Another turd sandwich served up by pathetic Forest..

Cotter-nil - doesn't have the means nor ability to turn things around for Forest

Leicester City – 4
Nottingham Forest – 0

Leicester deserved to win, probably by more than four goals.  In the brief interludes of pressure from the home side Robbie Findley spurned the chance to equalise with an open goal from 2 yards, he somehow it it over.  Harewood too should’ve done better with a later chance.

Billy Davies is still apparently under a gagging order as he was Mister Diplomacy in the ESPN studio whilst desperate fans in the away end chanted for him because it becomes rapidly apparent that our current manager, amusing dubbed Steve Cotter-nil by the LTLF forum, hasn’t got a single clue how to turn around the frankly alarming slide into can’t-be-arsedness from our squad.

With rumours of 9 transfer requests going in, with Lee Camp confirming pre-match that he was pissed off at not being allowed to leave for Swansea in the summer (bet Swansea are glad now, Vorm is 10x the ‘keeper Camp is) and talk again of protest in their air from Forest fans these are dark days.  On the bright side, at least we can concentrate on the league – next up a comprehensive shoe-ing from West Ham.

The players, the coaching staff, the manager and the board need to take a long hard look at themselves if the good ship Forest is going to avoid an Italian Ferry style catastrophe.  Unfortunately the board are silent, the manager is blaming bad misses in a game in which we were otherwise outclassed, and the players are busy looking for a way to get away rather than take responsibility for their part in our demise.

If I were to sum up the game, nay, the last few games with one image, it would be the one below.  I’m sorry for being childish – but it turns out this lethargy is contagious because I can’t be arsed to go into detail either. It’s been three months nearly since we scored against somebody other than Ipswich, I’m afraid, Mr Cotterill, that this makes your selections, your tactics and your motivation skills akin to, well:

With no money for signings, with no money for getting in Cotter-nil’s own coaching staff, with no money to pay off the ridiculous three-and-a-half year contract we tied him down to, it is very difficult to envisage anything other than relegation for Forest.  Perhaps the question shouldn’t be can we afford to make changes, it should be framed as can we afford not to?

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  1. Not childish, NFFC. A bit frank maybe, but not childish. I watched some of the game and saw all the misses, the goals, etc. The same thing I saw against Peterborough on Boxing day, the Forest players just don’t care, maybe other than Gunter.

    As for relegation, Forest may as well get ready for League 1 again. They are going down. What surprises me is all the players queuing up to jump shit. Who would employ them if this is how they play? They aren’t doing themselves any favours in impressing potential new employers with such sh*te football and even worse attitudes.

    As for Cotter-nil, he’s all excuse and no leadership. I don’t care if he takes the blame for the losses. I don’t care if they lose, just as long as they get outplayed. But there is no motivation, just excuse. And now he’s just boring.

    So that’s the cup out of the way. Now for Forest to ignominiously go out of the league.

  2. you all chanted for Doughty to go, he’s gone and look what happens.

    • I think you’d struggle to find any such assertion from me, and I certainly never joined any protests.

    • Doughty hasn’t gone you berk his still the owner, jesus some happy clappers on here, get real man!

    • I didn’t protest either but the one at the Birmingham game was a joke. However, Doughty saw his opportunity to sulk off because he realised he’d fcuked things up. His appointment of FC is a smokescreen to provide a fall guy. If Doughty were an Italian Ship’s Captain he’d be I’m jail right now for his ineptitude and abandoning the site of a disaster he’s caused!!

    • The wanker should have gone years ago,how the fuck can you blame a handfull of fans for this mess,just check out his record

  3. This is the lowest point for me as a fan in 35yrs I started going to games at 5 with my Dad back in the Cloughie era .Its even harder to take as Billy was sat in the Studio and I could see him hurting at what he saw cos they are his players.But he was right all along and you cant knock him for that it must have been painful for him cos he cares about the players.

    Nigel Doughty and Mark Arthur have totally and utterly ruined my great club and I am very very angry at those two tossers.No wonder Doughty is hiding away and leaving Frank Clarke to go down with a sinking ship.

    Cotter-nil has lost the dressing room and the only way the club can now turn this round is by reappointing Billy but we both know thats not going to happen.

    We could be the First so called big club to go out of existence its that serious im struggling to find words now .There should be mass protest against MA next home game and SC has to go along with those coaches who are also a joke.

    20 games left we need 7 wins to survive not with Cotter – nil ?

  4. Cotter-nil should do the decent thing and “do a McClaren” and shake Clarkes hand and walk away with no compensation.

    He hasn’t a clue at all.

    Maybe Frank himself can take charge, or the master striking coach, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink can have a go? Failing that, Terry the Kitman would probably show more tactical ability and certainly more passion.

    It’s really annoying…

  5. Thank god Masterchef came on at 9pm last night as I was seriously hacked off. No movement off the ball nor closing down. You only had to watch Leicester whenever we were on the ball – they’d have two or three players taking ours on. We’re gutless, no fight and it really is looking like we’ll be going down.

  6. I scored a hat-trick playing 5-a-side last night…that’s bound to make me a shoe-in for the NFFC first team right now. Findley, Findley Findley….there are no words. *sigh*

  7. Well I havn’t posted a comment on here for……. well bloody ages.
    These are dark, dark days the darkest days I can remember in my years following the reds. To say I feel quite sad about what is going on at the moment would be an understatement. It’s plainly obvious some players couldn’t give a shit and Cotter-nil is not up to the job (his record so far w5 d1 L10). Like many others things need to change quick or were doomed to League 1 yet again. Fucking hell i’ve had enough.

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  9. I, too, have never felt so down following Forest and I’ve been following them for over 35 years. I thought things couldn’t get much worse after Saturday, how wrong could I be. I have no idea why I’m going to West Ham (a beer fueled day out actually helps) and, as someone who works in Derby, the method in my madness for attending that match, is surely under question 😦

  10. The good news is, i’ve just realised I’m out of the office the day after we play Derby. (I work in Derby :()

  11. I have to say, as a Fox, that I’m delighted this morning. I know we hate you more than you hate us, but it was a great night from our perspective. F****t may well have been crap, but I couldn’t see beyond the startling improvement from our Barnsley defeat at the weekend, one which may lead to our climbing out of the depths of depression that lead to posts on Bentleys Roof that read much like yours today.

    Anyway, I only actually came on here to say that the fans that travelled to the KP were a credit. Their “gallows humour” was great and a reminder of what football support really is all about, while all the doom and gloom is just a (hopefully) temporary arangement.

    Can’t honestly wish you much luck, but I would like to see City win at TCG in my lifetime, so you’d better hang around a bit longer.


    Truro12 off Bentleys Roof

  12. You can’t see any light can you? No one in any position at the club is prepared to stand up and be counted. The players are letting us down like they did under Megson. Its the same thing and they call themselves professionals. ND is a prat. His investment will be worthless if we go down. How will he get any money for a 3rd division club saddled with a load of overpaid players who don’t want to be there. Fucking Joke. In three years time (if Forest still exist) we won’t be the worst professional team in the East Midlands, we’ll bet the worst in Nottinghamshire.

    There is no evidence of change in any aspect of how the club goes about its business. In fact its probably worse. MA has to be fired, he is an utter failure. Any success we’ve had is in spite of him as opposed to anything good he’s done. If you got the prick in an interview and asked him for 10 things that he’s done for Forest on his own initiative that have had a positive effect on the club he would reply with some politician like drivel about it being “very hard to quantify exact results”, or “its very much a day to day job, where change doesn’t happen over night”. It sends me crazy daft thinking that twat has a job and to add insult, its well paid. Just Fuck off… FUCK OFF.

  13. Predictions for Upton Park on Saturday, then? I think that if West Ham get 2-3 early goals then Forest could be heading to record defeat. Why is there not more public anger towards Mark Arthur? There’s always a bit of chanting when things go a bit bad, but nothing particularly sustained or ferocious.
    Well, I’ll say it now: I predict 7 or 8 nil to West Ham.

  14. Billy spent so much time going about the transfer window, I actually went to bed half-believing the rumours of his return. Wishful thinking. It was interesting to hear him though – and Camp too who, as you rightly say, has clearly been in a sulk since the summer. Grow up and get over it ffs.

    I saw Gunter, Lynch and Reid putting something resembling a shift in. What’s particularly shocking is how quickly the situation has deteriorated. A month or two back we just looked toothless: we were playing plenty of decent football, creating chances and dominating the opposition for significant periods, but we just couldn’t score. Now we’re a total shambles – and whatever there is to say about the mismanagement of the club itself, this has to come down to the players and the coaches. Cotterill clearly is out of his depth and has no idea what to do next. He admitted as much in his post-match interview and to my mind, that’s sufficient grounds on its own for him to be relieved of his duties.

    There’s so much to be pissed off about at the moment but one thing that really riles me is that every Forest fan I know could see before we even hired him that Cotterill was the wrong man. But not only was he hired, but we paid compensation to Portsmouth and gave him a 3.5 year contract.

    On the bright side: excellent performance by the fans last night. I’ve already foolishly shelled out for West Ham tickets so will be hoping for a good turnout again if nothing else.

    One other thing: my Derby mate (yes, I’ve got one) says this is what happens to every club after BD leaves because of his total neglect of the youth and reserve teams. Not sure I buy that, but it’s an interesting point.

    • …or maybe because he’s an excellent manager who turns average individuals in to good teams? Neglecting youth and reserve for 2.5 years when we had the youngest squad in the league anyway damaged very little.

      On a general note, I didn’t chant for ND to go but it was still never explained to me how the club hemorrhaged so much money for so long for a frankly average playing staff and small squad. After success with Billy, eventually ND backed the wrong horse, again, and this time the financial burden means there is no more room for manoeuvre.

      I’ve seen a few relegation sides as a supporter but there always seemed to be some potential chink in the clouds that held some hope. Today, the only thing I can think of is the untapped management skills of the Chairman, anyone else?

    • Don’t believe the last point – Billy was openly praised by both ND & MA for being instrumental in designing and implementing the building of the new Training / Reserve and Academy unit on Wilford Lane.

  15. Got my De*by ticket and instead of looking forward to it like i should be i’m absolutely dreading it. If we show this level of performance, and more importntly, passion down there then we’ll get battered and thats inexcusable. I’m thinking of not going, but i’ll end up going and if i see what i’ve seen over the last few months that’ll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The players are nothing short of a disgrace at the minute, and should have their wages stopped. I bet they’d play then. C*NTS

  16. Lost for words…

  17. It’s all been said… Nigel Doughty you need to step up to the plate and take some responsibility by sorting out the mess you created. If you don’t your legacy will be utter failure I’m afraid.

  18. I have a frame at home which contains a ticket from the 1979 European Cup Final, autographed by Trevor Francis, above a programme from the match and a photo of his winning goal. At the time, I remember thinking that the ‘good times’ would go on for ever!

    At least those of us who have been supporting for 35 years can look back on some good, well actually fantastic, times. I feel sorry for the supporters, like my son, who have only known the last 8-10 years, with one or two highlights, but mostly average stuff until Billy exceeded our expectations but ultimately wasn’t quite able to deliver.

    Remember how nobody liked him when he first arrived because of the Derby connection – I bet no-one thinks that now!!

    The facts as I see them are as follows:

    – ND, who madly sank nearly £100m into ‘our’ little club, helping us to live a dream has decided that enough is enough and to be honest, who can blame him.

    – During the last 10-12 years, we have had a series of Managers, none perfect, but all trying their best to deliver ND & our dream; ultimately of Premier League Football.

    – Eventually we found someone who knew the League, had a strong team around him and good really motivate the players that he chose – almost Clough-esq.

    – Damaged by previous experiences, ND surrounded Billy with a ‘Transfer Acquisitions Committee’, which was well-intentioned, but tried to control someone who ultimately had to have control to succeed.

    – In two years, Billy over-delivered and probably knew that the team he had built wasn’t going to be good enough to cross that promotion line and so reinforcements were needed.

    – Overpaid, non-performing players were allowed to leave, others came to the end of their contracts and we were all expecting those ‘quality signings’ that would deliver the dream.

    – In his wisdom, (it is his club), ND had become tired of BD, got rid and replaced him with SMc, who would fulfill all the PR ambitions of a club in the Premier, but the decision was rushed and in my opinion, fatally flawed because he was on his own and had no-one to support him, share ideas, encourage, etc …

    – Understandably, the players loyalty had been to Billy and they were never going to respond to SMc. From day 1 – remember the 0-0 at home to Barnsley, it wasn’t working. SC has then come in with no support, no money and no opportunity to do things his way – a guaranteed disaster in any walk of life or business.

    So, as fans, what do we do – walk away? No, because stupidly, every time I look at that frame, I believe that one day, there just might be the possiblility that we will again achieve success and deliver on our dreams.

    So, I take the really bad times (like now) with the good and the great, and continue supporting, because I know that there will be great games and goals and successes one day, which will have my leaping up and down like some idiot again. I, for one, hope that I will still be there in another 35 years – I might even have another frame on my wall by then?

  19. Top post Steve!

  20. Comments are about what has happened, understandable of course, and everyone is feeling it, but Forest need to move on and build for the future ….

    I can see appoint FC and a mass protest against MA being the only things that can be done.

    Here’s what I would do.

    Sack Camp, sue him for breach of contract for saying he wants to leave (if that what was said). Where is his respect for the club? Put in an under 18 keeper, like BC did with Crossley.

    Put us in Administration, terminate the contracts of the vast number of players who are massively overpaid for the job they are doing.

    Find a buyer after ND has written down some of his debt.

    Play the kids against West Ham …. you see the Supporters have pride, f’in pride, the under 18’s love the game, love the shirt, not like the shallow bastards who are playing at the moment.

    Find the Manager in the lower leagues who can bring some football back into the club, the new Lambert, new Martinez etc. or Billy. I’d also thank SC, decent chap.

    Put some supporters back into the club and get rid of any hanging on Director who are achieving jack shit.

    Anyone else any ideas ?

  21. Yes I’ve an idea; to carry the turd analogy on a step forward I think we should have a dirty protest on our next visit Trentside!!
    Sorry Steve; you provide a great post and I follow it up with this… Like you I’ll be loyal to the end, unfortunately the vast majority of so-called Red’s won’t be. You Reds!!!!!!!!!! oh & Arthur out!

    • I don’t think there’s a question of loyalty,
      it’s more the massive turnaround in
      The teams we have competed against for
      promotion over the last 2 seasons are still
      competing for promotion e.g Cardiff, Hull, Reading, … They’re not massive clubs so
      what the F**** has happened to Forest!!

  22. Got my 8 year old daughter a season ticket for the first time this season. She has seen ONE win (the other was a night match and too late)

  23. No new ideas, I just plain give up. Drafted my resignation letter to Frank last night to send with my season ticket. Think it reads well but now east mids trains have switched my train tickets for the cancelled train last Saturday (dodged a bullet there) means I have complimentary tickets for Watford game so any dramatic sending back of ticket will have to wait till then.

    In the meantime, I’ll give it 45 mins at west ham.

  24. Anyone unsure of SO’D’s appointment? Read this:

    I am very happy to give FC and SC huge credit for this appointment!

  25. Now Driscoll is in ,get rid of the other coaching staff. No compensation is paid if they are sacked based on the latest results,
    Frank clark ,Step up Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get rid of arthur Now !
    He won’t resign because of his enormous salary !
    Pelling can do his job without extra pay.
    Frank Clark…You have seen our last 2 performances !
    Act now !
    We are watching you this week to see what action you are going to take to save our club !!!
    This week !!!

  26. Bravvvvissimo stephano !!…..when DOUGHNUT took the club over ..i remember shareholders having to lose shares for this to take place …its been bad business since that day ….we need the youth to step up and show the dribble real heart and fight and passion for the honour of wearing our great shirt with 2 stars ! i remember the days from the old dividion 2 …East stand boot boys ..if anyone remembers ..thats where i stood ..supporter always …this is the worst time in my passionate history of following NFFC …MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT ….THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE ..NOT THE PEOPLE WHO DEMONSTRATED ….DOUGHNUT TOOK THE OPPURTUNITY TO STEP AWAY …HEARD HES AT TOTTENHAM GAMES NOW …QUESTA SITUAZIONE TUTTO MERDER !! VIVA FOREST !!

  27. Sean O’Driscoll : Cotter-nil’s replacement at the end of the season?

    Could do worse to get us out of the third division – at least he had a reputation for playing good football at Donny

  28. ………..its embarrassing ……….when will it all end ?????????? MARTHUR AND ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !!

  29. The appointment of O’Driscoll sounds good on paper. Of course I want it to work out for him and the club. But it doesn’t seem to matter who we get. It turns to shit for them because of the way the club goes about things. Jose Mourinho with 10m would fail at Forest. I’m certain of it. There’s summat rotten at this club and we need a real rain to come and wash the scum from the streets. Forest right now are like one of those toilets you see in a bleach commercial. No matter how many flushes using whats available on the market there is always one or two little germs left over (MA) and then they grow and infect the rest. We need some military grade domestos.

    This appointment also wreaks of relegation acceptance with the hope they can build a promotion winning season next season after clearing out the overpaid dead wood and people who want to leave… Which basically leaves us with the youth set up.

  30. The east stand arrrrrrr,MARTHUR OUT

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