Leicester City vs Forest preview..

Can anyone muster up any enthusiasm for this one?

So, Leicester are on quite rubbish form – we are worse.  Arguably a positive development for us is the suspension of Luke Chambers after his red card at the weekend (a bit mean, I know, but he could do with a break if nothing else).  The promise of a fourth round tie at home to Swindon Town awaits the victor.  I read somewhere amusing that Forest will conspire to beat Leicester purely because a home defeat to Swindon would result in the bigger embarrassment.

It feels a bit like that.

Anyway, like us, Leicester lost at the weekend – although they did score, losing 2-1 at home to Barnsley.  We, of course, rolled over and gave Southampton the freedom of the City Ground, but for a late resurgence from Lee Camp it could’ve been much worse than 3-0.  Indeed, had Southampton actually put in a proper shift it could’ve been worse too.  It doesn’t bode well.

Chambers being out at least prevents Cotterill from playing Greening and Moussi in midfield, because it’s likely the Frenchman will need to drop back to partner Joel Lynch in defence.  This might offer a way back in for George Boateng who – despite an impressive performance at Ipswich – has found himself once again on the fringes of the squad.  Maybe that other forgotten man Majewski will get a game?

I’m struggling to remember a game since the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy days that I was less enthusiastic about.  If Forest have the same attitude and endeavour as they had at the weekend then even a side on as ropey a run as Leicester will capitalise.  And frankly, it won’t be the end of the world.  I’ll be watching this one on ESPN, the idea of paying money and making an effort to watch Forest at the moment seems like an ask too far.

Prediction? I think we’ll get knocked out the cup – and I’m struggling to give much of a shit at the moment.  The lethargy, it seems, is contagious.

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  1. I would drop most of the team and give others a run out they cant be any worse than the spineless imposters in a Forest shirt on Saturday can they ?.

  2. Being in Venezuela means I can see Forest on espn……I shall have a coffee and brandy ready………In better circumstances I would have invited some friends around,but needless to say I shall suffer alone !
    I also am glad Chambers is out.
    He was never a captain !
    Greening for captain ?
    I hope Reid ,Boatang and Majeski are in the starting line up.
    Mcgugan needs to step up a gear if he wants someone to buy him !!!!!!!!!
    it !. We can always hope for a lucky break !
    Just for our loyal supporters who deserve a win to celebrate in Leicester !

  3. “Can anyone muster up any enthusiasm for this one?”

    NFFC-Nope. i really cant get any enthusiasium for it anymore. A question for of you out there…..if you had to renew your season ticket now would you do so?

    Me no…….the club is in deep shite and I’ve had enough.

  4. I honestly don’t give a shite about the Leicester game but the really sad thing is that this feels far worse than every previous relegation season with genuine anger evident at those responsible for getting the club into this position. Yes Doughty and Arthur I do mean you. The club is in a dire state of affairs both on and off the pitch and every time a decision is made it turns out to be a dreadful knee jerk miscalculation because there isn’t and hasn’t been any coherent direction or strategy from the executive layer.

    It is hemorrhaging long standing loyal fans who, like RavinReg, have simply had enough an this is also something that didn’t happen before. Just an irritating selection of witless dullards remain who are refusing to accept the club is in a poor state of affairs and hurling puerile abuse at everything other than the club for the mess it is in.

    I cannot see any outcome this year other than relegation plus I do not think the club is in any kind of shape to bounce back; I fear Administration as inevitable. Almost every other club that has hit trouble (e.g. Norwich, Southampton, QPR and even Direby etc) seem to have re-organised and made progress except us.

    The club is, in military parlance, FUBAR!

    • I’m not sure that this season is worse than some other relegation seasons, in fact I’m thinking that it is in some way better (don’t ask me how).

      However, the real difference is that through fantastic blogs like this and twitter, etc … we get the chance to vent our frustration and feelings in print, and have the chance of someone replying.

      Perhaps is we all stopped ‘talking’ with each other, it would get better, but then again ……………………………….

      • I think you might be on to something there Steve. Back in the day ranting was done in pubs and gradually subsided as the beers flowed. Scathing articles in fanzines took a week or more from conception to print, all in all, there was a lot less immediacy.

        Our blessing of instant dissemination of information combined with modern society’s craving for instant gratification in all areas of life probably has conspired to make us more susceptible to over-the-top knee-jerk reactions.

        Bloody hell, I should go to bed, I sound like a right pretentious arse!!

  5. has frank clark commented on our present position on and off the field ? he is after all the only one who has the clubs interest at heart ? …im not having a go at frank ..it just makes you wonder why he has not commented ? is he being silenced ? this is a shocking time ..and drastic action could turn things around ….at this stage …to leave it to carry on will only increase the damage already done by DOUGHNUT AND MARTHUR AND THE DRIBBLE !! …..HOW MUCH IS THE CLUB ON THE MARKET FOR ? WHO IS MARKETING ?

  6. Clearly no-0ne gives a sh*t about this game, so we’ll probably win.

    I remember watching us tear Leicester to pieces a couple of seasons ago (5 – 1 at home). Raddy ran the game that day, he was superb. How is it that can he not even get into the squad now? Something has gone very wrong there, the lad has so much talent.

  7. Hey look on the bright side everyone,
    We might be playing some mouth watering
    ties against the likes of Notts Co. & Wallsall
    next season.
    Maybe even Stevenage!
    That’s if they don’t take Forest’s spot in
    the championship.
    Mouth watering or utterly gut wrenching!

  8. I hear the problems with Dean Windass started when he got a Forest half season ticket at Christmas……………………………

  9. FUBAR 🙂 🙂 🙂 Not FIDO!!!! Deeping?

    For those of you who need a translation it means Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair/Reason.

    That sums up the club at the moment we are a ship without a rudder heading for the rocks!

    At least its on ESPN tonight!

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  11. I haven’t been this season, can’t see myself paying for a ticket in the near future. Why am I going to put my hard-earnes money into a club whose senior administration are preparing for a future of mid-table mediocrity in League One? Hey, at least we’ll be financially stable though eh? Or will we when the average home gate struggles to top 10K? All you Doughty/Marthur apologists I hope your happy, this is what you’ve invested in. My son is six months old and I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell him. There won’t BE a NFFC to support by the time he’s old enough to go to the game at this rate. The worst time I can remember in 30 years of supporting this once-proud club and I see nothing but despair in the future. Any of the ND cheerleaders ready to admit that Billy may have had a point yet? Idiots

  12. I have just upgraded my Sky to watch the match tonight and King Billy is on.Very interesting comments from Billy and Campy.

  13. Crisis time !!!
    Cotterill can’t do any more with the players he has, so step up Frank clark and get someone to get a couple of loan players in Now !
    No excuses !
    Mark Arthur can take a pay cut from his enormous salary to help the club.
    The two so called coaching staff can go !
    Tough times mean tough decisions !
    We go into div 1 Mr Clark,we will be there for a few years !
    Get your finger out now !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I agree with these sentiments above. Somehow this Forest side – which has largely the same personnel as last season – feels worse than the ‘team’ a few years ago that contained personnel such as Ross Gardner and Gareth Taylor (etc etc). I have foolishly paid 32 quid to go to West Ham on Sat. I predict at least six goals for the Hammers. Frank Clark should take charge and get Cotterrill, who is clearly useless, out.

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