Step up to Red Alert..

"Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb..."

"Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb..."

Nottingham Forest – 0
Southampton – 3

The saddest part of this weekend wasn’t so much another defeat, another goalless performance, another bamboozling post-match interview with Steve Cotterill, another game of mindless hoofball.  I can even begin to acclimatise to the lack of effort the team seem to put in (which is depressing), but – similar to the Leeds game – it’s the fact that Southampton didn’t really have to try.

Indeed, they were weakened from their regular line-up and – in truth – didn’t look all that good.  We just looked so much worse.  The scoreline is, if anything, flattering for us despite our reasonable start to the game where both Marlon Harewood and Joel Lynch ought to have scored.  The referee is a good talking point, he was awful, although Chambers did lead with his arm and make contact – it was probably ‘by the book’ the right call, but the decision was made thanks to the shameful reaction of Southampton players and bench alike.

So anyway, let’s try to get inside the head of the manager when contemplating the selection. “Hmm, Andy Reid and George Boateng both had excellent games at Ipswich, a game we won in… I know, I’ll drop them..”  Whilst I acknowledge that the gaffer has constraints to work under, I don’t think that he does himself any favours, and am rapidly starting to think he’s just as bad – if not worse – than Schteve McClaren.

Gunter    Chambers    Lynch    Cunningham
McCleary   Moussi    Greening    McGugan
Harewood    Tudgay

So, a four-four-two formation and a first start in his second-spell for Marlon Harewood.  A cagey start, the earliest opportunity of note falling for Dean Hammond, who picked up the ball outside the area, and must have marvelled as our centre halves just stood and looked at him whilst he picked his spot towards the far post.  I suspect it was going wide, but Camp couldn’t be sure and made a smart save at the expense of a corner.

On a slow run away from home and without their leading scorer, the visitors were pretty conservative in their approach – building possession, but invariably gaining territory – and often being assisted by a referee who seemed to deem every instance of their players falling over (which happened quite frequently) as being a foul.  One such freekick was whipped in by Fox, it was cleared – but badly, but fortunately the shot from Lallana was straight at Lee Camp.

Forest did start to make some progress in the game – a corner whipped in by McGugan was deflected off the head of a defending player, falling for Tudgay but slightly awkwardly, so he ended up heading over.  In truth, deflection or otherwise, I’d expect better.  Another opportunity came for Tuds after Harewood fed the ball to him, he went for a lobbed effort but didn’t get nearly enough on it so it was an easy save for the visiting ‘keeper.

A McGugan freekick from a long way out was blasted low by the midfielder, it went through the wall and ended up at the feet of Marlon Harewood around six yards out, Hooiveld put in an excellent block, although you’ve got to say the big striker could’ve done a lot better with a gilt-edged chance.  Sure enough, as Forest’s small portion of effort fizzled out the what-has-become-inevitable sucker-punch was sure enough to follow.

Southampton broke quickly through Jack Cork down the right (Jack Cork cost around the same as we paid for Greening, sigh!), he crossed in and the ball was squared back to Connolly, his shot was parried by Camp straight to Do Prado who gladly accepted the mission to slot the ball into the now gaping goal to give the Saints a 1-0 lead.  It brought the largely quiet visiting fans to life, whilst Forest fans – to their credit – tried to stay reasonably positive.

It wasn’t game over just yet – again, McGugan seemed to have got the knack of corners – this latest one was flicked by Luke Chambers at the near post, finding Joel Lynch at the far post who really should have at the very least hit the target with his header, instead putting it over.  A McGugan free-kick caused some consternation and brought a save from Davies, and a Lynch effort from long-range resulted in a decent save from him.

Wasn’t to be, half time – and losing.  It was to get worse.

Four minutes into the second half we were down to ten men – Chambers jumped with Connolly and won the ball, he lead with his arm, he didn’t ‘elbow’ him as such but there was contact.  It’s the kind of challenge you see dozens of times a game.  The difference with this once was that Connolly went down like he’d been shot, and pretty much the entire Southampton team (including the bench) reacted as if a crime had been committed.

By the book, it probably was a red card – Chambers’ elbow struck Connolly in the head – however, that sets a risky precedent and opens up naturally frustrated comparisons to the likes of Matt Mills overtly elbowing Blackstock with insufficient punishment in recent games.  We do seem to get little luck from referees lately.  On the bright side, Chambers will now be suspended for three games – because, I’m sorry to say, he’s been awful.  Defensive crisis or not.

Moussi was pushed back to defence with Tudgay moved into midfield.  Southampton started to seek to take advantage of their additional numbers, an excellent cross from Lallana found Do Prado who conspired to miss from just eight yards out.  They started to grow in confidence with the combined realisation that they had an extra man, and that we were – well – crap.  Lallana and Cork in particular started to dominate – the latter having a decent effort that Moussi needed to block.

Moments later they had doubled their lead – a clever trick from Harding saw him cut in and feed the ball across the box, a deflection saw it reach the miraculously recovered Connolly who could hardly miss from close range.  Cotterill’s response was to take off the ineffective McGugan and put on Paul Anderson, and moments later withdraw Harewood for Robbie Findley.  As this didn’t change much, he swapped Tudgay for Blackstock – who was half-applauded half-booed by the Southampton fans oddly.

Moments later they were singing for him to give them a wave – odd!  I guess they might have an influx of fans who perhaps aren’t quite in tune with those who’ve been around longer.

Southampton’s last goal was a decent hit, although you have to ask questions of Camp – Schneiderlin strolled forward with the ball to around the 25 yard mark and – unopposed – hit a decent enough shot inside the near post.  Camp got a hand on it I think, and really shouldn’t be being beaten from there like that.  He seemed to think the same and made a series of smart saves from Holmes and Schneiderlin – the pressure continued to the very death when Martin missed a sitter.

Most Forest fans won’t have seen the latter stages – the ground was more than half empty in the home sections long before full time.  In truth, I can’t blame them.  We were, and are, bloody awful.  If the rumours of significant changes to come are true, then I say bring it on.  I noted on Twitter last night that the only players I’d be sad to see leave us would be Morgan, Cohen, Gunter, Blackstock and Lynch.  I might add Raddy to that too – other than that I stand by it.  I was expecting some backlash from fellow fans, and whilst others added some extra names there wasn’t much argument.

As for the manager, coaching staff, Mark Arthur – hell, only Terry the Kitman as part of the general player-related staff that I have any fondness for.  It’s a sad time when you feel like that about the club you support – that you can count on your fingers the people who impact you as a fan who you actually hold in high enough regard to feel sad if they left.  We feel a more helpless case now than we did under Megson who, ironically, is doing rather well at Wednesday at the moment.

For my next trip to the City Ground I think I’ll take a book or the paper with me to pass the time, because the football being served up under Steve Cotterill is awful, and to make matters worse, it isn’t even effective.  The worst of both worlds.  If his was the best CV under consideration from the Forest board then I dread to think who else applied – Jedward? Kerry Katona?  I can understand why fans are pointing to Neil Warnock’s availability, although I can’t see that ever happening!

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  1. Total and utter bollocks, cannot believe what has happened to Forest. I’m probably wrong but I don’t remember feeling this miserable during the Platt/Kinnear/Megson reigns, because at least back then we kind of knew we were shit and wasn’t expecting much else.

    This season was supposed to be the one where we finally climbed back to the Premier League. McClaren was appointed as the man to finish the work Billy Davies started. And I wasn’t against his appointment, I thought it was a shrewd bit of business. Then everything went wrong.

    11 months ago we beat Cardiff City 2-1 to go second in the Championship. Our club has been ripped apart in less than a year. Nice work by those responsible.

  2. Worst game I’ve seen…well since yesterday as they’re all pretty appalling at the moment. The presence of hoofball is getting more and more marked, and as soon as we concede we never look like getting back in. never seen a city ground exodus like the one after the third goal yesterday. Hard to watch.

  3. I have just watched the match on BBC The Football League Show what a load of crap.Shocking defending and very poor in front of goal. We are doomed under clueless Cotterill.

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  5. i we dont sort this out asap we will spend the next 5 yesrs plus in league one or below come on sort it now

  6. i agree nffc …some names you mention to be released will sink the team …and like ive said over the time since King Billy was sacked …the people responsible for sacking him should hang heads in shame ..thats what has and still is destroying our great football club…unfortunately ..or fortunately .which ever way you wish to look at it …i have to watch most of the games by extended highlights..the players heads are always looking down on the ground ..cotterill has not got the motivation of turning the players round .. moussi , chambers greening are not good for the team ..they should go . ..we only have to take a chance with youth team players ..there will be nothing in the transfer window …i would play 3 attackers mcgugan tudgay mcleary. i think marlon is just a waste of time …maybe better in defence …i hope its not too late ..but something drastic has to happen ..drastic like when they sacked King Billy ..that was shocking in my opinion ….what are the club doing about selling ? why dont they get rid of MARTHUR AND THE DRIBBLE ? sad times ………………..u reds !

  7. Agree with most of this, although I think you have gone over the top with the reaction from the Saints players and bench.

    1) It was only Hammond who went over the top, with the rest of the Southampton players restraining him.
    2) It was a fair old whack that Connolly received, certainly no play acting on his part. If you get the chance to browse twitter you’ll see a pretty damning photo of the bruise left.
    3) Finally, you reap what you sow. Hooiveld got a deserved yellow for tripping Tudgay. However, Lynch, Moussi, Greening and one other immediately surrounded the ref asking for a straight red!!

    I like Forest as a club, had a great time up there when we played you on the final day of season a couple of years ago. Cotterill on the other hand is clueless. Why on earth you actually paid compensation to Portsmouth to get him is beyond me.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • Paying Portsmouth compensation for him is something that puzzles us Forest supporters too, especially as Pompey fans say he was on the brink of the sack anyway.

    • Including the ‘keeper who ran 60 yards to remonstrate with the referee? I think not.

      There could well have been a bruise and me being a bit harsh on Connolly.

      I don’t recall our players showing any such protests – sounds like too much effort for most of them. They all pretty much ignored an actual blatant elbow by Matt Mills on Dexter last weekend against Leicester!

      But aye, don’t take me as being bitter – you deserved to win, probably by more – and I don’t think you were made to work too hard for it either. Best of luck with the rest of the season, doesn’t look like you’ll need it!

  8. Red alert? If we dont get anything from the hammers and clarets I think we might be moving to brown alert

  9. The wife and myself travelled up from Essex,some turd decided to shut the A14 and send us on a wild goose chase around Cambridgeshire, so it took us a little over 3 hours to get there. Watching the shambles of a warm up was scary. Rob Kelly played pass the ball with Cunningham, JFH and the other guy stood and chatted to a groundsman,and most of the team just amused themselves, no leadership anywhere!
    Cotterill has no chance with these muppets on his staff, but it is his own fault for taking the job under such terms, I guess he knew he would be out of work soon at Pompey,so what the hell?
    As for his “tactics”, he seems to have just the one, which is to get Camp to hoof it as hard as he can, and hope we get the ball back at some stage.Clueless! It is all shit, the whole squad should be transfer listed,we are going down, we cannot defend,create or score,we cannot pass and we cannot retain the ball,this club is rotten to the core, and it is a bloody disgrace, I was a supporter of Doughty, but I will never forgive him for running this great club into the ground.Marthur should walk, he is utterly hopeless. We will go down, we do need a new management “Team”,new players a new CEO and a new owner,WHAT A BLOODY MESS. How low can we go and how long before we return, Christ only knows! Where is the billionaire Forest fan when you need him most?

  10. I now know Cotteril was the wrong choice !
    The players still miss Billy with his thorough preparation for each game !
    Justified criticism of the committee and arthur cost him his job,and the start of Forest’s downfall.
    The first name on the teamsheet should have been Andy Reid,our in form player who created more than any other player and had shots on goal !
    I couldn’t believe he was left out,and then to add insult to injury was not even brought on as a substitute !
    Tudgay must have wondered why his supplier of goals was not in the team !
    Frightening times !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I needed a usual balanced NFFC write-up last night, not this afternoon but who can blame you for not being arsed to compile a blog after that football mis-match?
    Yesteday’s result seemed to sour my mood far more than any other in this appalling season. Circumstances meant I had to watch it live on a Russian stream and have the Radio Nottm commentary on. NFFC plans to take a book to the next match – I started to read mine after the 2nd goal went in and watch the screen only when Frey or McGovern shouted loud enough.

    I agree – I find this worse than the Megson era. At least then there was the benefactor Doughty but no there’s nowt. Ineffective club management, ineffective team management and ineffective players.

    It’s not that I’ll ever stop supporting Forest, never . . . it’s that my level of support is changing. How many others are thinking there are better things to do on Saturday afternoons than spending money going to watch a bad team, devoid of creative ideas, lose yet again?

    I only wish there was some justification for optimism. The notion of Billy Davies returning or Wart-nock coming to turn things around is fantasy. Are either likely to want to take on a club with no money, players who can’t be sold because nobody wants ’em and whose future looks increasingly to be in the 3rd divsn?

    Time to take another Prozac . . . .

  12. Sad sad times indeed nffc I am almost devoid of emotion now and I agree this is worse than the dark days of Megson.The guys on 1865 came forward with some very good points aswell.

    I bang my drum about the ” Magnitude ” of Davies being sacked now being felt along the banks of the Trent but the ” mismanagement ” of the club by MA is colossal.

    They are utterly clueless thats why Billy used to give them so much stick and he was right all along .I am going to list some things that are quite obvious to football people they cant see it ,

    Chambers is never a captain
    Coaching staff are clueless Rob who ? JFH ?
    Steve Cotterill was on his way out @ Pompey ? We sign him ?
    Manager seems totally lost formations / dropping players who play well

    There is no passion @ the club if your going to go down at least go with a frigging battle bunch of spineless twats in my book.

    Sad sad times indeed ………….

    And the rumours are total bollocks who would want to come into this mess ??

  13. over ten hours drive yesterday to watch utter shite. agree with most that has been said. NFFC, you are right about Southampton. They were not that good. This time last year we would have been them. None of the players yesterday deserve any credit at all. however i will point out a least two that were so so poor. Cunningham ? I admit I have only seen him play yesterday but he cannot pass a football ! Mcgugan ? I have never seen a lad with such little effort. My 11 year old lad said on the way home ” Does Mcgugan still get paid for today ?” If my lad played for his team and passed the ball like cunningham i would tell him to give up football. If he play with such poor positioning and awareness of the game I would tell him not to play again. if he played with the commitment of mugugan he would be told the same again. if he played for someone like cotterball I would tell him to get a new team. that football was shocking yesterday and not the way we play football at forest. camp launching the ball up front everytime. midfield passing was shocking, marlon moain, tudgay tries…
    i left after the third goal, never left early before. what a waste of a day.

  14. Iv’e resigned myself to the fact we are going to be relegated to league1 this season. I feel sorry for Cotterill because who ever took over from mcClaren had a massive job on their hands. But i’m starting to get fed up with all the excuses and constant goalless games and losses we keep getting each week. It’s time he started letting rip on his players now because i’d sooner hear that then excuses for them. Only Tudgay, Lynch, Blackstock, Morgan and Cohen can say that they give 100% each week and hold their hands high. Miller, Derbyshire, Chambers, and Mcgugan are nothing more than a joke. Non of them care and non of them should play for us again. I just wish Cohen wasn’t injured because we miss his energy and commitment to our once great club. But iv’e got a feeling that the nest 6 days will bring us yet more pain as west ham and leicester beat us with ease. Not a good time to be a forest supporter is it?

  15. Why send freeman to notts crapty and keep cunningham?the lad is poor at best and should go back to city and free up some wages. What has raddy done that’s so bad that lazy couldn’t give a shit mugugan still gets in the team? Why leave reid on the bench? Chambers should be stripped of the armband and dropped he has been poor all season.can’t we afford to let miller,greening,boateng,mcgoaldrought all leave for free? Play the reserves bamford freeman lacelles might get more effort from them.I am losing interest at an alarming rate pompey fans said cotterill was shit and played hoofball what a twat never wanted him! Come on marfur now is the time for you to take that swim in the trent with your concrete wellies on,you and doughty have killed this club!

  16. Yesterday was another depth plumbed ……Worrying thing as many have mentioned is Cotterills team selection and tactics are now becoming baffling . The long ball was clearly being lapped up by the well organised Saints back four in the first twenty minutes – and whilst bleedingly obvious in the stands … none of the midfield got the ball down , passed or looked to get up to the edge of the box in support of the front two . Saints couldn’t believe their luck and the amount of possession the long ball gave them ….

    The most worrying thing however was the lack of fight and spirit –
    we had the league leaders on our ground and played like a bunch of
    pub players who’d been out on the lash ( only with less tackles flying in)

    what gets me is 20-25000 people bowl up every fortnight to be treated to the shi*est football in the league . We are paying good money and getting this year after year , when many smaller clubs ( in the Prem) are paying similar money and seeing real football being played . why are we fleeced like this every year ?

    The tone of the club ( like any business ) is set by the CEO – and we have had our fill of Marthur long ago – the half time entertainment ‘hittng the ball in the dustbin’ sums it up . Until we are rid of Marthur the rebuilding of the club after the fiasco of sacking Billy can never begin ……Go for gods sake Marthr and take your victor chandler board and stick it up your ar*e .

    oh and by the way the ground is getting increasingly decrepit by modern standards , and this is getting worrying for our future – no longterm , mid term or short term plan – unbelievable ! MARTHUR OUT

  17. Nigel Doughty’s reason for sacking Billy Davies was’we didn’t think he could motivate the players for another season after finishing in the top 6 twice’………………
    That decision has decimated this great club,

    …….and the best CV we had was Steve Cotterill what a disaster!!!!

    I am so angry at the mis -management and ruining of Forest.

  18. Well it’s clear now that neither the manager or players are capable, or intelligent enough to equate that if they continue to abuse the continued good faith of the supporters, they will be playing in div3.

    I firmly believe that the club are orchestrating a firesale at the end of the season in order to establish themselves as a going concern..But at what cost? I seriously doubt that the performances will attract any real interest from clubs. If you are reading this, any employee of Nottingham Forest, I’d suggest you resign tomorrow morning and stop deceiving the fans. To even suggest this is a “professional football club” is an insult.

    I’d rather Forest dissolve than capitulate and play such poor, negative, route 1 football, hang your heads in shame.

    I won’t be visiting again until we start again, out of the football league and with people that love the club

  19. Cotterill is like Megson’s evil clone! It’s just like that relegation season is happening all over agin – he comes in and the team get a few results (same happened with Smegson) and then slowly the team’s confidence erodes, the football turns to shite and the weird post-match interviews full of excuses and dark plots emerge….

    Looks like this team are relegated. I for one think Forest should follow the example of two clubs now:

    1. Sheffiled United – last season when it became clear they were going down they sold their “experienced” and expansive players and gave the kids a chance.

    2. Swansea – look at how far this club has come after nearly going out of existence. The fan-base of the club have a massive say in how it’s run and they still own the ground that the club plays on. The club has been carefully managed, on a very tight budget and the fans have had sensibly realistic expectations about where the club will end up. Today they beat Arsenal in the Premiership. Forest can only dream of this.

    As MA and ND appear to have wrecked the club and are set on returning the team to League One, we fans need to take a fresh look at what we expect from our club and consider ways to have more influence in how it is run (can’t be any worse the the two baffoons who are currently in charge).

    I’ve given up on this season, as the players and manager appear to have so it looks like despite buying two season tickets I’m going to have quite a few free Saturdays coming up….

  20. What a depressing state of affairs at
    forest. Scored in one game from the last
    I hate to say this but are we a big small
    club like Sheffield Utd.??
    Maybe the Championship is our Premier
    League as the top flight is seriously a distant
    memory. I could not imagine what would happen to Forest in the prem. with our Shitty structure & lack of vision.
    I thought we hit rock bottom a few years ago &
    began a rebuilding process but clearly we have to do this again….
    What a disaster getting rid of BD!!!!
    I miss his passion & badgering of hierarchy…
    He knew the weaknesses & nobody listened….
    Now look where we find ourselves!

  21. It’s some achievement hiring the worst two managers in our history in one season. You could at least see the logic with McClaren but bringing Cotterill in seemed to be a conscious decision to settle for second-rate goods – and I can’t remember the last time we did that. Even Calderwood was probably the best we could hope for when we were stuck in League One.

    Cotterill’s record this season is on a par with the rest of his career in the Championship – about a 30% win record. That’s what we paid for and that’s what we’re getting. He’ll be sacked sooner or later but Frank Clark’s long career at the LMA suggests it’ll be later rather than sooner.

  22. Its just shit at the moment isn’t it? Cotterill is utterly clueless in my opinion. I didn’t see any sort of gameplan or pattern on Saturday and it seems a case of putting 11 players out and hoping for the best. His post match opinions were absolutely fucking ridiculous. He seems to have tried the molly coddle approach, what they needed on Saturday was a thorough dressing down and public humiliation and a severe bollocking. I say they but I’d excuse Tudgay and Lynch from that, at lease they put some effort in, something that was sadly lacking from everyone else in a red shirt. The guy is out of his depth, an old school manager with an old school approach and a desire to ‘play the percentages’. We hire this twat at a time when most football clubs are looking for something different, something innovative, something I dont fucking know, inspiring. We get left with a manager whose style of play, methods of communication, and whole demeanour, is a remnant of the dark days of late eighties and early nineties kick and rush shit when football was frankly awful to watch.
    What we dont need at the minute are time old cliches, well worn excuses and fucking faux positivity. We are shit Cotterill, what you are trying to get them to do is shit, the majority of the players you are picking are shit or not interested, have the decency to come out after games and tell us we are shit but, perhaps, seeing as you are the manager and everything, tell us why we were shit. I’m sick of hearing you (him, I seem to be writing him a letter now) papering over the cracks with talk of how well we played and waiting for the luck to turn. In the last 10 games we have scored in 1, in the last 10 games we have scored 3 goals, whichever way you read that it should be absolutely fucking embarrassing and you should hang your head in shame. There is no way that is down to bad luck or even shoddy referees, its down to shit management, shit preparation, shit training, and shit motivation. You (he’s) got to be more open and I think, for a man who seems to pride himself on it, honest with us as, for me anyway, part of the anger is the total dissociation that the players and manager seem to take when assessing their performances.
    I agree wholeheartedly with your opinions on the renewal of contracts NFFC and also your assessment of Chambers performances this season. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if there was some effort going into the shit we are churning out week after week but I feel I am almost at the point of total apathy which, from reading NFFC’s blog and the comments we leave, a lot of us seem to be at the moment, and it just shouldn’t be like that supporting your football club. I’m leaving the house later and later to get there, talking about it less when I’m actually there, and, really sadly, find myself laughing at the shit football we are producing and the mistakes which seem endemic at the moment, I actually sit there and laugh to myself. Does anyone else suffer from this? Its almost like I’m matching the players effort, why should I shout, or in my case, say, encouragement or spur the team on when I’m getting nothing in return.Forest have always played a huge part in my life, but, as I’m now in my thirties, I’ve got to say its becoming less and less so now and I can only put that down to the shite I am watching home and away at the moment. I was talking to a bloke next to me who bought a season ticket for him and his son on the promises of another promotion push, not only is he gutted that he could have had a nice holiday, he made the quite valid point that its his son he feels for. Not only is he watching and listening to the shite at the city ground, there is no ‘hero’ for him to worship. I think about my teens when I had Collymore, Van Hoiijdonk, even Stone and Cooper to love and get excited by and in my earlier years the likes of Psycho, Keane, Clough to worship, and at that age it is worship, who have the kids got now, or even had for the last ten years or so?
    I am sorry for rambling on, although I regularly read NFFC’s blogs, I rarely feel compelled to comment but after Saturday I felt the need to write something somewhere and feel a cathartic feeling for having done so, thanks NFFC and try to keep your motivation going.

  23. The more I think about this the more I get frustrated. I thought Gary Megson was simply the worst thing to walk through the door at Forest, (oh alright then, maybe after Platt) But we are now seeing almost a carbon copy of Megson’s relegation season. There are too many things that repeatedly happen at Forest for it to be a managers fault.
    Gary Megson will get Sheff Wed promoted, I hate him but he isn’t a shit manager. Cotterill got Notts promoted, he might not be a Forest guy but he isn’t this bad. Hart went from promotion candidate to relegation in one season, Kineer had a good record and despite what you may think of him he also wasn’t a shit manager. The common denominator is that they were/are all shit at Forest… Why?

    I find it simply unacceptable that a good set of players can suddenly turn from promotion candidates to relegation in one season. For this to happen once is bad enough but its happened 2-3 times! There is clearly a disease within the walls at Forest and its killing the club. That disease is in the form of the utter dicks that are running the club from the top. ND, MA and what ever other underlings are put in charge of NFFC activities are bad management personified.

    Yes ND has put his money in but where has that got us? Its given him a licence to use Forest as a play thing that’s now turned around and bit him, like a puppy at christmas. Now the club is being shipped off to the dogs home. And if you want to stretch that analogy even further, we’ll get put down rather than find a new owner.

    Hindsight is wonderful but surely within any business that you go in to you want to structure it so it is self sustaining, profit generating and there is a core team in place that reacts to any market situation proactively. None of this has been put in place, just cracks papered over. Even with the good intentions of the academy they manage to fuck that up. The whole club needs an entire management restructure. How can you put millions in and end up getting relegated to what is essentially Div3 twice? Norwich, Southampton, Swansea, Stoke etc who all have a similar fan base are either acquitting themselves well in the premier league or are odds on for promotion? Its simply down to the structure put in place. Every manager since Frank Clark without exception at Forest has had to do their job with one hand (sometimes both in Cotterill’s case) behind their back.

    The sooner the club is sold on and all hierarchy cleared out the better.

  24. Lets not get to pessimistic , we have still got virtually the same squad as the last two seasons . What we need is a manager to motivate them,Cotterill cleary can’t . The board must start looking for someone now. Write this season off, i hate to say it we are down. Going down might not be a bad thing look at Norwich and Soton who only a few seasons ago were dire and are now flying high. The only thing that does worry me is what are these smaller clubs who are outperforming Forest doing different as a club structure to us, that is what needs to change at Forest and has needed to for a while.

  25. @Utterly_depressed_red I know how you feel mate. I used to be forest mad. Iv’e got a forest tattoo on my right arm, i used to talk about them to anybody that would listen, watch them home or away, buy all the shirts and always fly the forest flag where ever i was in the world. Now tho i just think whats the point. We are skin’t, we are in free fall, our owner has done a runner, our manager hasn’t go a clue, the players don’t give a shit bar Cohen, Tudgay, Lynch and Morgan, and the fans are also giving up and iv’e never seen this before. Their is nothing positive about Nottingham Forest anymore and it breaks my heart.

  26. We have to keep supporting the club, but not the team, how about one week we buy the tickets but do not attend? Surely an empty stadium would make major headlines and embarrass the shite that is running this club into the ground?
    Anybody think it is worth doing?

  27. yes Adrian is worth doing …the club takes us for granted !

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