Another turd sandwich served up by pathetic Forest..

Cotter-nil - doesn't have the means nor ability to turn things around for Forest

Leicester City – 4
Nottingham Forest – 0

Leicester deserved to win, probably by more than four goals.  In the brief interludes of pressure from the home side Robbie Findley spurned the chance to equalise with an open goal from 2 yards, he somehow it it over.  Harewood too should’ve done better with a later chance.

Billy Davies is still apparently under a gagging order as he was Mister Diplomacy in the ESPN studio whilst desperate fans in the away end chanted for him because it becomes rapidly apparent that our current manager, amusing dubbed Steve Cotter-nil by the LTLF forum, hasn’t got a single clue how to turn around the frankly alarming slide into can’t-be-arsedness from our squad.

With rumours of 9 transfer requests going in, with Lee Camp confirming pre-match that he was pissed off at not being allowed to leave for Swansea in the summer (bet Swansea are glad now, Vorm is 10x the ‘keeper Camp is) and talk again of protest in their air from Forest fans these are dark days.  On the bright side, at least we can concentrate on the league – next up a comprehensive shoe-ing from West Ham.

The players, the coaching staff, the manager and the board need to take a long hard look at themselves if the good ship Forest is going to avoid an Italian Ferry style catastrophe.  Unfortunately the board are silent, the manager is blaming bad misses in a game in which we were otherwise outclassed, and the players are busy looking for a way to get away rather than take responsibility for their part in our demise.

If I were to sum up the game, nay, the last few games with one image, it would be the one below.  I’m sorry for being childish – but it turns out this lethargy is contagious because I can’t be arsed to go into detail either. It’s been three months nearly since we scored against somebody other than Ipswich, I’m afraid, Mr Cotterill, that this makes your selections, your tactics and your motivation skills akin to, well:

With no money for signings, with no money for getting in Cotter-nil’s own coaching staff, with no money to pay off the ridiculous three-and-a-half year contract we tied him down to, it is very difficult to envisage anything other than relegation for Forest.  Perhaps the question shouldn’t be can we afford to make changes, it should be framed as can we afford not to?