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My new year resolution might be to be a little bit less of a grumpy sod.  Which gives me a couple of days to get such things out of my system.  It’s fair to say that our last trip to the City Ground wasn’t particularly fruitful, and that coupled with the higher calibre opponents we are expecting on New Years Eve makes me not exactly look forward to this fixture.

Let’s try to be more positive though – Chris Gunter wants to stay with us despite apparent interest from elsewhere.  Either that, or Forest are laying the ground to increase their asking price for him.  Cynical?  Me? Never.  Manchester City have agreed to extend the loan of Greg Cunningham ’til the end of the season – which I think is good news, despite him being somewhat hit and miss of late (like his colleagues!), and the return-of-old-boys continues with Marlon Harewood signing on ’til the end of the season from 1st Jan.

Certainly I’m expecting significant activity on the transfer front in January – an odd feeling for us.  Strong rumours link McGugan to a move which he made in his head several weeks ago, Wolves seems to be the destination of choice.  Tony Mowbray is apparently keen to reacquaint himself with Ishmael Miller – and well, I imagine anyone who will fetch a price will be considered for sale.  There aren’t many of them I’d miss!

Still, I digress.  Cardiff City.  So, as we know we’ve lost five out of the last six, we’ve not scored in six and we’re in the bottom three (unless Southampton put seven past Bristol City tonight, of course).  Our visitors, on the other hand, are in their customary play-off spot – sitting pretty fourth in the Championship and have only lost one in their last thirteen games, most recently coming from behind to earn a point away at Watford.

The latest injury concern is Paul Anderson, who the official site claims limped off the pitch against Peterborough – I thought he veritably trotted off!  Joel Lynch too is going through one of those difficult injury-ridden phases, so it seems like we’ll see McCleary on the wing and Moussi back in defence.  Morgan, Moloney, Cohen and Miller are on the longer term injury list.

Cardiff have doubts over Kevin McNaughton who was injured during their Boxing Day encounter with Watford, whilst former Reds loanee Stephen McPhail looks likely to miss out on the squad too with a knee injury.  Former Reds favourite and – if fielded – probably my favourite player on the pitch Robbie Earnshaw has struggled to make an impact having moved back home to the Bluebirds.  He’s made only eleven appearances and netted three goals – but has been missing in action from first team action since October.

I’d take him back like a shot right now!

It’s difficult to see much other than our goalless run continuing along with our lack of clean sheets – and that means another defeat.  To add to inevitable woes running the line will be Amy Fearn (nee Raynor) who’s up there in the list of incompetent officials.  So we probably will score and have it disallowed for something ridiculous.  Hmm, score?  Nah, okay – maybe I’m being silly now.

The chances are for most Forest fans in attendance thoughts will quickly turn to how to see in the New Year – it’s difficult to look forward to a trip to the City Ground these days, which is a sad state of affairs.  However you’re planning on celebrating I hope you enjoy it and against the odds manage to do so with the bonus of three points to Forest in the bag as well.  We can hope, can’t we?

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  1. Silver lining and all that – at least no one is going to buy Cohen!

  2. We are rapidly approaching a situation where we need to sign Ronnie O Sullivan. (We will need not just points but snookers soon!!)

  3. City’s win at Southampton shows that you never know in this league. Let’s hope our available players have been doing some soulsearching this week !!

  4. Knee deep in shite, Bristol City beat
    Southampton….. Three points adrift.

    Can’t find the net, players showing no
    fight, massive injury list…..
    I think we’ll beat the Bluebirds!
    This season is officially making me sick.

  5. hey nffc ….what about rounding up 4000 supporters to buy out doughnuty and own the club ??? i have the financial man prepared to set it up …and save the club a fortune …be good to get the ball rolling and see where the doughnuty love for the club really is !! …MARTHUR OUT …ALL THE DRIBBLE OUT !!!

  6. New Years wish list would be to see Lee Clark at he club (as competitive as Billy), Marthur thrown off Trent Bridge, players giving 110% every match hereon in.

  7. I am delighted to see Bamford is on the bench today. I hope he gets on and has a go.

  8. I agree Rob ! Bamford at least on the bench . Lets hope he gets on for the last 10 minutes !
    Arthur OUT !!

  9. Its official Nottingham Forest have become a complete laughing stock in the world of football utter crap a complete shambles !

  10. Ok these 1-0 losses are getting weird now…

  11. Someone has made a very good point on one of the comment threads from and NEP article.

    “Think for a mo about the players that Cardiff have lost in the past 4 years (since Jan 2008)….Chris Gunter (Spurs) Ledley (Celtic) Johnson (Bham City) Ramsey (Arsenal) Chopra (Ipswich) Boothroyd (QPR) Bellamy (Liverpool)… ask yourself if Forest coud have lost SEVEN of their best players and STILL remain competetive….and during this period Cardiff have had an FA Cup Final, a Play Off final a PO semi and perhaps another PO this season. WHAT RESILIIENCE !!!
    Forest – as a club – lack any resillience at all. the CLUB is mentally weak !!”

    I think this is really telling and gets to the crux of what is wrong. The club has been ran from top to bottom shockingly. BD papered over the cracks, we are just seeing what 10 years of club mismanagement looks like. I hate Gary Megson but he once said, “There is something rotten at Forest”. I think he was right.

  12. Stevenage

    the 10 year plan, we’re on the way down they are on the up. nothing whatsoever to do with finance it’s about management …. enough is enough ….. get into the board room and ask marthur/pelling to step aside post match.

    Pelling … we know the numbers, most people can count

    Arthur …. what exactly have you achieved, or more appropriately what have you achieved that has contributed to the long term future success of the club after 10 years of effort. All i can see is a massive liability, lack of youngsters coming through and you pointing the blame at the supporters.

    great sporting city is nottingham … these guys are not the right people … well regarded ? by who exactly ? is there one single supporter who thinks they are doing a good job ? yes, money wise these are difficult times, but you have failed and time to move on.

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