So, Cotterill it is, then..

Apologies for the late response on pretty seismic Forest news- sometimes I do have real life to attend to, honest!

So, in spite of being kept quiet by Forest, the voices everywhere else that seemed to know we were courting Steve Cotterill were right.

I’m not excited by it, although naturally the next Steve of the season gets my support by default.

It does make the Frank Clark appointment announcement timing look like a brazen exercise in earning some goodwill before dropping this bombshell, though – particularly immediately wheeling out the new chairman to talk about the list of ‘high calibre’ applicants he now needed to consider carefully.

Obviously he’s had a hand in our recruitment drive for some time and it transpires that Cotterill is the man who stood out as the man for the job in his eyes:

“I’m really excited about the appointment.  Steve was always at the top of the list and he fits the criteria that we set out when I first started looking at this with the board last week.  He’s enthusiastic, he’s hungry, he’s got a terrific CV and he’s experienced at this level.  He was everything we were looking for”

Almost in the same breath he says experience in the Championship isn’t the most important thing.  Hmm. I must confess to be worried that we have paid good money for a manager who looked like a reasonable shout to be available for nothing within a couple of games.  A manager who has never finished in the top half of The Championship.

A manager who left Notts County less than two years ago because he wanted to move down south to be closer to his family, I mean, I know we’re 400 yards more South than Meadow Lane – but what the hell?  There are many areas of concern for me – and I’ve not even got on to the perceived style of football he is an exponent of.  That’s less of a worry for me, I thought the same about Billy Davies and I was wrong – and, well, he can’t deliver performances worse than the last manager.

All in all, he comes here – on a three and a half year contract no less – with a lot to prove.  Obviously the immediate priority is to deliver some results by hook or by crook, and of course as fans our immediate concern should be to put our energy behind supporting Steve and the team on the pitch and park any concerns or doubts we might have.  They might be justified, but let’s give the guy a fair crack of the whip.

In his first interview as Forest manager he said:

“It was a wrench to leave Portsmouth after everything we’ve been through together there but I’ll remain great friends with people down there.  The fans were terrific with me but now I have a new challenge with Nottingham Forest that I’m really looking forward to.”

He obviously hasn’t seen some of the celebrations on Portsmouth FC fan forums nor on Twitter.  Having said that, we should know from our own collection of forums that it’s always difficult to get anything approximating a concensus for a fanbase.  So welcome aboard Steve – may you blow us away with unexpected brilliance and make this cautious blog post look ridiculous.

At least Terry the Kitman can help with the financial frugality by just piggling the M and the little C away from Steve McClaren’s old training kit…

Okay, now I’ve got all that off my chest:


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  1. There again, none of us were that excited when Brendan Rodgers arrived down here. The rest as they say, is history…

  2. deep joy welcome to the mad house frank.

  3. I’m with you on this one NFFC. After a stella signing in the form of Frank Clark, it feels too much like a backward step. And though he has experience in the Championship, I fear that he may not have the killer instinct to drive the team across that line and get Forest promoted. Having said all that, he knows how to get value for money if last season’s Portsmouth display is anything to go by and he probably has never managed a team of such quality before. He may yet prove us all wrong. I just hope he can get better out of the squad than Schteve did and see Forest pick up some good points before Xmas. The nice thing is that Frank is a good man and hopefully will pass on some of his wisdom to still quite a young manager. I’d hope that Cotterill has more passion and drive than Schteve and maybe more wisdom than to slag off the team by saying that they are not good enough. If he can instil some self-belief, Forest may yet be a force to be reckoned with this season.

    I think promotion is a bridge too far for Forest this season, and with the amount of players running out of contract this year, we may have to settle for Championship for quite a few years, that is until the dust settles on this FFP business.

    Yet whoever the manager is, whoever the 11 are on any given saturday, whichever league we play our football in, I for one am Forest till I die. So welcome Steve, and may the gods be with you.

    U reeeeds!!!!!!!

  4. Its looking more and more like Frank Clark was right Cotterill was the stand out candidate becasue he might have been one of very few options for the job. It seems that the “terms” of the job that were being drawn up would have put most candidates off. ie someone who won’t rock the boat if we have to cut back, wears track suit to training, is happy to keep existing backroom staff etc. He’s not a bad bloke Steve Cotterill but as for having an outstanding cv then Frank Clark has obviously been to the Mark Arthur school of pulling the wool over our eyes before he got the Chairmans job. Cotterills only claim to fame is getting Cheltenham into the football league after millions were thrown at them by their Chairman to fast track them and having a high win ratio in the 18 games he was at County. His 3 seasons at Burnley resutled in 13th 17th and 15th before he was sacked. He’s had no other job worth talking about. We need to get behind him cause I don’t want 1st division football again but the Board of this club dont make it easy do they.
    Chris P Sheffield Red

  5. The oddest quote I’ve read about this appointment is from Frank Clark – “For me it’s all about the CV and not the job interview because that tells you what he’s already done and not what he might do in the future.”
    Surely what he might do in the future is the only thing that matters.
    His CV isn’t that impressive by my reckoning – Forest will be the 7th club his managed and 4 out of the 6 previous he’s not stayed for more than a year.
    That said all we can really do is wish Steve the best of luck and hope our doubts are unfounded.

    I remember having similar doubts when Frank Clark became manager in 93 – who’s this bloke who doesn’t seem to have done a lot at Leyton Orient before being moved ‘upstairs’.

  6. Welcome Steve ! You have now one of the best squads in the championship,so lets see how you get on !
    I hope you appreciate Mcgugan and build our team around him !
    I hope you can instill self belief back in our players based on last seasons performances,and I hope you give Lacelles a chance instead of Chambers until he recovers his form !
    Unlike you,we are used to being in the playoffs !!!
    So lets go !!!!!!!

  7. Pick a balanced team, pick the right captain, get them organised defending balls in to the box… it’s not a huge To Do list but it could turn us back in to playoff contenders.

    To be honest if you do the first two then I expect the 3rd will be half mended already.

    Welcome Steve.

  8. Being chosen by Frank Clark … that’s good enough for me.

    Managers at Forest we either love em or hate em, so they either quickly become completely shit or god like.

    As the saying goes … it’s never the critic that counts …. so the grafting starts now and let’s get 101% the new team at the top and hopefully we’ll see a new team emerge from the shambles of early season.

    Welcome back Frank

    Welcome on board Steve

  9. Come on guys give the guy a break, even alex ferguson would struggle to do anything with pompy. We have a good team they just need a good kick up the arse and motivating and that is steve cotterill’s biggest skill. So if he gets them motivated and ready for battle on tuesday we should be good to go. Godda give him a chance tho he’s the new manager now and thats not gonna change.

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  11. Marthur out – once again press handling shambolic

  12. Yea im not buzzing about the appointment but as you say many including yourself where no that keen on billy.The difference for me was that Davis had taken every side he managed to play offs and a promotion SC doesnt have that to date.

    Give the guy a chance though and at least give the players some motivation and have a bit of pride in the shirt.The players seem to get off scott free they need to stand up now and be counted or ta ta .

    U reds

  13. The club needed to get this right,for me the people that needed to be on there way out are still making the main decisions and yet again they looked to have messed up ,please prove me wrong,one step forward 2 back.Mr chairman you have said you are stepping down ,why the delay in putting the club up for sale,it might be better to sell a championship club than a Div 1 club…………………….

  14. Cotterill’s face on the banner above looks like something off ‘Planet of the Apes!’

    Good luck Stevie C. Looking forward to seeing what you do with what you inherit as we become a ‘trading’ club.

  15. ok people, lets not be too negative, Coterill has expeience in this league, he kept portsmouth alive in the championship with an even tighter budget and more limited squad than us. Everyone is saying his cv isn’t that good, but its not that bad. He already is talking about the potential and quality within our existing squad abd not just harping on about needing more players, this can only be a good thing. When Mclarren got the job we were always hearing about his glowing CV, assistant to the great alex ferguson throughout a massively successful time, promotion, league cup winners and europa league finalists with boro, a dutch title all way over with twente! what a glowing list of credentials, and we all know what happened to this well travelled successful manager. Lets get behind steve coterill.

  16. Marhtur out….. for a clean sweep from the old ! how he survives after such a litany is beyond me …. Franks first item in the in box

  17. Dear me ! Lacelles is the form player at the moment and not even in the squad !
    IUnfortunately I can see him following Mcgugan and Camp away at Christmas unless a miracle happens.
    Mcgugan is definately premiership class ,and I can’t see us keeping him if a 5 million plus offer comes in .
    I hope I’m wrong.
    Steve has had a glimpse of his talent this afternoon,so there may be some hope.
    I’m worried that we could not score even 1 goal against coventry reserves !
    Steve certainly has a job on . Roll on tuesday !!

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