Guess what? We didn’t score and lost.

Nottingham Forest – 0
Peterborough United – 1

Steve Cotterill’s search for a goal was to end with nothing again in an increasingly predictable borefest at the City Ground.  Despite ‘tweaking a hamstring’ in the warm-up Anderson started, only to be replaced after seven minutes by Garath McCleary, George Boyd ran more in the first half than he ever did in a Forest shirt, and of course, scored the decisive goal (lovely finish, nobody closed him down, if being over-critical Camp might’ve got a better hand on it).

We lined up like this (as noted, with Ando coming off for GMac early doors):

Gunter    Moussi    Chambers    Cunningham
Anderson    Greening    McGugan    Majewski
Blackstock    Tudgay

And d’you know what?  They couldn’t be arsed – I can’t either.  I shall live up to the example of the players and take no responsibility for chronicling their latest limp offering – for those of you who would indeed like to read an account of another wasted afternoon for Forest fans then head on over to EighteenSixtyFive who faced up to the daunting prospect of reliving the match.

I know it’s a bit mardy of me, but frankly I couldn’t be more disheartened by all things Forest at the moment – to think it’s less than a year since we dismantled Derby by five goals to two, it’s a bloody alarming slide we’ve taken, and I’ve seen enough relegation seasons to recognise the signs.  With all due respect to him, because he seems a lovely fellow, if Steve Cotterill’s CV was the best we had in the aftermath of McClaren-gate then I dread to think who else was in the hat.

There’s some degree of credibility to his repeated pleas of bad luck – but it’s wearing a bit thin, and according to the old adage you do make your own luck to an extent.  His post-match comments whereby he quantified the game by how many times we got the ball in the box betray his intention to ‘play percentages’ – the trouble is not only are we resorting to playing shit football, it transpires we’re not very good at it.

We may well have got the ball in their area 30-40 times, Steve – but how many times were our players anywhere bloody near it?  I don’t blame Cotterill, though.  The players (with a few exceptions) don’t seem to care enough.  Cardiff up next, reckon we’ll get a goal then?  Apparently our current crop have already reached our record number of consecutive games without scoring, the league record is eleven.

Season of goodwill my arse.

On Saturday we are considering taking a pot of paint in to the ground with us so that we can finally answer that tricky debate of which is most boring to watch, Forest poncing around the pitch not giving a shit or some paint drying.  We’re a bit too far from the pitch to properly see the grass growing, after all.

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  1. Just read opening chapters of an excellent book about burnley. Says of cotterill that he always has an excuse. He took burnley on a 19 game run without a win, and was obsessive about a stronger defence but couldn’t get them scoring goals. Uh-Oh.

  2. Portsmouth fans said that they grew tired of Cotterill and his list of excuses, I’m beginning to understand what they meant.

    I’m missing Cardiff, travelling from Birmingham on new year’s eve to watch that doesn’t exactly tempt me. Earnshaw to grab a goal or two no doubt.

    I’ve always said that Cotterill needs the January window to show his intent, one way or another next month is crucial to the club’s immediate future.

  3. Our players have had 3 managers this season, 2 permanent and 1 temporary and not really done the business for any, it confuses me some choose to blame the manager first and foremost when unchanged factors stay the same

  4. I’m not sure what people want the club to do, just keep twisting managers until we get one that sticks? Maybe the damage was done in Summer but we’re here now.

    That said, I don’t think SC is the messiah and found him a puzzling choice but I think there are “Darker forces'(Thanks Gary) in that dressing room that need to be addressed.

  5. I still think Hasslebank should be justifiably sacked now with no compensation !
    We need his salary to pass on to a new player !
    !I can’t see Billy Sharp,or any other player wanting to come here now ! It HAD to be a win ,and all the players knew it !
    I can’t see a solution,which is worrying !
    Having said that they will,as underdogs with no pressure, go on and beat Cardiff !! …………………

  6. So so glad I didn’t get a season ticket this season. Just do what I do, don’t go and watch them. The players don’t deserve our support and neither do the board. The club is a a shambles from top to bottom. It does hurt to see us in such a mess but I get over it much quicker now when we lose every match. More to life to getting wound up over some big time Charlie’s who quite frankly are a disgrace to the shirt.

    I wouldn’t miss any of them if they were sold in jan, I will make the first bid, £1 for Lewis, I need someone to paint my fence.

    Keep the faith, at least the pitch looks good.

  7. Its getting very serious now. I was always convinced we’d string a few wins together here and there and be in mid table mediocrity by now but its well and truely a fight against the drop and based on our performances we deserve to go down. The manager can only do so much. the players have got to stand up and be counted. He’s hamstrung by a squad left unbalanced by previous mistakes and not being able to bring his own coaches in. But to go this long without a goal is ridiculous. The likes of Derbyshire really should be capable of goals against the likes of peterboro and Palace but despite pressure we never really look like we’re building up a head of steam to dominate games and never look like keeping clean sheets, so even if we score we’d need at least 2!

  8. Even worse, not only did I travel nearly 200 miles to watch thias shower of shite, when I got there someone was sitting in my bloody seat because the tit in the ticket office had duplicated our tickets and we were escorted out of the ground like bloody common criminals & told if we wanted to see the match we had to go round to the tickets office, explain the problem & purchase new tickets, which like a complete prat I did.

  9. we are where we are but sacking Billy was a disgrace , 2 top 6 finishes and he dragged us away from relegation. we are in exactly the same place when he arrived but i fear SC will not save us.
    ND and MA have ruined this club, we have players on big money (brought in a by a complete disaster of a manger) who are either injured, not picked and above all upsetting the rest of the squad. we have a backroom staff who this manager doesnt want and cant afford to sack.
    I like SC seems a decent bloke but as per the other comment if his CV was the best we had an offer then !!!!!
    its an absolute shambles and the mis mangement at the top is a disgrace
    ND MA and FC get on your hands and knees and get Billy back to save us

  10. NFFC cheer up – we have still more mis-management just ‘waiting in the wings’ for the January window methinks ! …… This is when we bring out our secret weapon – Marhtur – the Lord of Misrule – we are all going to be right royally entertained as he perform his usual avoidance gymnastics….

    who in there right mind would want to do business with this prize prat .

    League Une for us – and more seasons of torture until we rid our self of this idiot – MARTHUR OUT ! Come back Calderwood – at least he made a good signing in the lower leagues – Cohen sorley missed again on saturday btw

  11. Not a lot of christmas cheer… Nigel Doughty’s legacy is pretty shocking and I think he has almost “killed” the club with kindness (ND’s word). Shite on the pitch, no continuity of management, poor infrastructure (i.e. stadium & facilities), inept chief executive, failure to maximise commercial opportinities, I could go on.
    Even the oft lauded achievement of a succesfull youth set-up is flawed. At the start of the Doughty era we were producing youngsters in abundance, now none are coming through.
    Rather than now get a grip of the club, ND has just washed his hands of it. I’ve never doubted that ND was in it for the right reasons but boy has he left us in a mess & as for a legacy I’m not sure promotion from the third flight is good enough do you?

  12. total disharmony off the pitch, at management and player level, equals total disaster on the pitch.
    We have the best pitch in this division,and the only players in the country who have no idea what to do on it. We might as well replace Camp with a canon, as he just lumps it as far as he can, every time he can,what a bloody awful tactic that is!.
    SC must be held accountable for the total lack of football we are witnessing,and the hopeless Billy Davies tactic of everybody back for corners, which leaves us no out ball, at least Billy won sometimes,and we scored!!!!!
    We are scaling down the amount of journeys we make up from Essex, it is just too much money to watch this utter dross being served up.Only Mr Doughty could help us out of this mess, but even he has lost interest, I will always love Forest, but this shower are killing me.
    League 1 AGAIN bloody hell!

  13. Here here nffc and good on ya fella ! good comments from most above sorry to say the damage has already been done by sacking billy and the events that unfolded.

    The word shambles crops up in most comments and it truly has been a shambles from top to bottom.I cant get my head round how the club can make so many horrendous decisions im baffled.

    The players are not playing because they know like us its a sinking ship and they are looking for the door.Ask yourself this ? would you want to come to Forest if you were a decent young footballer ? it pains me to say it the answer would be NO .

    Were going down lets not kid ourselves but I guarantee as redrob says MA will still be at the helm incredible they have ruined the club.


  14. Confidence. Nobody knows where it comes
    from, nobody knows where it goes. But it
    has well & truly left Forest.
    The last 2 seasons have been fantastic with a squad that always seemed inbalanced. Now, with a
    few long term injuries to key players, our weaknesses stand out like the proverbial…
    Like others have mentioned, I thought a run of good results was just around the corner.
    It’s just not happening.
    I don’t even know who our better players
    are anymore. I just can’t have
    how the whole club has been turned upside
    down, from within, in the space of 6 months.
    No Leaders, no kids coming through, no
    funds to drag us out of this mess.
    Fkn League 1……. FAAAAAAAHHHK!!!!!

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  16. NFFC I feel exactly the same as you about this match (and all of the games after the Ipswich match tbh). However, I am desperately trying to be positive, so I had a look at 2008-09 league table and Forest were on same points and in the same league position on Boxing Day 2008, yet survived that season:

    Personally this season has been a nightmare for me:

    (1) Me and my mate decided to buy season tickets for our son’s, so they could witness the “Billy Davis revolution” and then ND sacks him appointing a manager in the same manner that Liverpool appointed Roy Hodgson (he was never going to work);

    (2) My mate then persuades me that McBrolly would take us to the promised land as his appointment shows the ambition of ND in getting us promoted to the Premiership. Billy was too mouthy and had failed after being given plenty of money and opportunity (OMFG);

    (3) So, now I’ve agreed to renew my season ticket we have to move seats from behind the goal in the Lower Trent End (T8) so the boys can sit with us. So we moved into Q-Block in the Lower BC. We lasted one game in those seats as the view is terrible and the atmosphere is zero;

    (4) We moved again, back into the Lower Trent End (T10) but there is little atmosphere and the “people” who sit in the row above us are not the most friendly bunch. Even worse we sit near the aisle/steps and everyone in the block needs to go to the toilet/bar every 2.5 seconds!

    So, I had two brilliant seasons in some great seats in an area of the ground that had a good atmosphere and now after persuading my eleven year old to come to the games we have to watch this utter SHITE! My lad has asked if we can miss the Cardiff game as he is so fed-up with seeing Forest lose. Sigh….

    Cotterill is no better or worse than McClaren at the moment and that is soley down to the players – they are a disgrace. The impact that Steve-2 had when he joined illustrates that he can do enough to get us to play. This can also be seen in the first 15 mins of a match and after half-time, but as soon as the players forget about their briefing they become clueless. We are in desparate need of a clear-out in the dressing room, including the coaching staff.

    If Frank and Steve can get their act together in January (both on and off the pitch) I think Forest will avoid relegation by the skin of their teeth.

  17. I can’t see the players being arsed. Camp’s peed off because he knows the bottom’s fallen out of the market as far as him moving on is concerned, and that’s probably true for any other we might want to sell.

    I think we are very likely to go down. I’ve been coming since the end of the BC era and can see the signs.

    Bought my eight-year-old girl a season ticket for the first time this year and she has seen one win – the Ipswich game. She’s growing up thinking Forest are a team that loses – and that’s heart-breaking.

    Advice for the players? Shoot on sight. You cannot try to dribble it into the net week in week out.

  18. This was my one and probably only journey to the City Ground this season and I’d bought into the idea that Forest had been unlucky in the last few games, when you take statistics and nothing else into account that is.

    But the match was largely awful, even though Forest had the lion’s share of possession and attempts at goal.

    It is glaringly obvious that we don’t have a captain, a leader in the team who can inspire the boys and help them to keep their composure. McGugan, for all his craft, looks like he’s in the departure lounge waiting for his flight. Why Derbyshire came on and not Findley, I don’t know. He’s the top scorer this season, why not play him?????

    The only players who warrant any kind of praise are Gunter, Moussi who was better than both Wes and Chambo put together at the back and Cunningham who’s off after Saturday.

    This is relegation form and with such an obvious lack of desire or a sense of urgency in their play, the boys look like they are prepared to go down. And I don’t think Forest the club mind that much either. It would give them an excuse to get rid of a large portion of their wage bill and get some younger players in who will help Forest to mid table in League 1 on an absolute shoestring budget.

    I want to be positive, but like you NFFC, I just can’t be bothered.

    • lions share of possesion and more attempts at goal!!! you need specsavers mate,possesion equal and posh had more attempts at goal.

  19. I often ask myself how a club with such a rich tradition and reasonable fan base can be so bad for so long ? I then remember the incredible fact that MARTHUR has been at the the helm for most of this agony .

    Lets have another go at the Cardiff game – we need to be rid of him
    as his legacy or lack of it is now getting breathtakingly bad .

  20. Not been so worried about the club since the Kinnear and Megson days. Yet again we have plumped for a manager, who as you rightly points out, is an advocate of percentages footy. Why do we always pick managers who can’t open their mouths without coming out with rubbish, too. It’s going to be a grim 4 months or so.

  21. Out of interest who would you replace MA with rob ? cos its clear the club have no cash to make any moves even to replace a coach

    .Hasselbank and Kelly clearly arent motivating the players and the tactics are woeful what a shambles …………..?

    From top to bottom the club is in a total mess relegation would mean administration there would be no way out of that .I think its costs around 10 million if you go down to league 1 AGAIN !

  22. I havent posted for a while but I said when we signed Miller and Derbyshire that they were panic buys.

    I did however think greening would be a superb buy and hes been very average to poor.

    Cotterill needs to do the following:

    1. Loan/Sell Miller
    2.Loan/Sell Derbyshire
    3. Release Boateng
    4. Loan/Sell McGoldrought

    All you forest fans who asked for doughtys head may now rue that mistake as after admitting his mistake in the first place in bringing mcclaren in, doughty might of stumped the cash up (AGAIN) for a new striker.

    Having said all this, dont be fair weather fans and back the club no matter what. even if it does mean relegation!

    • David what about ND choice of Calderwood,Megson,Kinnear to name but a few they were huge mistakes ,3 years in Div 1, sacking Billy the list is endless ,12 years 1 top 3 finish wow ,i for one wanted change at the top ,the lack of ambition at this club has been mindblowing to say the least,ND has put cash in from his own pocket yes ,these are loans with intrest not gifts,we put cash in every year with our seson tickets,the club is in this position down to the boards mismanagement over the long term not just this season……………

      • They are loans in name only. He’s never gonna get the money back and nor does he expect to. How was Calderwood a mistake? he put together large parts of the squad that did well the last two years and got us out of league one?
        If you know someone willing to put in their own cash at greater levels then get him involved! People constantly criticising him are the reason he’s withdrawn his backing, before he started getting all the grief we’d bid millions for Maynard, Ruotledge and all but signed that Dutch lad, now we haven’t a pot to piss in. Be careful what you wish for……..

        • Fair enough we went up under Deadwood,due to Doncaster not getting the result on the last game ,we are talking Div 3 here not the Prem 3 years,all the other so called big teams that went down 1 season then back ,as for offering millions for players how come they never signed,the Forest PR machine tells us what they think we would like to here,how come no cash was there for Billy,then as soon as SMc gets the job we go out and get players,as for the chairman not getting his cash back heartbreaking,i bet he feels the same about we the fans wasting our cash on season tickets yet again built on false promises,The amount of cash put in by ND is a large amount if the figures are true,how much has the club taken in over the 12 years or so ,ticket prices have been some of the most expensive no matter what Div we are in ,i dont no anyone with that sort of cash they dont mix in my circles,if you dont like something do you just sit back and say nothing or put a point of veiw ,apart from Billy and Paul Hart the boards choice of men in charge has been shite to say the least,who do you think is to blame for the clubs current position………….

          • I agree mistakes have been made at all levels, i thought Billy did a great job but he wasted £1.4 million on McGoldorick, so you an hardly blame the chairman not giving him more cash can you!
            Billy spent a lot more money thank most teams in this league, some of it well invested some not,
            So unless we win every match you think a season ticket is a waste? Why bother then? The nature of supporting a football club is to do just that, support. I don’t go every week to see us win I hope we do win but I go there cos I love forest win lose or draw

            • I dont think i said the tickets a waste of cash unless we win every game ,i bought the ticket thinking we would push on with Billys good work and then what do they do ,we are both talking about this matter as we have one thing in common,i will always support the team and i have since 1975-76 season,my investment for 3 tickets was 800+ quid and i am a normal working man,looking at whats happening on the pitch is a fucking disgrace and at the end of the day thats what matters to any football fan……….

  23. I am sitting in my front room weather is wet and windy and have just read a lack of match report which speaks volumes. Things must be really bad as your comments and reports are the first thing I look for after the BBC and the inevitable Forest nil.
    Not sure what the cure is but it is feeling like a relegation season again. I to thought that we would be able to string a few results together and pull away from the bottom but that is looking unlikely and would be happy to finish 4th from bottom this season and we are not even in the premiership. We are missing Cohen badly by the sounds of it and I am not sure why Findlay is not playing as I thought he was starting to make headway in the team and he has scored this season.

    I like a few others above are getting a little bit worried by the pattern forming as the longer it goes on the harder it will be to get out of the cycle.

    I am in New Zealand and pleased to have missed all this turmoil as I have two boys who would have required a season ticket and would probably have been put off watching the reds as they dont seem to score.

    Suppose we have to keep going.

    A football team is for life not just for Christmas to coin a phrase.

  24. According to the Mail,Harewood is a player now until the end of the season.
    Please can we see Bamford in the squad !!
    If nothing else his enthusiasm on the pitch would be welcome !. Tudgay Harewood and Bamford up front !! Why not ???

  25. Well, seems like most of the players are playing until the end of their contacts and hoping for a lucrative mover away…
    Trouble is, the myopic twats forget that when they play in the 3rd tier, no more than 55% of turnover can be used as salary.
    Either way, the players are about to be taking a large drop in salaries whether they like it not. Looking at the performances though, it seems their love of “roasting” and fast cars is at an end

  26. well …like at the beginning of the season ..i predicted all this ,,nffc look at all my past postings …king billy was the best manager the club could ever wish for ..and on his first appointment ..i said ..after BC …comes BD !! he saved us from relegation ..and took us within a whisker of fortune ..if he was allowed to sign pratley and whittingham.. ..but just like BC had suffered in the past ..BD the same see they dont like the truth do they ?? Marthur and the muppets are all to blame …this club is now talking about wheeling and dealing …just to keep the business ok ….no chance of survival …no ever thought of ambition …no forward thinking of promotion ..just balance the books ….gosh ..which club has achieved that ??? Damn utd ? Mancunian shity …..all the rest ?? no one ..they are all and forever in debt ….and …sorry to tell you all this ….if you want to succeeed need people to invest to lose for the love ..not for business ….this is how it is today … you people at the club and alike think that we can rebuild a premier club for fuk all ?? dream on …..its not ever gonna come with the shite we have at the helm …..100 million with ambition will put us in there doubt ….thats reality …and dont respond with the likes of ..look at hull ..blackpool ..reading …stoke …FFS…..WE ARE NOTTINGHAM FOREST …OWNER ….CLUB ..WAKE THE FUK UP !!


    • So you think they’re running it as a business with losses of upto ten million a year? If that was the case we would never have signed players and would have been in the situation we’re in now for years. ND has invested getting on for 100mill, I dread to think where we’d be if he hadn’t, conference most likely.

  27. Heyup nffc. Haven’t commented this season although I’ve kept reading. Like you, I’m all out of love with Forest at the moment. Apathy is a terrible thing! And it seems to have affected many of our players, too.
    McGugan told a friend of mine he’s not bothered about Forest any more because “the club have held him back for years and he’s off to Wolves next month anyway”. Good. His disgusting attitude as he walked onto the pitch against Posh, and subsequent performance was shameful.
    SC, please tell Camp to roll/throw/pass the ball to our players. Thank you.
    JFH, what is your job??
    Ando, don’t tell your manager you are fit if you’re not. I sit behind the dugout and SC was clearly let down by you and the fitness guy.
    Who made the decision to release 2 very promising youth players last week, just after a FC interview stating we need to focus on youth?! And then offer recently deemed not good enough for West Ham and Blackpool striker Marlon Harewood a contract on the basis he’s “impressed in training”?! Jeez, I reckon even I might have scored a few by Chambo in a friendly!
    Is Marthur still pulling the strings? The guy has been in charge of a failing business for over 10 years yet still keeps his job. He must have some mega photos hidden away!

  28. I think I said after the Brighton game that this didn’t feel like a relegation season. Scratch that. But: it’s still only December, so with a clear head and a positive attitude the people in charge of the club can still make a difference. They should have two priorities: 1. to come out of January with a squad that’s up for a fight and actually wants to play for Forest (I think we would all find relegation that much easier to stomach if it looked like the players were giving their all); 2. to show the fans that their support is properly valued (cut prices, more special offers, and more honesty and accountability). Of course, going on their past record, it’s foolish to expect anything like this to happen but at some point things will have to change, even if it takes another spell in League One. God forbid.

    On Lewis: I think we’ve all spent years waiting for him to be the player we want him to be and there were times last season it seemed to be happening. But the signs have always been there – too much inconsistency, too many matches coasting, sulking or hiding. I hate to say it, but best to get rid while he’s still worth something.

    What a shitty fucking season.

  29. I’ve been taking my boy from the age of six (now 13), all through the div 1 nightmare and the better days from the last 2 years. He told me today that he wasn’t bothered about going to the Cardiff game on NYE and I could upgrade his seasont ticket and take someone else instead if I liked. This does not bode well for the future if our youngsters are losing interest. He said it’s the first game he’s seen that they really didn’t have a clue. The upside, as daft as this my seem, I might get a few rows closer to the action next season when I’m looking for a season ticket for one as I’m too old to give up hope. These are the bad times!!!!!

  30. Further to Mark’s comment, I, along with my friend, who sits next to me in the Trent End, can’t go on Sat as we are in Edinburgh for Hogmanay. Contacted all my Forest Mates offering them the tickets for the Cardiff game. Normally they would be snapped up but nobody was interested; not a single taker! Just a coincidence, the time of the year or a sign of the times? Sad Days!

  31. hey siggsy …how much is loaned to the club from Noddy ? and how much interest is Noddy charging the club ? and how much of a tax loss is put thru Noddys books ? if Noddy sells much will it be for ? another one of those Noddys undisclosed fees ? we need a clear out from top to bottom…MARTHUR OUT !!!

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