Guess what? We didn’t score and lost.

Nottingham Forest – 0
Peterborough United – 1

Steve Cotterill’s search for a goal was to end with nothing again in an increasingly predictable borefest at the City Ground.  Despite ‘tweaking a hamstring’ in the warm-up Anderson started, only to be replaced after seven minutes by Garath McCleary, George Boyd ran more in the first half than he ever did in a Forest shirt, and of course, scored the decisive goal (lovely finish, nobody closed him down, if being over-critical Camp might’ve got a better hand on it).

We lined up like this (as noted, with Ando coming off for GMac early doors):

Gunter    Moussi    Chambers    Cunningham
Anderson    Greening    McGugan    Majewski
Blackstock    Tudgay

And d’you know what?  They couldn’t be arsed – I can’t either.  I shall live up to the example of the players and take no responsibility for chronicling their latest limp offering – for those of you who would indeed like to read an account of another wasted afternoon for Forest fans then head on over to EighteenSixtyFive who faced up to the daunting prospect of reliving the match.

I know it’s a bit mardy of me, but frankly I couldn’t be more disheartened by all things Forest at the moment – to think it’s less than a year since we dismantled Derby by five goals to two, it’s a bloody alarming slide we’ve taken, and I’ve seen enough relegation seasons to recognise the signs.  With all due respect to him, because he seems a lovely fellow, if Steve Cotterill’s CV was the best we had in the aftermath of McClaren-gate then I dread to think who else was in the hat.

There’s some degree of credibility to his repeated pleas of bad luck – but it’s wearing a bit thin, and according to the old adage you do make your own luck to an extent.  His post-match comments whereby he quantified the game by how many times we got the ball in the box betray his intention to ‘play percentages’ – the trouble is not only are we resorting to playing shit football, it transpires we’re not very good at it.

We may well have got the ball in their area 30-40 times, Steve – but how many times were our players anywhere bloody near it?  I don’t blame Cotterill, though.  The players (with a few exceptions) don’t seem to care enough.  Cardiff up next, reckon we’ll get a goal then?  Apparently our current crop have already reached our record number of consecutive games without scoring, the league record is eleven.

Season of goodwill my arse.

On Saturday we are considering taking a pot of paint in to the ground with us so that we can finally answer that tricky debate of which is most boring to watch, Forest poncing around the pitch not giving a shit or some paint drying.  We’re a bit too far from the pitch to properly see the grass growing, after all.