changes in personnel. He’s continued his fantastic attitude and workrate whilst surrounded by those less committed than himself, he’s done this whilst under austerity measures of wage restrictions that see him rewarded less well than his contemporaries at other businesses.

This season a change in policy saw a lifting of wage restrictions and an ambitious drive to accelerate the performance of the business. Westley was excited, his current contract was up soon and he was looking forward to the opportunity to be rewarded for his dedication, loyalty and hard work, as new recruits came to the organisation on much higher salaries than had previously been allowed.

Unfortunately this new strategy proved a gross miscalculation.

With performance levels unacceptable a backlash of customer complaints saw the chairman step down, the general manager depart and leave the club in a very different financial climate of cost-cutting. Nobody had spoken to Westley about his circumstances for some time, and other organisations had noticed his dependability and his contractual situation, and registered their interest.

Whilst Westley had a great relationship with the customers of his company, was a valued colleague by his team and felt a fondness for where he worked, he couldn’t help but think about the opportunities that he could have in another organisation. Certainly he could earn more money to provide for his family, he might have a chance of developing his career to higher levels too.

The fact that Westley happens to work for a football team rather than in a factory or office doesn’t really change anything for me – I wouldn’t blame him at all for seeking to move on from an organisation that has not recognised his value or loyalty and the contribution he makes to their performance. Add in the kick-in-the-gut influx of sub-standard players on considerably higher salaries and that just compounds matters.

I would be absolutely gutted to see Wes Morgan leave Forest, the only club he’s played for professionally and our longest serving player, however, I wouldn’t blame him one little bit – and he’ll always get a good reception from me should he ever return. You’ll never beat Wes Morgan!

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  1. Agree – 100%. And many of our fans need to realise that beyond the very emotional ties of supporting ‘your’ football club, it is indeed a business and it’s employees are free to choose who they want to work for.

  2. Look at it this way: Stuart Pearce left.

    We were sad.

    The world continued to turn.

  3. Well said I see some twat on the NEP has called him a traitor but like you who can blame him?

    I don’t want him to go but I can’t say I rate him highly but no-one can doubt his committment to the cause and I wish him well.

    Another example of what a complete and unmitegated disaster our CEO is how many times in the last dew years have we not renegotiated contracts at the right time?

    In disbelief!

  4. I agree, NFFC. If he felt the need for a new challenge in his career, I wouldn’t begrudge him the opportunity at all. He has been brilliant for Forest in one of its darkest periods and if he sees a new dark period approaching, a chance for Premiership in the not too distant future and obviously more money, why would he not want to go. Loyalty doesn’t exist for players; its their job, not their pastime. I just hope Forest can get a few quid out the Championship big spenders and not do another Kelvin Wilson and make him a reserve and then get nothing for him in the end. Since he has also now asked to speak to Leicester, it’s imperative they get some money out of it. And while I would be sad to see him leave, especially since it’s not Chambers leaving instead, this does afford Lascalles the opportunity to maybe get a game. We’ve heard a lot about the young defender, here’s a great opportunity to see him.

    So I don’t think the question is whether he will go, but rather who is going to be following him? McGugan, Miller, Derbyshire (yes please!)

  5. Spot on NFFC ,big Wes has had enough like the rest of us ,as a fan we dont change thats how it is ,players come and go and Wes has served us well over the years always giving 100%,good luck to the lad hope he gets the rewards he is after ,at least we should get a bit of cash out of the deal ……………………………

  6. Great way of putting it, totally agree 100%. Love Wes Morgan but understand his dilemma

  7. Don’t blame Wes for one minute, good luck to him and as NFFC says will always get a great reception.
    As so many of us have said so so many times how on God’s earth does marthur keep his job?
    Have to say even Frank Clark is being tainted, why oh why give Coterill 3.5 years contract-unbelievable.
    Anyway good luck Wes I personally couldnt stand to be in the same club as Marthur, and would get out at the first opportunity I wish you all the best.

  8. I agree with all the comments about Wes. I am extremely disappointed in Forest following last nights youth cup win. They cannot be arsed to put the highlights on the Player website I had to watch them on the Southampton site. Bamford is the Bollocks. The goal from distance with his left foot was fantastic.

  9. I wish the big man all the best even if he goes to the bin raiders we are a lost cause cant blame him .

    Thanks for the memories Wes

  10. His name is Westley, not Wesley

  11. Brilliant post as usual combining irony and sadness

  12. good luck Wes ….cant blame him the clubs going nowhere with this dribble in charge….probably go for an undisclosed fee ..!!! onwards and upwards me hopes ….MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !! VIVA FOREST !!!

  13. Excellent article and a great way to express the situation – I totally agree with you NFFC.

    By any measure this is yet further damming evidence of the shocking mis-management that has been the hallmark of Nottingham Forest for some time. How many players have been treated like this? How many have not had contracts sorted in good time & no strategy of how to move them on to their and Forest’s benefit? Is it any wonder that players like Verhoek, Pratley and many others chose not too come to the Reds?

    Who would come to this shambles of an organisation other than those underperforming, overpaid and over-the-hill journeymen that we panic bought at excessive cost to both the coffers and changing room harmony. It is very distressing but people have to wake up and smell the coffee – Forest has been mismanaged as a Club for years by Arthur and Doughty. Ok the latter has now sulked off into the shadows and ignoring his duty to clear up the mess he created but he has left Arthur & Pell to continue to weave their incompetence and further damage the Club. Be in no doubt Clark is powerless to do anything without the mardy boy owners approval and is slowly but surely being dragged down by this mess.

    I too will be sorry to see Wes go but I don’t blame him and I wish him well wherever he goes. I hope all fans give him the same respect as they gave players like Pyscho as Wes has given every bit of the commitment and effort in his time with us

  14. great loss and sadly inevitable ……

    What about a story about a company whose CEO is universally disliked for his serial mismanagement for years , has overseen years of decline , and has alienated customers and employees alike ….but still doesn’t get the sack or step down ! I know its a bit far fetched in the real world of business …but maybe can happen in football ?

  15. sorry forgot to mention I think the CEO will also sell Lascelles otherwise he’d be in danger of having a ready made replacement !

  16. Excellent Deeping Red ..very well put ….MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !!! VIVA FOREST !!

  17. If he does leave, then I wish him nothing but good luck. It’d be nice if he joined someone other than Leicester but whatever happens I’ll applaud him whenever he returns to the City Ground.

    Wes has been through it all with us, anyone who begrudges him a chance of success at another club is an idiot.

    I’ll never boo Wes Morgan.

  18. I would be happier to wait and see who else shows an interest if I was Wes, to be honest. Fester aren’t going to both the Play offs this season. I’m sure a top six club will show and interest. He deserves better than both Forest and Fester!

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  20. The latest bid is supposed to be somewhere around £800m – £1m according to the NEP article. That might seem good for a player who’s contract is about to run out. But calculate the enourmous cost and implications to our club of relegation (which im my mind is what is likely to happen if we let Wes go) then is it really worth it?

    My god, the thought of relegation back to div 3 fills me with horror. And we might get stuck down there for another three seasons like last time. Just think of the fixtures awaiting us… Bury, Stevenage, Notts Counteh, Exeter, Carlisle, Walsall, Colchester… need I go on?


  21. I was not his greatest fan in his earlier years, but under BD he became a great player for us. 400 + games speaks for itself, and it is an ex-centre half who wants to buy him. Nottingham born and bred and played for the club … you can’t beat that … and he never will as well, whatever he does, wherever he goes.

    Anyway his agent probably needs to “provide for his familly” as well.

    As for the higher payed players who have come in and not delivered … straightforward approach from me …. administration … and tell them and their agents to “provide for their families”, out of someone else’s pocket.

  22. Your comments are spot on !!
    On another subject,Steve has said he doesn”t want to play freescoring Bamford because it might destroy him !!! It’s better he goes out on loan to score goals for someone else !!
    I say he is hot and confident !
    Put him on the last 20 minutes of every game !
    Bamford’s long term future is not my concern !
    Forest’s short term fure IS !!!!
    It should also be Steve’s !! Where is the guy coming from ???

  23. Good luck to Wes!!
    Why not look after yourself if the club you
    Have served for so long can’t look after
    Now only if Forest can spend the transfer
    funds wisely….
    Sorry, just so disenchanted.

  24. Well done all you administrators at the club!!! It looks like you played mexican stand-off with festa an extracted an extra £150k maybe £250 in add ones. But by the time the deal is done, will you have time to bring in anyone as a replacement?

    Disenchanted, cynical and fuming.

  25. spot on Alan …its a crazy what cotterill is saying about Bamford….he s on fire ….at least 20 mins a game ….gonna boost his confidence just to appear in the first team ….cotterill is a plonker ..like the rest of the dribble …MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !!! VIVA FOREST !!

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  27. We will never really know whether Wes was originally looking to engineer a move; was prompted to do so by the club’s ineptitude in sorting out a new deal (the one area it appears where Forest CAN be consistent); has had his head turned by his agent and/or the pot of gold on offer – or any combination of the above.

    Football is clearly a game of opinions and one thing that has surprised me as the interest and subsequent bids materialised, was the number of comments from some Forest fans effectively offering to give the big fella a lift down the A46 and snatch Fester’s hands off at £500k.

    Contrast these opinions with those of the Fester supporters on the web pages of their local rag, the vast majority keen to add him to their expensively-assembled but generally underperforming squad (except for when we made them look like world-beaters last Tuesday).

    With the exception of the occasional twinkle-toed mazy run and the odd wonder goal, Wes’ contribution to the side should not be underestimated – it is after all no coincidence that he made it into the Championship side of the Season last year.

    To echo the comments of Aylesbury Red, the concern here is that without the “Major Oak” in defence, for me any slim chances we had of plummeting back into the abyss evaporate. Chambers form has been poor this term, whilst Lynch has in contrast been the Player of the Season (without admittedly much competition) but is highly unlikely to remain fit for the remainder of the season with his injury record. I have absolutely no faith in the club to bring in a half decent replacement on loan or otherwise – who the heck would want to join us in the midst of all this? Let’s face it we struggle to make a signing at the best of times and this certainly is not one of those. Even if we do bring in new players at the back, they have to settle in and play alongside what we already have and allowing time for them to gel is not a luxury we have.

    As a fan of my hometown club, I always felt more of an affinity to the local players and for a while a few seasons ago, it appeared the “local” spine running through the team, really made a difference to the work rate and desire on the pitch (Bennett and Perch generally gave their all, whilst even Casual Kelvin managed it on occasions). Clearly, in the modern game, the days of players spending much or all of their careers at one club are becoming a thing of the past – something else which I think is making Wes’ probable departure even more diffucult to accept.

    Finally NFFC, I would like to add to the many plaudits you have received for this well-written and infomative site over the past seven and a half(?) seasons, having followed it from the start – even though this is the first comment I have made (although by the length of it, I will probably be barred for the next seven and a half too….)

  28. morgan to leicester…chambers to burnlet (thank fuck)..mcgugan on loan to birmingham ???…what next …

  29. ….billy davies returns ….Marthur jacks……bamford scores a hatrick against burnley and puts 6 past direby !! we can but dream sudgepuller !!

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