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Right then – first things first, huge apologies for my lack of online time over the last week or so – sad to say I got completely floored by a nasty case of man-flu that conspired to make me not only miss previewing the Palace game, but the trip itself too.  Rubbishness!  I suppose I didn’t end up missing anything too special, and am at least fully recovered and fighting fit for festive frolics.

Second things second, a huge huge huge Merry Christmas to my fellow Forest fans – we’ve had a real rude awakening this season after daring perhaps to feel a little bit like we were making progress.  I truly hope that in spite of the financial machinations of the world going into meltdown your off-the-pitch lives have been more satisfactory for you than trips to watch the increasingly less mighty Reds this season.

Thirdly, I suppose we need to face up to thinking about this here football match that takes place at the City Ground on Boxing Day.  Peterborough United provide the opposition and, well, after five games of no wins, no goals and one solitary point thanks to last weekend’s trip to Bristol – it has to be a win we’re aiming for.  That’s of course not to suggest that The Posh won’t provide a stern test of our resolve on that front.

Peterborough’s preseason ambitions were probably quite different to ours – consolidating their Championship status after battling up from League One again, and whilst we may have harboured loftier ambitions, they are currently a cool seven points clear of the drop zone whilst we retain our place within the dreaded bottom three.  Ye gods, it’s been a bloody shit end to 2011 hasn’t it?  Let’s hope we can reach the very end of the year with a couple of decent home results!

Within days of Frank Clark speaking about our future being through youth development, Forest have announced they’ve released former-Academy-player-of-the-year defender Karlton Watson and his fellow academy graduate Neill Byrne.  It would seem that despite the re-jig of boardroom duties the Forest foot-in-mouth PR machine is still in full effect, saying something with their left hand before doing something else with their left!

Meanwhile, in first-team land, the defensive crisis continues – Joel Lynch may or may not be fit to partner Chambers in defence, meaning Moussi or Moloney will be on standby to provide cover at centre-half – we’ve seen the Moose do a decent enough job at the City Ground here, and by all accounts Moloney stepped up to the plate well when called upon to cover for the injured Joel Lynch at Bristol City last weekend.  McCleary is a potential miss, whilst Morgan, Miller and Cohen are our long term casualties.

Our visitors are missing a few players too – notably Lee Tomlin, Grant McCann and Mark Little.  Lee Frecklington is a potential missing man too having limped out of The Posh’s last game against Coventry.  They are the picture of inconsistency, are Peterborough – but one thing that has been of note is that they aren’t shy of having a pop at goal, and play a nice open style which could (hey, let’s be optimistic) work to our favour.

Of course, if we’re defending like the Keystone Cops then it could become a bit embarrassing!  They haven’t won on their travels since beating Bristol City 2-1 back in October – indeed, they’ve only won one in their last six games – beating Coventry at London Road in their last game.  If there were to be a game at which to try to turn around our fortunes – this is it.  To counterbalance such positive thinking – they have brief-loanee George Boyd of course, and reserves-reject Emile Sinclair banging in the goals this season – odds on one of those two scoring, anyone?

With tickets available on the day and Forest kindly waiving the strangely levied £2 surcharge they add for tickets bought on a matchday, hopefully people will feel compelled to prize their turkey-stuffed bodies away from the frankly rubbish selection of Christmas television and cheer the lads on.  A win would do a lot to reignite my Forest enthusiasm which I freely admit has been on the wane of late!

Before all that of course we have Christmas – I hope you all have a fantastic day, and those of you choosing to brave the last minute shopping don’t get trampled.  Thanks for your continued support this year, let’s hope to see a turnaround from now!

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  1. Good to see you back! Wishing you a Happy Christmas which will be made even better by a couple of wins! Can’t make Boxing Day but have my ticket for Cardiff.
    Hoping the “doom & gloom” brigade can be silenced for a while!

  2. Great to have you back online. Happy Christmas to my fellow reds, hope everyone has been good this year as we need santa to bring 3 points on boxing day

  3. A pint on Boxing Day nffc?

    • Oh sorry mate – I meant to reply on the other thread! I’m afraid I am already engaged on Boxing away otherwise I’d have loved to

  4. Good to hear you are back in the zone nffc and good time to get ill you missed diddly squat.We need to claw a win from somewhere or there needs to be a hero at the CG on boxing day its desperado time.

    If we are still in the bottom 3 after these 3 festive games Im sorry to say its going to be the drop zone again and potential disaster.

    U reds

  5. Happy Xmas to all…..
    Billy Davies always talked about needing
    a slice of luck in this shitty division.
    Clearly it has deserted Forest over the last
    Time has come to cease all criticism &
    get behind the lads.
    Thin squad, injuries to key players, no funds
    to get out of the mess, Da boys need

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  7. I feel a win in the air …………………………… Happy Christmas !!!!

  8. I can’t help but think this game is gonna be a 4-3 style scoreline!!

    They’ve conceded more than us and we’re due our fair share of luck in front of goal… i think we’ll score first but due to their attacking nature and the fact that they score a lot of goals i expect us to be drawn into a gung-ho game where everyone loses their heads and both teams go for broke.

    That or a 1-1 special, we play well, they score, we equalise late on and all leave the ground thinking “damn, we really are fighting relegation!”

    Come of Forest!! Two home games to restart our season and to set up an away trip to Ipswich that could see us start the year on the up!!

  9. Time for the players to decide how they want the season to pan out. Fester were in a similar situation last year but managed to steer clear. Hard to believe it is nearly a year on from Forest 5-2 Derby…

  10. Happy Christmas to you NFFC and to all Reds fans.

  11. oh dear ….this was shocking ….we have been destroyed …by our opposition teams and by our own club….doomed !

  12. One of the worse matches I have ever seen Forest play, we are in serious relegation trouble. Performances like this and recent ones against Bristol City and Palace remind of the Gary Megson era… in which we were relegated, despite being ‘too good/too big to go down’.

    We do not like scoring, or even threatening which is even worse. Why is everybody pinning their hopes on Dexter Blackstock firing us to safety? This is a player who has scored 16 goals in 50 games for us since he signed permanently. Decent record as it is, this is during two promotion chasing seasons (well, one and a bit). He looked far from match fit today, and relying on him for goals shows how desperate we are.

    Marcus Tudgay is not from good enough for our football club, and to that discription you could add Matt Derbyshire & David Mcgoldirck, although I have no doubts that if Derbyshire left us he would start scoring goals for another team. I have no such worries regarding Mcgoldrick.

    Looking back, the signings we made in the summer that originally filled me with enthuasiasm were the complete opposite of what we needed. Washed up ex-premiership players who are seemingly have no motivation except money. That description could fit every single one of them. Look at Hull & Middlesborough, two teams with no money but have spent very wisely on loan signings and foreign players.

    Funnily enough, having said all this….. if Billy Davies was back in charge I have absolutely no doubts these same washed up signings and average strikers would be performing at a much better level that they are now. In fact, I think we would be sitting in the play offs. A football team is only as good as its manager, if Brian Clough wasnt in charge would we have won Two European Cups with those players? More reecent and relevent examples considering our position would be the difference between Burnley being managed by Owen Coyle and Brian Laws, and Middlesbrough with Gordan Strachan then Tony Mowbray in charge.

    Which brings me on to our manager, Steve Cotterill. Sorry but he must leave, he is completed deluded when he talks about us being unlucky or dominating teams. Hardworking and enthusiastic as he is, it simply isnt good enough. If we have the sense to fire Cotterill, knowing us we would complete a hat trick of Steves, although even our board surely arent stupid enough to hire Mr Kean (please no!).

    Replacements for me? Avram Grant.

    Seriously, Alan Curbishley is an outstanding manager and I cannot for the life of me see why he is currently out of a job (look at Charlton and West Ham now). I believe he may be tempted by us too and he recently said he is looking to get back into management. If not him, maybe Simon Grayson (if rumours of him getting the sack at Leeds are come to fruition). Chris Powell and Karl Robinson are two young, progressive managers and I certainly wouldnt mind seeing either of them in the Forest dugout. Just not a washed up manager with a record of success ages ago, like Dave Bassett, Joe Kinnear, Gary Megson, Steve Mclaren or Steve Cotterill.

    Finally, the positives. We have good support. And a good history.

  13. I totally agree nffc in your tweet this is starting to feel like the dark days of Megson I havent seen you so discouraged since writing the blog.

    And I like most life long reds feel exactly the same the club has imploded under the total mismanagement of ND no wonder hes fell on his sword and stays away now they are clueless.

    This is worse than the megson era and I will explain why ?

    We HAD one of the best managers in the division and broke records that had stood for years. Unbeaten home runs, away runs 2 play offs its a total joke Nigel Doughty and Mark Arthur now we have broken another record 6 games without a goal.Shambles !

    No money no passion no clue from my perspective sorry Frank ! SC is not the right guy for this job and neither are you as much as I admire your previous Forest time .

    The players have totally lost there way and MUST be longing for the door or a transfer to get away from this fiasco .We WILL go down the pattern is all there and I believe the club will go under thanks for nothing NIGEL YOU ARE A CLUELESS MAN .

  14. I am desperately trying to be positive, so I had a look at 2008-09 league table and Forest were on same points and in the same league position on Boxing Day 2008, yet survived that season! Take a look for yourselves:

    Granted, a certain Mr Billy Davies was appointed as Manager that week, but it shows that it is still possible to turn things around. Personally I think Forest will avoid relegation by the skin of their teeth, so long as Cotterill is allowed to “wheel and deal” in January.

  15. congratulations on a new record,you all must be very proud,from top to bottom.To surpass the appointment of platt by sacking billy truly incredible.

  16. Agree with most of the above ,i think i have now moved into one of the doom and gloom merchants,i paid good money for my season ticket and expected to kick on from last season,then the wankers in charge sack the bloke who had put a bit of pride and passion back into the club,they then start to drag this once great club to new depths,Cotterill is fucking clueless on a football front,he did sweet FA at pompey,what happened to giving the young players a run out,can they be as bad as the shite we have in the shirts at this time,who will want to come to a club like this in the Jan window ,and better still who will want to pay decent cash for any of the present team.A big thanks to all running this club you have once and for all fucked us big style………

  17. 1) Steve Cotterrill hasn’t a clue: he’s a total nobody who was on the radio afterwards saying ‘we just need a bit of luck’: if that’s the best he can say we’ll finish bottom
    2) Dexter Blackstock: dearie me!
    3) We had c. 30 crosses in the box yes’day and never looked remotely like scoring
    4) Marcus Tudgay: ye Gods!
    5) Blackstock and Tudgay never spoke to each other/made ‘runs’ during the 90 mins – even I could have marked them as tightly as Peterorough did. Absolutely hopeless.
    6) After c. 10 mins we got a corner. Moose turned to the bench to ask if he should ‘go up’ for not. Ye Gods!? What were they practising in training? (see 1!); how can the centre-back not know if he should gop up for corners or not?

  18. well …like at the beginning of the season ..i predicted all this ,,nffc look at all my past postings …king billy was the best manager the club could ever wish for ..and on his first appointment ..i said ..after BC …comes BD !! he saved us from relegation ..and took us within a whisker of fortune ..if he was allowed to sign pratley and whittingham.. ..but just like BC had suffered in the past ..BD the same see they dont like the truth do they ?? Marthur and the muppets are all to blame …this club is now talking about wheeling and dealing …just to keep the business ok ….no chance of survival …no ever thought of ambition …no forward thinking of promotion ..just balance the books ….gosh ..which club has achieved that ??? Damn utd ? Mancunian shity …..all the rest ?? no one ..they are all and forever in debt ….and …sorry to tell you all this ….if you want to succeeed need people to invest to lose for the love ..not for business ….this is how it is today … you people at the club and alike think that we can rebuild a premier club for fuk all ?? dream on …..its not ever gonna come with the shite we have at the helm …..100 million with ambition will put us in there doubt ….thats reality …and dont respond with the likes of ..look at hull ..blackpool ..reading …stoke …FFS…..WE ARE NOTTINGHAM FOREST …OWNER ….CLUB ..WAKE THE FUK UP !!

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