He’s Derby-sure to get in trouble..

Sean: Not famous for hoof-ball, which is a start!

First I suppose I should welcome Sean O’Driscoll to Forest – I’m quite pleased with his arrival.  He might encourage a few of the team to, y’know, try passing it along the floor to their teammates occasionally.  Certainly he’s used to trying to make silk purses out of sow’s ears – and with not a particularly high level of investment.  Hopefully he will also provide a bit of support to Cotterill too who, despite being very much in my bad books, does cut a rather loan figure at the moment.

Back on to the prompt for this post – I think Twitter on the whole has been more of a curse than a blessing since it because uber popular within the football fan and player community – and out-of-favour Matt Derbyshire is demonstrating exactly why at the moment.  Obviously Cotterill was quite quick to (rightly) moderate his squad on Twitter – Matt today has directed his followers to a third party to hand out abuse to the manager on his behalf, it seems.

If you check out the person in question, Scott Parsons, he’s basically been posting a tirade of abuse aimed at Cotterill for having the audacity to not pick Derbyshire.  A player who, you may agree, has not exactly demonstrated prowess or a decent work ethic (aside from his efforts at diving) when he has been given a chance in the side.  I happen to agree we’ve seen too little of him, but perhaps some of these comments his friend has been posting for him indicate why.

This is indicative of serious dressing-room unrest, and for a player to signpost things like this against their manager is potentially very damaging, and might well betray wider-spread ill-feeling.  With rumours of transfer requests going in, it doesn’t seem unfeasible does it – although who would want to buy these players on the basis of unprofessionalism like this coupled with below-par performances is difficult to guess.

Whilst much like many Forest fans I too have levelled criticisms at Cotterill, I do acknowledge we’re kinda stuck with him – and he’s kinda stuck with at least one player who is openly undermining him.  Then he wonders why he isn’t getting picked (in addition to his cameo appearances of swan-diving to the floor under little or no contact from opponents).

Say what you like about the dreaded transfer acquisition panel, under its’ slow machinations we didn’t bring in many players to the fold who seem the type to stir up trouble and discord like this.  Another layer of factors that are making times at Forest doubly hard.  Wind your neck in, Derbyshire, knuckle down in training and prove to the manager and us that you are worthy of your place – because no bugger is going to want to buy you in a hurry.  More’s the pity.

Whatever reservations I have about the gaffer, it is increasingly apparent that the ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude that we perceive from the stands amongst our playing staff is very much alive and well, which is frankly shameful.  Where is your pride, some of you?  You are supposed to be professional athletes and are earning a handsome salary for the privilege – how about you start acting like it?

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  1. I think you are dead right NFFC.

    Can’t take to Derbyshire as he is lightweight and extremely “Klinsmann-esque” but as you say we are stuck with him for the immediate future as we are very unlikely to be able to offload.

    Worrying times indeed……

    • If only he really was Kinsmann-esque! I’d take the diving if it meant he had half his talent.

  2. Good honest report as ever .The manager should print some of your comments and stick them on the Forest dressing room wall. The players need some home truths pointing out ot them. I do not use Twitter but perhaps someone can ask this Scott Parsons ( Derbyshire’s best pal ) how long he has been a Forest fan ?, does he have a season ticket ? and where does he sit ?. I along with plenty of other fans will happily meet him and tell him why Matt Derbyshire is not being picked. I will start with no skill and bone idle , he flaps around like Bambi on ice.

  3. Whatever happened to the good old days when clubs put players on the transfer list to help other clubs know who they’d be willing to sell?

    Forest seem to be hanging tight – knowing someone will need to go, but not giving other clubs any encouragement.

    Clearly Derbyshire and McGoldrick are two that would be likely to realise some cash (unlike the many who are almost out of contract) and the two are clearly below 5 other strikers in the pecking order, so their chance of first team football are limited.

    Why not be straightforward about it and just transfer list them and see what happens. If nobody is interested in Derbyshire after he’s transfer listed, it ought to disabuse him of the notion that he’s a sought after commodity, at the very least. But equally, given his pedigree someone may well be interested to take him off our hands.

    That said, it will be interesting to see the effect of O’Driscoll – I suspect some people who are currently struggling will thrive, and Derbyshire could be one of them. He has a good football brain and is a good finisher, but his positioning, pace, and physical presence is lacking.

    Great article by O’Driscoll from his earlier days at Donny – said “we can’t afford to buy a top striker, so we decided to grow our own from the players we have”. Top man.

  4. Good job you did the screen grab – the tweets in question have all disappeared.

  5. I was speaking to Mcgugan on Saturday night. He believes hes having a decent season!!!Derbyshire is a decent player, he sadly doesnt fit into a team of amateurish wannabes who have no desire to win for the club. If I was Cotterill, he wouldnt even make the bench after that tirade….oh, but wait a minute, he isnt is he?

  6. Well done for exposing Derbyshire for being the spoilt little “I am” that typifies many so-called professional players. There is no room for his type of man in a team, especially a team that needs spirit and attitude to be shown in a crisis. In the military I have been commanded at times by some Class A Tosspots but not once would I ever dream of going so public against them. There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ etc.

    I am not exonerating SC – indeed I too have little confidence in him as a fan – but he should not expect this sort of behaviour behind his back from one of his team. I hated the fact that Derbyshire kept being singled out for abuse by some fans but, even ignoring his shocking performances and that he has not proved himself on the field to justify his place or his wages, he has now forfeited any right to be part of the team. SEND A COPY OF THE SCREEN CAPTURE TO COTTERILL ITS TIME FOR DERBYSHIRE TO GO – CUT OUT THE CANCER!

    Glad also to see SoD on board but I fear its too little, too late and the dressing room seems to have already departed with rumours of many transfer requests being handed in. Perhaps this is not so surprising when you consider those players who have been previously brought in under salary caps, and who have delivered 2 play-offs, have now seen the likes of Derbyshire coming into the club on wages above their capped levels. This is shocking leadership and man-management that can’t be laid at SC’s door but sits firmly with Doughty and Arthur.

    In respect of Doughty, it was a good read in NEP regarding him and also some interesting comments especially from RAM Fans – especially KingHector. Well worth a read,

  7. Derbyshite is a joke. I’d love 10 minutes in a room with this cunt. Instead of sulking like a baby why doesn’t he try putting in some effort when he plays? Surely we can use this as an excuse to cancel his contract without paying him up. I’d be happy to be rid of the mardy, lazy, diving tosser. So do us all a favour Derbyshite and just FUCK OFF

    • I agree but where is the proof. This Scott Parsons guy could just say its him and nothing to do with Derbyshire.

      If Derbyshire has used this guy as a vehicle to vent his own frustrations then it just shows the measure of the weasel. Pissing and moaning to anyone who’ll listen cos he’s not getting his own way. I don’t know why we are surprised. That, my friends, is indicative of the modern day footballer.

      All indications are that the dressing room has gone. You don’t put in results and performances like this when everyone gets on and plays for each other. We’ve seen it all before and it will happen again. The rot has set in and if we survive it will be because other teams are shitter than us as opposed to anything we do for ourselves.

      Honestly I’d rather biff out 80-90% of the first team and go down fighting with the majority of the youth players. Keep Gunter, Morgan, maybe Lynch and at a push Raddy as he never seems to get a long enough run, the rest can fuck off.

      • Alas I didn’t screencap Derbyshire’s tweet that suggested people should follow his former coach who says it how it is. But it was there before the coward deleted it.

  8. I’d give the bastard one min with min, he’d be on the floor before he could recant his filthy surname.

    Get out of our club, before I hunt you down

  9. There’s one saving grace, I never actually have to wash Derbyshire’s kit – which saves me a bit of work. His shirt ‘n’ shorts certainly never have a trace sweat on them whenever he finishes any of his occasional cameos on the pitch. Lazy c**t!.

  10. It’s Terry the Kitman! legend.

  11. Great news about O’Driscoll. He was my first choice to replace McLaren out of the plausible options. Suddenly, not so glum.

  12. Way to go nffc!!!
    The ONLY way out of this mud is the players
    must stand up & be counted.
    If not for the Jumper or club, then for their
    own individual futures.

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  14. Spot on nffc and good on ya for bringing it out he is a light weight and not wanted by Forest fans .Nice to see Terry chipping in with some hands on analysis we need fighters at the club and I sadly dont see many in our dressing room.

  15. Straight forward simple Management ….

    Shut the players car park Saturday lunchtime, make em park in town, make the lot of em walk together down London Road over Trent bridge, man to man with Forest suit and tie, that’s the warm up done. No tactics discussion, done Friday.

    That’ll sort the f’in twatter comments out.

  16. yes we need much more from the players but Cotterill is PAID to do make that happen. Thats his job and he is failing big time
    he knew what he was taking on and he knew he was to be sacked by Portsmouth. Good old top management at Forest even paid compensation to Pompey what a farce, we must be the biggest joke in football, you couldnt make it up.
    2 worst mangers in our history in one season.

  17. Derbyshire; what a self-deluded prick. His cowardice on the pitch appears to be reflected by his cowardice off it. If you get hold of him Terry give him a slap from me, and if you require anyone to chauffeur the muppet out of Notts I’m the man!!!!!!

  18. the clue is in the name….

    derbyshire born, derbyshire bred, long in the arm and thick in the head

  19. Sad to see Derbyshire has turned into such a person. Should be ashamed of himself. When he was at Blackburn he always put effort in, maybe due to it being his hometown club, and his finishing was first class, was always let down by being lightweight though. Knowing his background and where he started he should feel more privileged to be playing in the higher leagues. Sort out attitude your Matt!

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