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They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I’m not sure who they are, or why they say that so much – but apparently they do.  It’s perhaps a succinct way to mark the departure of Nigel Doughty as Forest chairman after ten years.  It’s undeniable we’ve seen some disappointing times in the last decade.

I’m not going to engage in the sometimes disgracefully personal and willfully ignorant debate (from whatever stance you take) that goes on regarding his tenure – it seems fruitless.  I do think it’s fair to say that he took on Forest at a time when we needed someone to pick up a mess that ultimately our greedy committee members had left us in.

There’s little point in denying there have been plenty of mistakes along the way – an early one perhaps proving a significant barrier to making some bolder decisions in the future.  The final mistake in moving heaven and earth to acquire Steve McClaren was the straw that broke the camel’s back – when the Wally walked, Nigel fell on his brolly.

Whilst there’s lots of talk of takeovers, I’m not sure that’s likely in the current climate – but not impossible.  Doughty has put Forest in the hands of Seymour Pierce – an investment bank (who also have other clubs on ‘their books’ apparently) to handle any potential new-owner approaches.  I wonder if I’m the only one who absent mindedly fantasised about the owner handing Forest over to an S Pearce.  Oh, just me then!

Given some of the vitriol directed both his way and towards his family (both his kids use Twitter), I’m quite pleased for him that he’s taken a full step backwards.  I’m not suggesting fans shouldn’t have the right to register their dissatisfaction or protest – but only in an appropriate way, and as ever some folks seem to take it too far.

That he’ll honour his liabilities and leave Forest ostensibly debt free ultimately means that he leaves Forest in the league pyramid roughly where he found them – but in considerably better shape financially.  With the constant talk of financial fair play, however, it casts a lot of doubt over those players whose contracts will end in the summer and whether we will be able to offer similar terms for new ones.

With our aim to become self-sustaining this points to a number of factors we need to consider – we need to grow our revenue, which could be achievable through supporters (tricky) or perhaps player sales.  We need to reduce our outgoings – the bulk of which is player wages.  Reduced contracts all round?  Can’t see many players enjoying that too much.

Let’s hope the talk of the academy facilities bears considerable fruit – because it could be a pipeline of talent both on more manageable wages, and it might of course also provide us with saleable assets.  Ultimately we are very quickly needing to get accustomed to cutting our cloth to fit a business model that does not include an end-of-year book-balancing exercise.

So it’s a fond farewell from me to Nigel Doughty.  I completely agree that under his stewardship there have been some monumental errors, but there have been some good times too.  One of my acquaintances of a certain age always reminds me when I bemoan missing the glory years: “D’you know what? I celebrated that game against Yeovil with just as much joy and ferocity as the trips I made to Munich and Madrid back in the day”.

He meant the league game against Yeovil where promotion to the Championship was won, of course, not the play-off game!  It’s an interesting perspective, because y’know what – that was a magical afternoon.  He was right.  But let’s not go back down to the third tier to experience it again, that’s all I’m saying!

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  1. Well said!
    We must remember that Nige’s intentions for Forest were always good. Many clubs appoint managers that achieve nothing & spend countless dollars on overrated players. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes (Don’t start me on the overrated players!) . The last few days have been positive and we can hope now that transperancy & communication from board level to changeroom will point us in the right direction.

  2. All this fair play crap is not relevant if we go up !
    If we continue to play like we did against Boro a play off place is still achievable !
    Lets get positive and get behind the team !
    That win will have given the players great belief !
    I said before we have one of the best squads in the championship,and allied with hard work and working hard for each other we can get there !!!
    Thanks Nigel for keeping the club ticking over !
    Without Pleat and Arthur we might have gone up !!
    You should have got rid of them when Billy arrived !
    We now welcome in a new era with Clarke !

  3. Thanks Nige, you tried, but ultimately you made too many more poor decisions than good and you’ll probably lose a packet. Oh, and you bunging the Labour party a cool million as they destroyed a nation makes you a bellend!

  4. Dr_Horse – Your grasp of politics and the global economic climate is most insightful. I imagine you’re the kind of person that could teach Mr Doughty a thing or two about business as well. How foolish the USA, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Iceland and myriad other countries must have been to have elected people hell-bent on destroying their nations just like we did. It’s enough to make you think it may have been some other larger external factor.

    Your reasoning is akin to the idiot that sits near me in the Trent End who responded to conceding to a goal Birmingham caused by woeful defending by chanting ‘Doughty Out!’ as if he’d been down there playing like a clown instead of Chambers. But still, better to employ prejudice than evidence when making a point though eh?

    I for one hope Doughty doesn’t sell. True, errors have been made, but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t. With Clark taking care of the decision-making and Doughty being out of the firing line I think it could be a good set-up; not least because a new owner may be way worse than what we’ve got now (I’m sure Cotterill understands that after his recent experience).

    • Hah! Immense sarcasm. Well played.

      • yeah, nice one!

        So, back to footy, do you think our new manager will get Andy Reid to shape up if we’re going to keep on paying his wages or will it be like the days of Andy Cole, whereby he just raped and pilliaged without caring? My wife made me smile because I took her in place of my boy who couldn’t use his season ticket for a game a few weeks ago and she said “Is that fat lad one of the players”?

        Great effort on Tuesday night…UREDZ

    • Steady on lad, who mentioned the economy? Not me.

      We were lucky to have Doughty and I’m sad his money is going, but beyond the cash injections how good was he at running the club? PR, balance sheets, managerial appointments… who knows, in comparison to other clubs maybe he was the best chairman in the world, but that still doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have expected a better job to be done.

      (ps. Saudi elections hardly offer much choice, and the finance minister is actually appointed by the King himself, so maybe strike that example next time)

  5. Got to agree with the majority on here. Remember the mess we were in when we were last relegated from the Prem and the ill fated tenure of Scholar et al? I wouldn’t want a return to those days. Doughty has made mistakes, of course, but ultimately, we still have a club to support and have no financial worries.

    I celebrated the Promotion from League One more than any of the other Forest triumphs I have witnessed. We had finally escaped from the abyss and were back on an upwards spiral.

  6. nice one Dr_horse !..but Doughty has said he has no intention of selling the club ! he states that if any offer comes in he will facilitate it ! ..really it means that hes so upset of all the backlash hes had because of the mistakes hes made at the club hes pulling out the finances to have a stab back…and hes saying ..HOPEFULLY premiership and all football clubs will be working in a new financial enviroment….. show of power ? when you put a club up for sale , you employ people to look for investors..not to run the finances…what MR DOUGHTY SHOULD HAVE DONE WAS REMOVE MARTHUR !.. then slowly but surely we would move on …uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureds !!

    • I don’t know why I bother responding to your trolling, but it’s really making me upset. If you have original to say, then please shut up. Trying to make out that Doughty is being vindictive by withdrawing his money from the club is, quite plainly, rediculous. What he has done to even the keel and keeping us in business should never be forgotten.

  7. Nigel Doughty has to be applauded for his financial backing and like all of us he is Forest through and through. He made some monumental mistakes, with the Mclaren farce finally bringing things to an end.
    He was too involved in the major decisions, as was his right as owner and Chairman, but a Frank Clark type appointment should have been brought in a long time ago to make the ‘football’ decisions. (As pointed out already Pleat and marthur should have gone when Billy arrived.)Then as fans I am sure we would have had more communication from the club, which has been woeful over the years, you could put this down to arrogance or to be kind perhaps he was too busy with his business interests?!!
    Maybe if no buyer is found which can take the club forward(and i believe he will only sell if it is right) then he will remain as owner in the background and things could work well. Marthur is still a problem and needs to go.
    There has been a lot said about careful what you wish for but I believe Forest are in a much better position now with Nigel Doughty not having the pressure to make those managerial appointment decisions, which apart from Billy were poor and sometimes catastrophic.
    Good luck to Steve Cotterill and Frank Clark COYR

  8. Regarding FFP. Do we know that this is definitely going to happen? If so then good. It won’t just be Forest that have to cut their cloth accordingly. There will be a lot of teams that are smaller than Forest having to do the same. All players who are overpaid right now will have to accept that and if they want to carry on playing football then they will have to take the best offer on the table but it won’t be anything like what it has been over the last 4-5 years. (Seth Johnson on 40k a week or whatever… No more of that nonsense.)

    The only thing it does do is hand the advantage to the relegated teams from the prem. They will have a much higher turn over than any team in the champ and therefore be able to pay more wages and cherry pick the talent. BUT they still have to get them to play well as a team. AND there will be more than enough other good players knocking about that didn’t find the deal they were looking for who are desperate to play.

    Personally I can’t wait for it to happen. It wrestles a bit of control back for the clubs who have been held to ransom by the players. In my opinion Football is about the Club and the community it operates in. I support Nottingham Forest so if all the players were removed and replaced with Sunday league players I would still support Nottingham Forest. Real fans of Man Utd don’t support Wayne Rooney they support Man Utd. Real fans of Barcelona don’t support Lionel Messi they most definitely support Barcelona. I don’t believe that if all of a sudden there were no more global super stars that people would suddenly stop watching Football. Look at American College Football they get 50-60k watching an amateur side because they support their local team. It has nothing to do with the players.

    That’s not to say good players shouldn’t be appreciated. There will always be stand out geniuses who set bench marks in their respective positions but they have to know their place. I think the players of the past (on the whole) had far greater humility and were definitely more in touch with the fans than todays players. It is the clubs and their supporters that give them the platform to be hero worshipped. It is the formation of the football league, all its clubs and supporters that have facilitated the growth of the modern footballer and now they’re biting the hand that feeds them. Well fuck ’em because there are thousands of people out there that would trade places for 10% of their wages.

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  10. Personally, I can’t see how this is good news. Some comments on here suggesting that Forest are financially stable and with a bit more trimming off the wage bill, we’ll sit pretty. I think Doughty has basically decided to cut his losses and hope for a takeover. And a takeover is what is needed because all those players out of contract will not be renewed and based on Forest’s recent policy on out of contract players, Forest will receive no money as they walk out the door. I’m now just praying that there’s a rich indian or chinese man somewhere who has millions to burn because Forest are in a worse position than most i.e. player wages v income. I understand Doughty’s sentiment. If I were him, I would have thrown in the towel some time ago. But Forest have now much more pressing matters than Nigel wanting out; as long as he is still the owner, Forest will only go down hill. If he’s still there at the end of the season, it’s goodbye to Lewis, Chambers, et al.

    • That might be a reasonable point if you could find a single example of a “rich indian or chinese man” whose purchase of a football club in this country has been to the long-term benefit of that club, its fans and the local community. Munto Finance? Venky’s Chicken? No thanks.

  11. TC …then dont bother !….LOL !!! ive stated clearly what doughty has said ….he has no intention of selling the club !…TC…what does that exactly mean ?????…..and states that if any offer comes in he will facilitate it !…..come on TC ….IS THAT TROLLING ? its what he has said …so what does that mean TC ?????????? ..TC@slownews….mmmmmmmmm

  12. Good work, and if a pun’s worth using once it’s worth using again!

  13. With Doughty promising only to honour current financial comittments, we’re back in the sh!t in January when Clint Hill returns to QPR unless we sell.

    • we could always sell Andy Ried ,George Boeting,Jonathan Greening or Matt Derbyshire I am sure there is someone we could con to have em we was conned easy enough.

      • Do you think Cotterill will get Reidy to lose some timber and get fit (90 minutes Match fit) or will he allow him to rape and pilliage the way Andy Cole did? It’s going to hurt if we have to sell some of our young guns to keep him in pies.

  14. I can symphise with Nigel Doughty he gave what he could to save this great club but he made one massive mistake in bringing that prat oops am I allowed to say that ? Mark Arthur. I am sure the club would be in a far better position without that man at the club and Nigel would be being treated as a hero Mark Arthur as done nothing of any good for this club and Nigel should have offloaded him long ago. now Nigel Doughty is just being spiteful is he realy prepared to let a club he loves run into the ground just cos he spat his dummy out ?

  15. I think given all that – for Arthur to still be in situ beggars belief ….

  16. Doesn’t matter what he achieved,the point is that his heart was in it.

    Lets face it, in life sometimes the heart leads you down paths you could only dream about.
    Nigel had advisers, the advisers were there to fill the gaps for an inexperienced football chairman, but also a man with conviction for Nottingham Forest and its supporters.
    Most of our players could never understand this.
    I’m totally right behind Frank Clark and Cotterill, very very wise appointments.

    Falling on his sword speak volumes about him. Dignity

  17. cant beat a punn punn !! … ….chips away !! sometimes you have repeat it …cus TC dont get it !! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureds !!!

  18. and your very right …geoff richards of 1955 ..well said…

  19. Have you gone on strike….nffc?

  20. great win today !! sorry i was not there ..but i can only afford the cheap ryan flights booked in advance ……but any way…uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureds !! …….i see there are interested parties already in buying our club ..but seems to be a lot of stalling !! ..maybe theres a smelly rat ??? MARTHUR ?? well done cotterillilly !! u seem to be flying ….and i like it !! uuureds ..sent from a NFFC supporters bar in Torricella Peligna …..we are nottingham..say we are nottingham !!…..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureds !! VIVA !!!

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