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Well, if you wanted someone in the ranks with a decent knowledge of Portmouth FC then we have it in Steve Cotterill.  He’s been with us a month, and since then Pompey have been looked after in a caretaker capacity by Guy Whittingham and former Forest player Stuart Gray.  It’s rumoured Cotterill would like Gray to come to the City Ground, but is respectfully awaiting what transpires with the managerial situation at Fratton Park.

This is the last game before a two week international break, so it would be rather good to go into that break with another positive result.  I was going to say take the momentum from Tuesday into the game, but well, I guess we’re all hoping for something a little more captivating than that particular episode!  Pompey aren’t doing too shabbily either – two wins, a defeat and in their last game a draw against in-form Crystal Palace.

It seems likely to me that we will – for the first time since Cotterill took over – name an unchanged line-up for this one.  No fresh injury concerns is a frankly relieving thing to type – Ishmael Miller joins the crock-list after his hernia operation, a list of course also featuring the usual suspects of Blackstock, McCleary, Anderson and Cohen – and presumably Boateng (who didn’t get listed on the official site!).

Our hosts have injury doubts over Liam Lawrence – the Nottinghamshire born midfielder – and frankly, whilst I wouldn’t wish injury on him, this can only be good news – he’s a cracking player.  I remember wondering why we never tried to sign him whilst he was still at the Stags way back in the day.  Greg Halford will likely be available following surgery on his shoulder.

Historically we have the edge over Pompey with 19 all time wins over them compared to 16 for the South Coast side – however, and it might be wrong, I always think of them as quite troublesome opponents for us in more recent years.  I’m too lazy to go and hunt out the stats.  A little over a year ago they beat us 2-1 at Fratton Park, whilst back in January we beat them by the same scoreline thanks to two very late goals after Kanu had scored for them.

So we have two sides that have been struggling but appear to be turning a corner – both have talented but smallish squads, they’re within a league place of one another.  Having Cotterill on hand will undoubtedly be a benefit to us, but of course, the fact that Pompey have seemed to pick up their form since his departure might suggest they’re doing things a little differently much as we are now thankfully now the useless Schteve has packed up.

It’s really tempting to predict a draw.  And to be honest, a draw wouldn’t be too shabby at all – 10 points from a possible 15 under the new gaffer going into the International break would be the kind of prediction that would have you locked in a loony bin shortly after his appointment, after all.  Wouldn’t a win be lovely though?  Wouldn’t it?  No, draw.  At best.  And virtual tinnitus thanks to that bugger with the bell.

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  1. I would love forest to try and lure Lawrence to the city ground as ando on one wing and Lawrence on the other would make us a very dangerous proposition!

    IMO I think forest will finish around 10th as we are now more solid at the back but have no cutting edge.Miller is a lump,Tudgay goes through phases and Derbyshire or Finley haven’t grabbed their chance.

    I wish there was some way for ND to write one last cheque for Jordan Rhodes.hes the goal scorer this team needs!

    I also hope any future signings are made from league one too.cohen has been an excellent signing and Norwich have shown that buying players from league one who are hungry us the way forward and of course it’s cheaper.id swap miller and 1m for Rhodes tomorrow I I could!!

    Forest with a goal scorer = PLAYOFFS
    Forest without a goal scorer = MID TABLE

    • Miller’s playing himself in still, the same goes for D**byshire, remember service hasn’t been great this season really. Providing Dexter hasn’t lost his skills in the last 12 months I think we’ve enough firepower for the playoffs. I think Ando or McLeary or A.N.Other out wide would enable one of our lads up front to get 15 gls. Keen to see Cotterill against Pompey, more interested in the results of the two week break and him really getting to grips with the squad. Onwards and Upwards.

  2. I understand Steve does want Lawrence and Gray,but will have to dispose of a player first !
    Let’s see !
    If Lawrence wants to rejoin his old boss at Forest,then I can see it happening !

  3. I think the team will be on a high before this one Pompey will be up for it should be a good game .Front foot and a bit of passion required here and I think we can sneak this one a win and we are looking in good nick going into the break.

    Ando ,Dex , McCleary nearing return SC will be licking his lips I think ?
    I think McGoldrick will go in the window and maybe Boateng to pave the way for a player or 2 .

    Go on lads grab a win …..

    U reds

  4. Wow on the ball today? I hope for a point we never seem to play well down there and remember grim journeys back after games!

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  6. Just seen smc on football focus. Pretty diplomatic explanation, I thought he’d lay into the club a bit more. It was just a bad move all round wasn’t it? As both him and Doughty are no longer involved with the day to day running of the club he pretty much summed it up by saying he and the board had a different approach to the future of the club. For what its worth you can’t deny Doughty wanted to do well but he failed. I also believe even if smc had got his own way he would of failed too. I don’t think he can operate in the lower leagues.

    The best thing to happen out of this mess is getting Frank Clark in to give some stability and put some of the Forest back into Nottm Forest and a manager who hopefully just gets his head down and delivers with what he’s got to work with (the sign of a good manager in my book). Onwards and upwards.

  7. on the injury front the official site lists Boateng as being back in full training. I get the feeling that he wont play again and may well just disappear into the background. i think we can get something today at pompey but it wont be easy as i’m sure they’ll wanna prove a point to coterill but looking player for player we should do em

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