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Feels a long time since that godawful game against Birmingham doesn’t it? Since then we’ve seen Nigel Doughty leave following the departure of his last managerial appointment, we’ve seen a LOT of rumours – we’ve seen Frank Clark arrive as chairman, and we’ve seen him announce that he’s going to take some time to put a shortlist together.  Rather rubbishing the claims in certain quarters that shortlists were already made!

Which means that Rob Kelly takes the helm as caretaker manager for the trip to Ricoh Arena (unless we really do make a swift move!) where Andy Thorn’s Sky Blues will pose our latest challenge.  They are one of the three teams with a worse start than us, sitting third from bottom just a point below us with just one win to their name all season – against Derby!  Their website is describing this as a ‘derby clash’ – odd!  It’s bad enough Leicester claiming rivalry!

The Coventry players will be donning black armbands to honour the memory of their recently deceased physio Graham Jones.  May he rest in peace.

On the squad front we’ve got potentially good news, Lee Camp is apparently likely to be fit and ready to play after injury worries made him miss Northern Ireland’s game against Italy with a groin injury.  There are no further injury worries following the break – leaving us missing the usual suspects of Paul Anderson, George Boateng, Garath McCleary, Dexter Blackstock and Chris Cohen.

Our hosts have a number of worries on the injury front – ex-Red Sammy ‘sideways’ Clingan has been suffering with a back injury after his game for Northern Ireland, whilst McSheffrey, O’Donovan, Murphy and Cranie are all ‘touch and go’ to quote Andy Thorn.  Richard Wood could return to central defence after an injury.

It was only back in February we last played at the Ricoh, winning 2-1 and coming from behind with McGugan and Earnshaw scoring after ‘She said no’ Marlon had netted a first half goal for the home side.  It was the game in which the Moose picked up a nasty injury in setting up the winning goal.  We beat them earlier last season at The City Ground too – again by 2-1, and again coming from behind.

Difficult to predict what’s going to happen here – two teams in dire need of kickstarting their campaign.  With the arrival of Frank Clark having lifted the fans, hopefully he’s had a similar impact on our underperforming players too – and perhaps without the weight of expectation or demand the coaching team will be able to have a positive influence too.

Without wishing to be disrespectful, a trip to Coventry at this stage given their form and injury problems couldn’t come at a better time on paper.  Of course, we all know damn well that games aren’t played on paper – so let’s hope the boys in Red aren’t as complacent as I just sounded!  Hopefully the renewed mood with the new chairman on board will see plenty of Reds travel and get behind the boys…

It would be lovely for the new manager to come in on the back of a win to relieve some pressure on results.

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  1. It’s a strange feeling going into a game feeling good about Forest (Has it really only been 10 games, this season has felt like forever!), OK, good is probably pushing it; we still have the same underperforming players, the same drab points total and have yet to sort out a manager but Frank Clark arriving has lifted me no end. A perfect appointment and one even the most ardent Doughty critic has to acknowledge as a brilliant move.

    As for this game, I think a win is a must. In-form Middlesbrough visit the City Ground on Tuesday and even though we generally never seem to lose to them they’ve had a brilliant start to the season. And after that Blackpool – a team we never seem to beat!

  2. Hopefully we will start with Mcgugan and get another win to kickstart our season ……………………We won’t have a better chance !!!

  3. It wont be pretty thats for sure I would take a draw and a clean sheet that would be a massive step forward.Even though Frank stated yesterday he is going to take his time Cotterill still looks like the man that has been earmarked Im not convinced myself but hey ho in Frank we trust .

    I like the Movember scenario nffc the tash is on my radar I will refer to Frank as the tash from now on.

    U reds

  4. I hope andy reid doesn’t start tomorrow, that lad is big trouble. I think he has had a negative impact in the changing room with his lazy, big headed, sulky attitude and massive unearned pay packet. He think he’s better than he really is, how anybody can run around with that belly and call himself a pro footballer i don’t know. So drop him and get someone with the right attitude and energy please.

  5. OMG rumours growing that craptoll is on his way. That’s me finished whilst he’s in change! Why oh why he’s done jackshit as a manager!!!sause skysports.

  6. Yea as i have been saying for about 3 days hes got the job its a safe appointment but it doesnt get the blood flowing does it.Its damage limitation and about staying in the league we do need to get more physical and tighten up but I hope he lears very quickly we wont accept the ” hoof ball ” .

    In the tash we trust …..

  7. Hmm. Pompey fans don’t seem too sad to see Cotterill go. I hope Frank knows what he’s doing but I’m less optimistic about this one than I have been at most of the other appointments post-BC (exceptions: Atkinson and Megson). If the aim is to lower Forest fans’ expectations, it’s working a treat.

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  9. It seems after another 2 games Cotterill was going to be sacked,so arthur strikes again and we are paying Pompey when they should be paying us to take him away !
    An early embarrasment for our new Chairman,but he will soon,hopefully take away the power that arthur has within the club !

  10. well said alan ..heres a snippet…Watching Pompey play had become a chore and whilst I don’t expect the team to play like Barcelona, there is enough ability in the team to play some attractive football that can win games. Now that Cotterill is gone, perhaps we will now see Pompey play some good football……is Frank really in charge ?…I personally believe it was time for Cotterill to go. As a Pompey fan I was frustrated with having to endure turgid “Cotterball” in predictable games where our team would perform terribly in the first half and then improve in the second half only for that to be too little, too late……………However, his football philosophy make no sense (kiss goodbye to 4-4-2), his tactical decisions are baffling, his media management is questionable and you will get stiff necks watching his style of football. A good majority of Pompey fans are glad to see the back of him………….o dear ! could have had billy back for half that compo !!! MARTHUR OUT…MARTHUR OUT !!

  11. The new blokes stats at Pompey are shite to say the least,29 9% win rate ,won 18 lost 26 drawn 17 ,its going to be a long season,in just overs 3 months we have gone from a decent side at the right end of the table to a good bet to go down,not sure how many points we will need to stay up 45 to 50 maybe, this bloke needs results sharpish or the shit will hit the fan once again……………..

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